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This section shows details of individuals or organisations that are prepared to give displays to Societies; this now includes speakers who are willing to provide displays by Zoom. Information has been provided by the speakers themselves and you should make direct contact if you are interested in having a display.

Each display has been annotated as follows: [Zoom Display] = Only available on Zoom; [Zoom Version] = In person and Zoom versions available; [P] = Only in person display available. Where the information is known, the number of slides in the Zoom display is shown in round brackets after the description in square brackets.

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  1. Andrew Davidson Stamp Designer [Zoom Display]
Area: By arrangement
  1. Classic France
  2. France Red Cross
  3. France Day of the Stamp
  4. Postal History of the Somme including both World Wars
  5. French Railway Cancellations and Postal History
Area: East Devon
  1. South African Airmails
  2. South Africa - 1939-45 Postal History
Area: Within 30 miles of Morecambe
  1. Lancaster Postal History
  2. Philatelic History (Social)) of Lancaster & Morecambe
  3. GB Penny Reds - Die II Alphabet III
  4. Peter has an extensive collection of Postal History. Further details on request
  1. British Forces in Egypt 1932-1940 [Physical or Zoom Display]. Up to 50 sheets on the postal arrangements for Britsh forces in Egypt in the period prior to WWII. Mainly postal history, some sheets also...
  2. British Levant (Physical or Zoom Display) Up to 200 sheets on British Levant, across the whole period, 1857 to 1923, or narrower focus, such as QV, KEVII etc. Mainly postal history, but with some...
  3. Christmas [Physical or Zoom Display]. Up to 100 sheets on Christmas philately in three groups, Early items to 1939 with a Christmas theme, Early items to 1954 with a 25 Dec postamark, section entitled...
  4. Cricket ( Physical orZoom Display). Up to 100 sheets on material relating to cricket, early QV to 1973. All postal history, although some sheets show stamps and seals.
  5. Guernsey [Physical or Zoom Display]. Up to 200 sheets on Guernsey, either early to end of Occupation, 1945 or a narrower focus within that range. Mainly postal history, but with some sheets that...
  6. King Edward VIII (Physical or Zoom). Up to 150 sheets. Mainly postal history.
Area: By arrangement
  1. A World of Stamps
  2. Victorian London
  3. The Franking Privilege
  4. Building a Nation - South Africa, inc. The Boer War
  5. Open Philately - Introducing my Family: Mariah and Henry
Area: By arrangement
  1. Tokelau - half or full evening display. Face to face or electronic.
  2. Christmas Island (Indian Ocean) Face to Face.
  3. Easter Island - half evening postal historydisplay
  4. Abu Dhabi - half evening display face to face.
  5. Burma - Travelling Post offices and WWI Civil Censorship.. Half an evening face to face or electronic.
Area: By arrangement
  1. GB Speeding Up Mail 1854 - 1857: shows experimental first duplexes and the postmarks of Scotland and Ireland. Then onto the postmarks of England and Wales that replaced them.
  2. Mexico: A look at all the periods of Mexico
  3. "Things I Like": A general collection of British and Commonwealth, both postal and revenue and ephemera

Val Beeken

162 Canterbury Road
Newton Hall Estate
Area: By arrangement
  1. Law & Order
  2. Concorde
  3. Wales
  4. Water, Water Everywhere
Area: South East or By arrangement
  1. Plymouth Postal History from 1580 to date (180 sheets)
  2. Devonport Postal History (120 sheets)
  3. Isle of Man (180 sheets)
Area: North West Pacific Islands
  1. The stamps of Australia overprinted NWPI [ ]
  2. The Official and Fiscal stamps of New Guinea to 1925 [ ]
Area: South East
  1. France 1929 - 1979 [P]
  2. French West Africa 1914 - 1938 [P]
  3. French Somali Coast including Obock & Djbouti [P]
  4. France: the engraved issues of the 1960s [P]
  5. France: 'Poste Restante' and 'Cartes de visite' [P]
  6. The Life and Times of the 1f50 Pétain issue in WWII [Zoom version] (40)
  7. France: the 50c Joan of Arc issue of 1929 [Zoom version] (40)
Area: Zoom Only
  1. Czechoslovakian Airmails to 1939 (Zoom)
  2. Austro-Hungarian Naval Mail, World War I (Zoom)
  3. Various Aspects of Czech Philately (Zoom)
Area: Zoom Onluarrangement
  1. 1936 Olympic Games (Zoom Only)
  2. Naval Battles of Coronel and The Falklands 1914 (Zoom Only)
  3. SMS Emden - The Last Corsair (Zoom Only)

B R Brandon

14 Seaview Place
Llantwit Major
CF61 1TF
Area: By arrangement
  1. St Helena - 1855 - 1990s stamps, postal history and post cards
  2. History of X Rays (Roentgen) - stamps, covers & X-Ray ephemera up to the digital age
  3. British Inland Postal Rates (Letters and Cards) from their beginnings to the two tier postage rates
  4. Alphabet of Philatelic Terms - collection based on Gibbons book of illustrated philatelic terms
Area: By arrangement
  1. Eritrea - 1865 to the present day
  2. Helimail - Helicopters and Helicopter Mail
Area: By arrangement
  1. Belgium - display shows the range of collecting areas possible even for a small country
  2. Mainly Black - the use of black as a colour in which to print stamps and suggested reasons why it was chosen, examples from around the world
  3. Pounds, Shillings and Pence - the display shows the range of countries using this currency, the range of values used and the way the values are incorporated into the design
Area: By arrangement
  1. The Write Stuff: a history of paper and printing [Zoom version]
  2. John Dickinson and his Silk-Thread paper [Zoom version]
  3. What a Waste! Coping with paper shortages [Zoom display]
  4. Watermarks: from medieval trademark to modern security feature [Zoom display]
  5. A History of Writing and Writing Materials [Zoom version]
  6. Illuminated Manuscripts [Zoom version]
Area: UK: All displays are available as fac-toface or Zoom versions
  1. Smithy: the extraordinary life of Australia's most famous aviator. This is my manin display covering the period 1919-1935. I show his many record-breaking flights with original flown covers and...
  2. The MacRobertson Air Race: covering the Great Air Race of October 1934 and the reasons for its importance as the bellweather that marked the move to all metal aircraft produced by mainly American...
  3. The Rise of the Flying Boats and the Empire Airmail Scheme with particular reference to the Imperial Airways Eastern route to Australia and NZ. I make use of a substantial amount of supprting...
  4. The Route between UK & Australasia in WW2; Following on from Talk 3, I show the changes to civilian mail routes as a result of the conflict with particular reference to the Horseshoe route and the...
  5. Alan Cobham & The Cornwall Aviation Co: Alan Cobham rose to fame for his survey work in developing the Imperial Airways Routes to India, Australia and South Africa before focusing on the National...
  6. Charles Ulm: Australia's unlucky aviator, covering the perios 1926-1934. I explore why Smithy's business partner failed to achieve his ambition to run an airline with international mail contracts.

Roy Burnett

29 Valentine Drive
AB22 8YF
  1. 6 Kings of Persia: Stamps & Covers of Persia from 1876 to 1979. Up to 180 Sheets.
  2. Black Gold - Petroleum and Philately. A Philatelic view of the Petroloeum Industry. Up to 170 sheets.
  3. The Silk Road: A Philatelic Journey from China to Venice. Up to 160 sheets.
Area: Essex, Suffolk, Herts
  1. King George VI Postal History
  2. Egypt & Czechoslavakia - Changing Empires (Each country can be given separately)
Area: By arrangement
  1. West Germany - 1949 Onwards [ ]
  2. Bavaria 19th & Early 20th Century - Stamps & Covers [ ]
  3. Baden 19th Century - Stamps & Covers [ ]
  4. Haslingden - A Lancashire Mill Town in Post Cards [ ]
  5. Australia - The Commonwealth 1912 onwards [ ]
  6. Fackellauf: The Olympic Torch Run of the 1972 Olympic Games [Zoom Display]
  7. Viaducts [Zoom Display]
  8. A visit to Harrogate by Postcards [Zoom Version]
  9. The Zeebrugge Raid 1918 by postcards [Zoom Display]
Area: By arrangement (based in London, Zoom versions available)
  1. "For Safe Conveyance" - GB Registered Mail and Associated Services [Zoom Version]
  2. "The Card Post" [Zoom Version]
  3. GB King George VI Rates and Usages [Zoom Version]
  4. "Philatelic Mail" (worldwide mail that exists in the form it does because people collect stamps) [Zoom Version]
  5. GB Mixed Frankings of the 20th Century [Zoom Version]
  6. Decimalisation and the Post Office [Zoom Version]
  7. The Posts of Torquay [Zoom Version]
  8. GB Strike Mail [Zoom Version]
  9. Usage of GB QEII Pre-Decimal Commemoratives and Regionals [Zoom Version]
  10. "The People's War" (Thematic - Britain in World War II) [Zoom Version]
Area: By arrangement
  1. Air Mail / Aviation Crash Mail
Area: By arrangement
  1. Titanic - From cradle to grave, the story of the ship's loss and events that follow
  2. Messing about in Boats - the story of Ships on Stamps
  3. Battleships - the evolution of the Battleship from Warrior 1860
  4. WWII 1989 - 1995 - the story of WW2 told in the commemorative issues from 1989 - 1995
  5. I Don't Do Thematic and Other Nonsense - A look at thematics and how it can be misunderstood

Mick Carter

79, Walton Road
Frinton on Sea
CO13 0AB
Area: Essex/Suffolk - no evenings from Sept/Apr
  1. MEF - stamps & postal history 1942/52
  2. Eritrea stamps & postal history 1948/52
  3. Dodecanese Is. stamps/postal hist. 1945/48
  4. Somalia stamps/postal history 1943/50
  5. Tripolitania stamps/postal history 1948/51
  6. Br.Forces in Egypt stamps /p.hist1932/51
  7. Paiforce- postal history 1941/46
  8. Sudan stamps/post.history 1897/1955
Area: By arrangement
  1. Lundy Island - Pre Decimal (up to 200 pages)
  2. Lundy Island - Decimal (up to 200 pages)
  3. WWI Western Front plus unusual aspects of the War(up to 200 pages)
  4. Alice in Wonderland (up to 150 pages)
  5. Great Western Railway and Brunel (up to 200 pages)
  6. Heritage Railways (up to 100 pages)
  7. The Victoria Cross Winners (up to 100 pages)
  8. All displays include Stamps, Covers, Post Cards and Ephemera, where possible
Area: Wiltshire
  1. Hong Kong Airmails
  2. India stamps and covers.
  3. Hong Kong stamps.
Area: North of England. Elsewhere, by arrangement
  1. GBPH - Scottish manuscript and handstruck postmarks before 1773; handstruck charge marks before 1840; handstruck prepayment marks and charge marks 1840-1853. Combination of these subjects to suit.
  2. Mulready Caricatures - A 90 page display more social than serious philatelic content
  3. Germany - A detailed history of the currency reform 1948
  4. East Prussia Postal History - An historical tour including Napoleon's troops from and to Moscow
Area: London - within about 100 miles, or elsewhere by arrangement
  1. Irish Postal History (up to 250 sheets, including pre-stamp, GB used in Ireland, Registered mail, Transition period (1916-1925), Postage due etc
Area: By arrangement
  1. Tobago
  2. Ampost 1945 - 46
  3. Fun with Philately (Beyond the Horizon)
  4. Germany 1900 - 1923 (one or two evenings)
  5. Allied Control Issues inc. Currency Reform 1946-48
  6. Building Series 1948
  7. Cash on Delivery Mail from 18th Century to date (Specialised PH display)
  8. Say it with Flowers (Modern German Flower Definitives and PH)
Area: Day Time Talks, if it is possible to get there and back by train. Other, by arrangement
  1. Summer Olympics
  2. Water Sports
  3. Winter Sports
  4. Motor Sports
  5. Football
  6. Athletics
  7. Other Sports, by arrangement
Area: By arrangement
  1. The Stamps of the Kingdom of Italy
  2. The Three T's (Trieste A, Trieste B & Tripolitania)
  3. Italian Somalia
  1. Eisenhower 8c booklet panes [Zoom Display]
  2. Experimental first flight Newquay to Torquay 1925 [Zoom Display]
  3. Introduction to Gold Horizons [Zoom Display]
  4. Ten different 19th Century Torquay date stamps and obliterators [Zoom Display]
Area: By arrangement
  1. Ceylon Revenues and Telegraphs. An exciting new display with a number of interesting and rare items.
  2. BMA Malaya Postal History
  3. North Borneo. Possible displays of stamps and postal history. Also, postal stationery and modern material. Parameters to be agreed with requesting Society.
Area: UK
  1. "Suakin, Sudan – the early postal history of a once great port 1868-1920" [Zoom Display]
  2. "Cover Stories - Sudanese postal stationery Items 1897-1920, and the people behind them" [Zoom Display]
  3. "British Forces in Egypt postage services 1932-1935 - a story of just 11 stamps" [Zoom Display]

Alan Cowie FRPSL

38 Pear Tree Lane
Area: Within 30 miles of Maidstone
  1. Japan: whole evening overview [P]
  2. Japan: half evening or selected Japan subjects [P]
  3. Iraq - Traditional 1918 - 1973 (half evening) [P]
  4. Hungary - from the view of one who lived and worked there (half evening) [P]

John F Cowlin

18 Dixon Close
Area: Somerset and Dorset
  1. Propaganda Post Cards Boer War 1900-1902.
  2. Propaganda Post Cards WWI
  3. Propaganda Post Cards WWII
  4. Emergency Currency 1700-1900 Banknotes.
  5. Emergency Currency 1700- 1945 Banknotes.
  6. Postal History French Revoltion 1789- 1799.
  7. Postal History Boer War
  8. Postal History Napoleonic War's 1802 - 1813.
Area: Public Transport Only
  1. Hong Kong Airmails
  2. Imperial Airways Crash Mail
  3. Imperial Airways Eastern Route
  4. Imperial Airways African Route
  5. Empire Flying Boats
  6. Imperial Airways Ephemera
  7. Croydon Airport
Area: Public Transport Only
  1. Various Aspects of Hong Kong
  2. North East Lancashire Postal History
Area: Anywhere in the UK by arrangement (ABPS Affiliated Societies only)
  1. The 1890 Penny Postage Jubilee (Also available as a Zoom Presentation)
  2. The Future of Philately
Area: By arrangement
  1. GB Postal History with a Difference - an entertaining look into GB Postal History from various angles illustrated by much unusual/quirky material. Full display [P]
  2. GB Uniform Penny Post 1840-52 - the decorative hand stamps and pen markings used by many post offices in lieu of postage stamps [P]
  3. Chile - The Classic Issues 1853 - 1867. Half evening [P]
  4. GB "1840 and all that!" illustrating the trials and tribulations of both the PO and public following the introduction of the Penny Post [P]
  5. GB Censorship of Comic Seaside Post Cards (Half evening) [P]
  6. GB Experimental Handstamps (Half evening) [P]
  7. GB Line Engraved 1840 - 1853 (Half evening) [P]
  8. GB Machin Forgeries (Half evening) [P]
  9. GB Uniform Penny Post 1840-52 - the decorative hand stamps and pen markings used by many post offices in lieu of postage stamps [P]
Area: By arrangement
  1. "Peace" - all aspects and broad ranging - an unusual collection of varied material illustrating all aspects of peace
  2. Alfred Nobel, the Peace Prize and Peace Laureates - on display frames or Powerpoint (also of interest to non-philatelists), or combined
  3. Story of the Peace Rose. Many people know of the Rose but not many know how it was created in France and given it's name in the US, to become a much-loved symbol of peace
  4. Thankful Villages - this tiny one frame collection of mostly Post Cards can be included on request
Area: Up to 70 - 80 miles from Bournemouth
  1. Venice and the History of the Venetian Empire
Area: By arrangement
  1. Iceland
  2. Victorian 2d Blues

Brian Davis

160 Viola Avenue
Stanwell, Staines
TW19 7SE
Area: Home Counties
  1. Concorde " Queen of the Skies" [P]
Area: Southern & Eastern England or By arrangement
  1. St. Helena, including Boer Prisoner of War Mail
  2. Morocco, Sultan's Post: Private Local Post; French, German, Spanish and British Post Offices
  1. The Rise of the post Office (to 1900) [Zoom Display]
  2. Aspects of the Post Office from 1900 [Zoom Display]
  3. 200 years of Post Boxes [Zoom Display]
  1. GB Protective Overprints & Underprints. Full display up to 200 sheets.
Area: 100 Miles From Nottingham
  1. New Zealand Definitives 1910 - 1935: an award winning collection of definitives with the image of King George V. Includes essays, proofs, the issued stamps and scarce examples of postal usage
  2. New Zealand at War: From the Second Anglo-Boer in the early 20th Century to involvement with United Nations Peacekeeping forces, the New Zealand military has participated in the conflicts of the 20th...
Area: Scotland
  1. Norway - General & Thematic
  2. Perthshire - Mainly Postal History
  3. Clydesdale - Mainly Postal History
  4. Farming
  5. Blood Transfusion
  6. Pole to Pole
  7. Hurtigruten - 130 Years or by Zoom (One hour presentation)
Area: By arrangement
  1. Railways
  2. Tramways
Area: By arrangement
  1. Danzig - a number of full displays, general or specialised from the 16th Century to Modern
Area: Anywhere in the North West
  1. Lord Tennyson through Philately
  2. Aspects of Gilbert & Ellis Islands through to Kiribati (Two parts)
  3. A Tour of Lincoln City and its Postal History
Area: Within 40 miles of Stoke
  1. French Maritime Mail: TransAtlantic or Meditteranean (or a mixture of both)
  2. French Red Cross: more thematic (as well as postal history) with cards, publicity material etc.
  3. French Rail Mail. Choose from Introduction to postal history of mail carried on French railways, Mont Cenis Railway, Cross-Channel Mai

Jim Etherington

17 Berkeley Row
Area: By arrangement
  1. 1940: A Story told through Postal History
  2. War in the Mediterranean and Middle East in 1940
  3. The British Expeditionary Forces 1939 -1940 (Postal History)
  4. The British Home Front during 1940
Area: By arrangement
  1. Early Aviation including the Burton Meeting 1910
  2. Straight from the VAT - Postal History & Post Cards
  3. Postal History: The Chester Road thru Staffordshire to Dublin
  4. The Origin of the Picture Post Card
  5. Ashby Penny Post
  6. Ashby Railway (Post Cards)
Area: By Arrangement
  1. Apollo Part 1 - The Space Race [P] (with Powerpoint)
  2. Apollo Part 2 - Landing on the Moon [P] (with Powerpoint)
  3. Tower of London [P] (with Powerpoint)
  4. Seaside Piers [P] (with Powerpoint)

Mike Fernbank

OX16 5HY
Area: 50 miles from Banbury (further by arrangement)
  1. Malta Postal History and stamps to 1970 [P]
Area: Midlands
  1. Wiltshire Postal History - an A to Z from 18th Century to Modern
  2. Channel Islands Postal History - including the smaller islands from late 18th Century to German Occupation
Area: By arrangement
  1. The implementation of the UPU Regulations [P]
  2. A Tour Around Africa [P]
  3. Philatelic History: a collection of letters to and from famous philatelists [P]
  4. Italian States [P]
  5. Early Europe [P]
  6. Cinderellas [P]
  7. Sealing and Securing the Letter [Zoom available]
  8. Poster Stamps (Exhibitions, Events and Advertising) [P]
  9. Greece, Turkey & the Levant [P]
  10. A Philatelic Dabblers Favourite Pages - 2 versions available [Zoom Available]
  11. Valentines Through the Ages [P]
  1. KUT - Flaws and Varieties 1890-1948 [Zoom Display] (38)
  2. KUT - Flaws and Varieties pre-independence 1953-1969 [Zoom Display] (33)
  3. KUT - Flaws and Varieties post-independence Kenya [Zoom Display] (51)
  4. KUT - Flaws and Varieties post-independence Uganda-Tanganyika [Zoom Display] (39)
Area: By arrangement
  1. Western Australia - Parts 1 to 5 (up to 200 sheets per display)
Area: Anywhere by arrangement (from Warwickshire)
  1. Postman's Knock - A Postal History of Warwickshire [Zoom Version also available]
  2. To the Ends of the Earth - Exploration of the Poles
  3. The Falkland Islands through Stamps
  4. The Last Explorer - The Amazing Life of Sir Hubert Wilkins 1888-1958 [Zoom Version also available]
  5. Rowland Hill, Genius and Benefactor [Zoom Display only]
  6. Parcels & Newspapers Carried by Bus - the Midland Red Parcels Express Service [Zoom Version also available]
  7. Genius & Benefactor: The Life Story of Sir Rowland Hill [Zoom Display only]
  8. The Blind Postmaster General and the Suffragist [Henry Fawcett MP and Millicent Garrett Fawcett] [Zoom Display only]
Area: By arrangement
  1. Persia 1830 - 1902
  2. Aspects of Iran
  3. The Life and Times of Ahmad, Shah of Persia, 1909-1925 [Zoom Display]
Area: Normally within Yorkshire, otherwise by arrangement
  1. Faroe Islands [P]
  2. A Selection of Danish "Open Sandwiches" (A pick and mix of various Danish topics. Mainly Postal History but also some that include significant non philatelic material) [P]
  3. Edwardian Era Historical Pageants. A story told through contemporary post cards and ephemera.
Area: By arrangement
  1. Haiti: Pre-stamp through to modern stamps includes postal history, stamps, postcards and airmails
  2. Panama Canal Zone and Pan-Pac Expedition, mainly postcards with stamps and postal history
  3. UN Forces in Congo: This is mainly unit cachets, so specialised
Area: Within 50 miles of Sutton Coldfield
  1. AUSTRIA/ HUNGARY - END OF EMPIRE - A display of the stamps of Austria / Hungary over-printed for the occupations during WW1 and the provisional stamps of the new nations which emerged from the...
Area: Mainly Midlands but other areas considered
  1. Mesopotamia WWI
  2. India Postal History
  3. India Airmails
  4. India Postage Stamps from 1775
  5. Maritime Mail between India and Great Britain
  6. Imperial Airways Eastern Route
  7. Airmails of South Africa
  8. Airmails of Persia
  9. Airmails - The RAF Desert Service, Cairo to Baghdad
Area: By arrangement
  1. Perkins, Bacon - The Company and its Security Printing work 1819 - 1890
  2. British Postal History - 1936 to Decimalisation
  3. History of Taxation (Revenue) Stamps - 17th Century to 19th Century
  4. Revenue Stamps - The De La Rue Issues 1858 - 1883
  5. GB - College Stamps of Oxford & Cambridge
  6. Classic British Private Posts
  7. Caveat Emptor - Philatelic Forgers and their Forgeries
Area: 50 miles of High Wycombe
  1. Postal History of Estonia to 1945 [P]
  2. A split session, first half "a brief postal history of Estonia", and second half "The formation of the Union of South Africa: A philatelic journey through the pre-union colonies [P]
Area: By arrangement
  1. GB Registered Mail - Looking at various aspects of registered mail - the introduction of the registration label, high value packets, posted out of course, overseas insured mail, C O D, acknowledgement...
  2. GB Mail - Special Handling: Looking at the different services of express and special delivery over the years, priority services, the history and evolution of the recorded delivery service, Speedpost.
  3. The British Industries Fair - The philatelic aspects of the British Industries Fair held in Birmingham 1920 - 1957. Looking at special postmarks, the Post Office services at the fair, cinderella...
  4. The Philatelic Congress of Great Britain - An Overview 1909-2020 Looking at mail, cinderella material, special postmarks and ephemera connected with Congress.
  5. The Philatelic Congress of Great Britain - The First Ten Congresses, 1909 - 1923, An in depth look at mail, cinderella material, special postmarks and ephemera connected with the first ten Congresses...
Area: By arrangement
  1. St Vincent Stamps & Postal History 1794 to Independence
  2. The development of the post in Leamington
Area: South East or By arrangement
  1. An Austria Miscellany: can cover a variety of interesting topics old and new
  2. A Hungarian Miscellany: can cover a variety of interesting topics old and new
Area: By arrangement
  1. Sweden - Stamps from F.1. (1865 - 1980s), Commemoratives shown thematically. Mostly stamps with a few covers
  2. Greenland - Stamps from Pakke-Porto (1905 - 1980s). Commemoratives shown thematically Mostly stamps with a few covers
  3. Danish West Indies - Collection of all stamps (1855 - 1917), including GB Used Abroad in DWI. Mostly stamps & Post Cards, a few covers.
  4. Switzerland - Stamps from 1900, with special emphasis on William Tell [Zoom Version]
  5. GB - Queen Victoria Jubilee issue and commemoratives from the three Kings, with particular emphasis on the PUC issue. Mainly stamps but with a few covers included
  6. GB - Hand-Illustrated, mainly Victorian Envelopes
  7. Canada - Edward VII, George V and George VI. Mainly stamps, a few covers
  8. New Zealand - Edward VI, George V and George VI. Mainly stamps, a few covers. Incudes Life Insurance & Health "thematics"
  9. USA - Stamps from early issues to 1980s, ordered in different ways, some thematic. A thematic display of all 50 States
  10. Stamps (and a few covers) from the Cook Islands [Zoom Version]
  11. 7500 Years of History in 55 Years of Stamps [Zoom Display]

Anthony Hickey

3 Yester Drive
Area: Kent / Surrey / London
  1. Munch the Road to War - Postal History
  2. Anschluss - The German Occupation of Austria
  3. Propaganda in Germany 1919 - 1933
  4. Two Fateful Years 1938/39
  5. "V" for Victory and Modern reprints
  6. Italy in WW2
  7. Victory and Peace - The World at War
  8. Nuremberg Rallies 1923 - 1938
Area: London, East Anglia and East Midlands, and By arrangement but willing to give virtual displays by Zoom.
  1. British Borneo Taster, individually or any two together from those below:
  2. Labuan
  3. Sarawak
  4. North Borneo
  5. Brunei
  6. British Borneo Airmails
  7. North Borneo / Sabah Railway
  8. 'A plain mans guide to the first two stamps of Sarawak'-Gold Medal [Zoom Display] (36)
  9. 'Classic Labuan 1879-1894'-3 parts, Gold Medal [Zoom Display] (3x30)
  10. 'Sarawak Censored Mail 1939-41 - Gold Medal [Zoom Display] (54)
  11. 'The liberation of Labuan in 1945' [Zoom Display] (26)
  12. 'British Borneo Airmails 1926-41' - Gold Medal [Zoom Display] (46)
  13. 'Labuan Pictorials 1894 -1907' - 2 parts [Zoom Display] (2x38)
  14. 'Labuan becomes a Crown Colony and the first 2 coloured pictorials of the Empire' [Zoom Display] (71)
  15. 'The First two coloured pictorials of the Empire' [Zoom Display] (28)
Area: Within 100 miles of London but would consider further
  1. Cape of Good Hope 1795 - 1910
  2. The Travels of Harry T Milner in South Africa 1908 -18
  3. Postmarks of the Union of South Africa 1910 - 1961
  4. Apartheid as reflected in Philately and Cape Town Docks
  5. Philatelic Aspects of South Africa
  6. The Slogan and Meter Marks of South Africa
Area: Up to 100 miles from Reading
  1. Gibraltar Postal History up to 1856
  2. Gibraltar Spanish and G.B. Adhesives 1850-86
  3. Gibraltar QV; KEVII & KGV Adhesives
  1. Essex Village Markings showing various postmarks
  2. Irish Airmails from 1919 to 2000 shows the development of Irish Airmail being delivered around by various services.
  3. Milford Hvaen to Wtaerford Packet Service: the development oh ship mail via an alternative route.
  4. Law & Order: A thematic display of Police
  5. Waterford Postal History showing mail being carried with various Waterford rates and markings.
Area: By arrangement
  1. Union of South Africa (Stamps or Maritime Postal History)
  2. South West Africa (Postal History of WWII & The Occupation Period 1914 - 1922)
  3. 19th Century French Colonies Postal History
  4. GB (Line Engraved Lettered HG for one half and the Experimental Duplex cancels for the second half)

Mark Humfrey

North Devon
EX32 9DD
Area: By arrangement.
  1. Orchids and subordinate themes including postal stationery. Antarctic/Arctic Orchids, The globilisation of vanilla. The early days of perfume in Europe. Any species of Orchid. (Zoom available)
  1. A Philatelic History of China
  2. A journey from Tonga to Togo
Area: Within 90 min drive from J26 of M25
  1. Mauritius stamps & postal history [P]
Area: Within 50 miles of Birmingham
  1. Zeppelin Mail: The displays can be LZ127 (Graf Zeppelin only) or Zeppelins 1913 - 1937 or a series of specific flights
Area: By arrangement
  1. Netherlands East Indies Postal History - a varied display covering many aspects of this large area
  2. Netherlands West Indies Postal History - covering Curacao & Suriname
  3. Famous Collectors & Their Collections -half evening combined with other displays
  4. The 1940 Konijnenburg Issue of the Netherlands - a display illustrating the interest in collecting a definitive issue which included World War II and the Post War era
Area: By arrangement
  1. GB Queen Victoria & Postal History
  2. GB Postal Stationery
  3. GB, The Four Kings Stamps & Postal History
  4. GB Cinderellas & Revenues
  5. GB Postal History from Pre-Stamp to QEII
  6. Commonwealth Postal Stationery
  7. French West Africa Stamps & Postal History (Full display on Dahomey, Ivory Coast, Senegal, French Guinea or a combination to suit)
  8. USA, inc. Civil War, Cinderellas, Revenues and City Posts
  9. World Cinderellas & Revenues
  10. Commonwealth Cinderellas & Revenues
  11. Australia Mix of Stamps, Postal History, Airmail, Postal Stationery, Revenues & Cinderellas.
Area: Northern England
  1. Great Britain to and through France before 1875
Area: By arrangement
  1. Across the Middle East by Air and Land 1918 - 1930
  2. Imperial Airways - the development of the service
  3. Australian Airmails - pioneer airmails
  4. Australia and New Zealand Wartime Airmails
  5. South Pacific Airmails (half display)
  6. Clipperton Island (half display)
Area: Scotland, North of England By arrangement
  1. The Northern Isles (Shetland and Orkney)
  2. Fortress in the North - Iceland World War II
Area: By arrangement
  1. The Railways of Spain
  2. Mallorca - from Chopin to the Package Holiday
Area: By arrangement
  1. Bulgaria to 1946
  2. Spain & The Spanish Colonies
Area: By arrangement
  1. Postmarks and Post Cards of Sussex
Area: Within 80 miles or By arrangement
  1. GB Specimen/Cancelled Sample Stamps 1841 - 1902 (Zoom Display)
  2. GB Postage Due Stamps & Covers (Zoom Display)
  3. Norfolk Postal History (Zoom Display)
Area: AEPS and beyond, subject to agreement
  1. Lundy Island
  2. Victorian Post Cards of Kent
Area: East Anglia, Home Counties & Greater London, By arrangement
  1. Album Weeds - Forgeries, Reprints, Fakes & Phantoms 1850 to date
  2. Self-Help Forgery Avoidance (depending on audience size, this can be a talk or a hands-on workshop)
  3. Francis Fournier - Master Forger?
  4. Country Displays - from 16 sheets to a whole evening inc. Basel Doves, Cape of Good Hope, Heligoland, Japan Classic Issues, Mauritius 1847 Post Office, NSW Views, North Borneo, Saxony Sachsen Drier,...
Area: Up to two hours from Macclesfield or By arrangement
  1. The Netherlands, Traditional & Postal History from the 16th Century to 1920s [Zoom Version available]. Various displys possible - a general version including development of the Dutch posts including...
  2. Mail between the Netherlands and GB [Zoom Version available]
  3. Ottoman Turkey, Traditional & Postal History, generally presented in two or more parts, 19th Century and 20th Century [Zoom Versions available].
Area: By arrangement
  1. Seychelles: Stamps & Postal History 1861 - 2001
  2. Seychelles: Stamps & Postal History 1861 - 1935
  3. A Seychelles A to Z (From Aldabra to Zil Eloigne Sesel)
Area: Within 50 miles of Birmingham
  1. Channel Islands - Story of the Occupation, The Postage Due Story, Postcards
  2. Andorra - Stamps & Postal History
  3. The Story of Katanga & the Break Up of the Belgian Congo 1960 -64
  4. Falkland Islands - The 1982 Conflict
  5. Belgian Congo & Katanga Stamps & Postal History
  6. Belgian Congo - 1960-1963 The KATANGA Crisis [Zoom Display]
  7. Belgian Congo - WW2 Postal History [Zoom Display]
  8. Channel Islands - Destination Mail [Zoom Display]
  9. Congo - The Story of the United Nations troops in the Congo - 1960-1964 [Zoom Display]
Area: South East or By arrangement
  1. Scottish Postal History to 1870.
  2. A Miscellany of Early GB
  3. London Coffee Houses and their significance to the development of the City and its postal system.
Area: Within 100 miles of Frinton or By arrangement
  1. Sarawak Grand Prix Exhibit
  2. Sarawak Incoming Display of Australian stamps Post War, censor covers etc.
  3. Sarawak Airmails and/or Sarawak Maritime Mail
  4. Sarawak Postal Stationery
  5. Wankamer (Short Display of 70 sheets)

Florence McCarthy

36 Winchester Way
East Sussex
Area: By arrangement
  1. Irish Postal History
Area: East Yorkshire
  1. Kingston upon Hull Postal History [Zoom Version available]
  2. Falkland Islands
  3. Norwegian Whaling Mail (Zoom Version available as well) Antarctic Exploration Postcards
  4. Falkland Islands Dependencies / British Antarctic Territory, Ross Dependencies, Australian Antarctic Territory, American Antarctic, Russian Antarctic.
  1. Illustrated Air Letters of WWII [Zoom Display]
  2. Illustrated Airgraphs of WWII [Zoom Display]
Area: Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, Wiltshire, Herefordshire, Devon, Somerset and Dorset
  1. Tristan da Cunha
  2. Norfolk Island
  3. Napoleon & The French Revolution
  4. Paris and Versailles
  5. Ecclesiastical Architecture of France
Area: Cheltenham
  1. Copper, Brass and Bronze [P]
  2. A Philatelic History of 10,000 Years of Copper [Zoom Display] (Flexible length)
Area: By arrangement
  1. German Occupation of the Channel Islands [Zoom Version]
  2. Aspects of collecting local postal history [Zoom Version]
  3. G.V. Royal Cypher Issue [Zoom Display]
  4. Over the Hills & Far Away - Campaign mail from the Napoleonic Wars [Zoom Display]
  5. Other Post Office Services (Zoom Version). A display of registered, express and parcel post services. The telegraph and greetings telegram service included with a short section of postage due mail.
Area: By arrangement
  1. 1919
  2. Bulgaria to 1945
  3. Hungary to 1946
  4. Austro-Hungarian WWI Army & Navy
  5. Some Aspects of Postal Stationery
  6. The WWI Salonica Campaign
Area: East Midlands, Dorset, Somerset and E Devon
  1. Tristan da Cunha, Volcano Period 1961-3 and various Postal History displays
  2. New Hebrides Postal History displays
  3. G B Regional Stamps and Cylinder Material
  4. Zoom, Tristan da Cunha Volcano period & Gough Island
  5. Zoom, Oxendales Remembered, a study of Mail with unusual markings and it’s use by thee business
Area: By arrangement
  1. Germany - Inflation Period
  2. Germany Privately Printed Postal Stationery 1933 - 1945
  3. The Telephone: History of the development of the telephone with a focus in the UK (Half Evening)
Area: South and South West, or By arrangement
  1. A Pig in the Post (Thematic): The story of the pig from pre-historic times to possible heart transplants.
  2. The Development of the Australian KGV 1d Red Sideface Issue 1914/1922
Area: Within 50 miles of Lyme Regis or By arrangement
  1. Postal History of Godalming and Guildford 1723 - 1900 inclduing 6th May 1840 Covers
  2. A Philatelist's Guide to English Provincial Bank Notes - usually augmented by a display of rare philatelic items
Area: By arrangement
  1. Brazil - from Classic Bull's Eyes of 1843 to date, including some Airmail & Postal History
  2. 19th Century Brazil & Postal Stationery (half evevning)
  3. "Contrasting Spanish Colonies" Puerto Rico & Ifni (half evening of each - a bit quirky presentation)
  4. "A Philatelic Miscellany" - Something from the above plus Thematics, inc. "1000 Years of annoying the French" and "The Hydrologic Cycle"
  5. Brazil and Other [Zoom Display]
  6. South American Topics [Zoom Display]

Tom Norgate

11 Barham Road
GU32 3EY
Area: By arrangement
  1. GB Postal Mechanisation & Addressing the Mail - All aspects of mail handling from early times to present
  2. Gospel Cars - Post Cards and Photographs relating in particular to Methodism and other denominations
  3. The Life & Work of J. W. Righton (Post Cards relating to West Berkshire & Methodism) 1867 - 1922

Peter O’Keefe

8 Stainer Road
TN10 4DR
Area: Kent, Sussex, Surrey By arrangement
  1. The Rhodesia's 1891 - 1991
  2. GB Military - WWI & WWII - British Postal History of Mail to and from the Royal Navy
  3. GB Military Mail WWII
  4. GB Postal Stationery QV to QEII
  5. GB Recorded Delivery Service & Penny Red All Reigns
Area: By arrangement
  1. Union of South Africa
  2. The Republic of South Africa
  3. The Postal History of the Isle of Purbeck
Area: By arrangement
  1. Chess - History of Chess, Chess pieces, other equipment, famous players, clubs, national and international bodies, tournaments and games, correspondence chess etc.
  2. The History of Patents inc. famous inventors, inventions, patent offices etc.
Area: By arrangement
  1. GB Philatelic Exhibitions - Ephemera, Labels, Cards and cancellations from 1890 to date
  2. GB Non-Philatelic Exhibitions from 1851
  3. Medicinal Plants - The display shows how much modern medicine owes to substances derived from plants
Area: Southern England
  1. South Georgia Postal History to 1945 [Zoom Version]
  2. South Georgia - The Whaling Era [Zoom Display]
  3. Falklands Islands Postal history 1937 - 1971 [P]
  4. The Falklands Islands Mails during WWII [Zoom Display]
  5. Falkland Islands, King George VI & QE II, Sheet Numbered Stamps, 1937 - 1971 [P]
  6. US Ussukuma - A Mystery Cover from the Battle of the River Plate [Zoom Display]
Area: By arrangement
  1. Edinburgh Postal History, generally 17th Century to 1900
  2. 20th Century Edinburgh Postal History
  3. Midlothian Postal History
  4. Edinburgh Mail by Rail
  5. King Edward VIII
Area: Within 75 miles of Matlock or By arrangement
  1. Czechoslovakia 1718 to present
  2. Prague Philatelic Exhibitions
  3. T G Masaryk - First President of Czechoslovakia (half evening)
  4. Czechoslovak Newspaper Stamps (half evening)
  5. Cacti & Succulents on Stamps
  6. Fungi in Stamps
  7. Czechoslovak Forces in BG & France in World War II
  1. It's in the Post. A Zoom presentation on the postal history of the Crimean War, 1853 to 1856. This focuses on the setting up and operation of the British Forcaes postal services but also looks at the...
  2. 19th c illustrated postcards. This one hour Zoom talk deals with illlustrated postcards in the broadest sense and looks at acrds issued from the late 1860's until 31st December 1900. Cards from many...
  3. In the Beginning - Early letters and the mail in Britain up to 1750. This one hour Zoom talk provides an overview and illustrates the development of the post in Britain from the Elizabethan era up to...
Area: Anywhere reasonable
  1. UK Registered Mail
  2. UK Postage Dues on cover (Domestic or mail into the UK)
  3. "The rate for the job" GB King George VI Used
Area: Anywhere provided I can get there by train and public transport
  1. Japanese Military & POW Mai of the Thai-Burma Railway
Area: Yorkshire & other Areas By Agreement
  1. GB Returned Mail from Pre-Stamp to 1918
  2. Damaged, Delayed, Disallowed, Returned and Recycled - GB World War II
  3. GB Suspended, POW and other Returned Mail
  4. Recycled! A fascinating look at economy labels and similar postal history 1914 to date
Area: West Midlands
  1. Postal History of Antwerp
  2. Aspects of Japan
  3. Manned Space Exploration
  4. Third Reich
  5. Christmas Seals
  6. 6th May (half evening)
Area: Within 120 miles of Liss Forest
  1. German Exchange Controls 1918 - 1925
  2. Mail Restrictions in the Occupied Rhineland 1918 - 1925
  3. German Parcel cards to Foreign Countries 1907 - 1928
  4. German Postal Services Suspended, Delayed Mail & Return Mail 1914 -1925
  5. Mail between Austria and Germany 1918 - 1922
  6. Mail between Czechoslavakia and Germany 1918 - 1925
  7. German Occupation of Belgium and Norther France 1914 - 1918 (part display)
  8. Delayed or Return to Sender Mail due to WWI (part display)
  1. BCA/Nyasaland
  2. Nyasaland Field Force
  3. Nyasaland Airmails
  4. Nyasaland censors
  5. Malawi
  6. Lagos
  7. Niger Coast
  8. Northern & Southern Nigeria
  9. Nigeria (some Zoom)
  10. Biafra (Zoom)
Area: By arrangement
  1. Welsh Postal History, mainly pre-stamp but includes spme early issue adhesives; also Ship letters
  2. Africa and adjacent Islands. Postal history and ephemera with some adhesives related to the area and based on my time at sea.
  3. West Indies a to V. A ostal history display of pre-stamp and stamped covers from Antigua to the Virgin Islands, the vast majority Pre-KE VII
Area: By Arrangement
  1. Australia. British Commonwealth Occupation Forces Japan, Before, During and After - an Australian Perspective. Circa 75 A3 size Pages
Area: By arrangement
  1. West Africa Airmails
Area: Within 70 miles of Bracknell, subject to the time of year
  1. Tasmania (Several variants)
  2. Underpaid Outgoing Mails of Australia 1891 - 1965 (Can be tailored for less or more variants)
  3. The Harold King Collection (Discovery of Australia)
Area: Midlands, Thames Valley, South East
  1. Dominica - all aspects of the island, pre-stamp, classic stamps, postal history, KG VI
  2. Classic Victoria (Australia) - lithographic printing
  3. Grenada Postal Stationery
  4. West Indies Maritime Mail:Very much a postal history display from 1660 - 1940 focused on the British postal service
  5. Postal History of Savoy: A fascinating era of Europe with Napoleon, Sardinia stamps and Frensch stamps
  6. West Indies Postal Stationery: An introduction to the postal stationery of the region to Independence

David Richards

pl15 7pq
Area: Cornwall and the South West.
  1. Trinidad and Tobago
  2. Barbados
  3. My Sporting Interests - Rugby, Golf and Cricket
  4. Venezuela
Area: By arrangement
  1. Triest - 1918, Day of the Stamp, Buildings 1957 - 1968, different from 1927 - 1947
  2. Winter Sports
  3. Austrian Scouting
  4. Third Reich Used in Austria
  5. Postal Stationery Cards from 1869 - 1973, Picture Cards used in Austria 1960 - 1944
  6. Jubilee Cards 1908 - 1914
  7. Franz Joseph Heads 1890 - 1910
  8. Franz Joseph Cards
  9. Third Reich Booklets and Panes
  10. Bosnia Herzegovina, Sonderstemple Postmarks 1864 - 1944
  1. Spiro and Friends - a study of Spiro forgeries with forgeries from other forgers
  2. Haiti [P] - A display of the stamps of Haiti
  3. Germany 1918 - 1945
  4. "Caveat Emptor with Certificates" [P]
  5. Belgian Railway Stamps
  6. Germans Having Fun - a study of German stamps issued during the occupation of Belgium during World War I
  7. The Life & Times of King Albert the First, King of the Belgians, through postcards and stamps
Area: By arrangement
  1. Canadian Expeditionary Force 1914 -1919
  2. Russia - The Great War, Revolution and Beyond
  3. Russia - WWI Censorship Mail
Area: AEPS and beyond, By agreement
  1. Albania (All Periods)
  2. End of the Line (Railway Hotels & Steamers)
Area: AEPS and beyond, By arrangement
  1. Television
  2. The Titanic
  3. Post Cards by Faga
  4. The Falklands War 1982
  5. Horizon Labels Post & Go
  6. Covid 19 - The Pandemic: Stampsrealted to the Covid-19 Pandemic with amil items delayed or prevented from delivery and local/international lockdowns.
Area: By arrangement
  1. The Stamps & Postal History of Brunei
  2. Death by Post
  3. The Wounded Soldier's Story
  4. Boy's Own War
Area: By arrangement
  1. The Development of Decorative Writing Paper 1780 - 1945
  2. The Postal Ephemera of the Industrial Revolution
  3. The Evolution of the Post Card
  4. Celebrations. Christmas Bay and Valentine's Day
  5. Around the World in Sixty Minutes: 2023 marks the 150th anniversary of Jules Verne's famous novel in English. The display takes viewers round the world using original letters and images sent by...
Area: By arrangement
  1. The Kingdom of Hanover
  2. The City of Goslar 1564 - 1800
Area: Within 30 miles of Nottingham
  1. Military India 1800 -1913
  2. Military India 1914 - 1938
  3. Military India 1939 - 1947
  4. Bangladesh - The Birth of a Nation
  5. Philatelic Elephants (Thematic)
Area: By arrangement
  1. St Pierre et Miquelon 1885 - 1945, from the first stamps to WWII censored mail
  2. GB Queen Victoria Issues (with/without overseas agencies)
  3. British Stamps Used Overseas - Occupations, Agencies etc
Area: Cornwall, Devon, Dorset & West Somerset. Elsewhere, By arrangement
  1. Postal History of Palestine to 1914
  2. Postal History & Stamps of Mandate Palestine
  3. Devon People & Places (Thematic)
Area: ON LINE Displays ONLY. Over 120 possibilities.
  1. British Military Mail in the Middle East 1799 - 1956 [Zoom Version]
  2. KUT Postal History [Zoom Version]
  3. QEII Wildings Postal History etc., including commemoratives and posted abroad - National Service [Zoom Version]
  4. Egypt - Stamps & Postal History (one evening) and Aden (one evening) [Zoom Version]
  5. Middle East Postal Stationery including Iraq, Persia, Persian Gulf, Egypt and Syria [Zoom Version]
  6. QEII in Africa - Stamps & Postal History [Zoom Version]
  7. QEII North & South Rhodesia [Zoom Version]
  8. How South Africa won World War II (20 frames - 240 pages) [Zoom Version]
  9. World War II East of Suez [Zoom Version]
  10. All at Sea: Aspects of Philately & Military History from the Sea 1799 - 1984 [Zoom Version]
Area: By arrangement
  1. Go by Cycle
  2. The Story of the British Greetings Telegram Service
  3. How to Collect and Exhibit Thematics
  4. Guernsey from Occupation through to Independence Issues from 1969 Onwards
Area: West Midlands (Other Areas considered)
  1. Canada through the Ages
  2. Canada - The Admiral Period
  3. Canada Expeditionary Force in WWI
  4. Philatelic Congress of Great Britain
  5. Edinburgh - Pre 1840
Area: South East England
  1. In the Skies of Sussex
  2. Sweden Airmail Routes 1939 - 1945

Barry Stagg

Area: Anywhere
  1. Parachuting Through the Ages [Zoom version]
  2. The Development and Life Cycle of a Parachute (Postcard display) [P]
  3. Arrows through the Ages [P]
  4. GB Edward VIII [P]
  5. Ladies from heaven (Postcard display) [Zoom Display]
  6. Life and Times of the missionary John Williams [Zoom Display]
Area: By arrangement
  1. Great Western Railway of Canada
  2. Grand Trunk Railway of Canada
  3. Newfoundland Railways. Also available on Zoom.
  4. Newfoundland Coastal Mail Services 1880 - 1960
  5. Labrador Coastal Mail Steamer Services 1880 - 1970
  6. Carlisle, the Railway City. Also available on Zoom.
  7. Cabot Strait Mail Service between Canada and Newfoundland

Len C Stanway FRPSL

25 Clay Hill Road
SS16 5DD
Area: Essex or by train. Daytime or evening. May be available at short notice.
  1. Mails Under London
  2. Aspects of Malaya
  3. Aspects of North Borneo
  4. Richmondshire and its Postal History
  5. United Nations Postal Administration
Area: East and West Sussex, Hampshire and Kent
  1. Norway from the Land of the Midnight Sun. the stamps and postal history with a comprehensive coverage from the Kingdom of Norway and Sweden, 1855 to modern, including Polar Exploration and TPOs [P]
Area: Berkshire
  1. New Zealand advertisement stamps of 1893
  2. GB Postal history - inward mail to New Zealand to 1900
Area: By arrangement
  1. New Zealand, he Definitive Story - covers the definitives from King George VI to 2000, including shades, plate blocks, varieties etc.
Area: By arrangement
  1. Falkland Islands (General)
  2. Falklands War 1982
  3. GB QEII Postal History 1953 - 1971
Area: By arrangement
  1. Gibraltar
  2. Bounty Story & Associated Islands
  3. GB Penny Lilac with Controls
  4. A Thematic Evening
Area: Yorkshire and All UK, By arrangement
  1. Postal History 1680 - 1970
  2. GB Postal History 1945 - 2000, including Registered Mail, Recorded Delivery & Special Services
Area: By arrangement
  1. The Postal History of Madrid, from the 1500s to 1910
  2. New Zealand - Display of stamps from SG1 to 1910
  3. The Joys of Skiiing
Area: Within 40 miles
  1. German Second World War Occupations
  2. DDR - The Early Years - Used stamps of the DDR from it's inception to 1974
Area: Midlands, North of England or By arrangement
  1. Antarctic Tales: A random assortment of stories and expeditions and journeys around the Antarctic.
Area: Unable to travel
  1. Imperial Airways Trials and Tribulations in crossing the North Atlantic. How they experimented prior to WWII. (55 slides, One Hour plus) Zoom Presentation Only.
  2. "Imperial Airways Experimental Trans Atlantic Flights 1937-1939 [Zoom Display] (up to 45 minutes)
Area: By arrangement
  1. Aviation - large sections on Zeppelins and the 1911 Aerial Post, smaller sections on famous aircraft, aviators, Battle of Britain
  2. Music - Classic, popular and folk on famous composers. singers, concert venues, orchestras and musical instruments
  3. World Overprints - thematic display covering Sports, Red Cross, Foreign Occupations, GB Used Abroad, natural disasters and famous events
  4. Ascension Island - an introduction to the Island, geography, history, wildlife, activities etc.
Area: By arrangement
  1. GB Late Fees [Zoom Version]
  2. GB Express Mail [Zoom Version]
  3. Mail Across the Irish Sea to 1840 [Zoom Version]
  4. GB Too Late Mail [Zoom Version]
Area: Hampshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Bedfordshire, Surrey and Sussex
  1. Development of Man-Powered Boats [P]
  2. Raptors (Birds) [P]
  3. Thermal Soarers (Birds) [P]
  4. Eagles [P]
  5. Richard E Byrd [P]
  6. Mexico [P]
  7. Mexican Coat of Arms 1882-1900
  8. Mexican Revolution 1910-1920
Area: By arrangement
  1. Postal History of POW Mail from Far East Camps WWII
  2. Postal History of the Korean War
Area: Within 90 miles of Newcastle Upon Tyne or By arrangement
  1. Turks & Caicos Islands
  2. Aspects of WWI British Naval Mail. Battle of Coronel & the Falkland Islands, Armoured Car Division in Russia. Heroism and Tragedy. Royal Naval Air Service and Miscellany etc.
  3. Stamp Design & The Royal Mail Advisory Committee
Area: Within 50 miles of Manchester
  1. World Heritage Sites on Stamps
  2. Cinderella Issues
  3. Churchill
  4. Aircraft on Stamps
  5. Space on Stamps & Covers

Peter Webb

Peacock Haven
Langdon Lane
Area: Southwest & Zoom anywhere
  1. French India [Zoom Version]
  2. Indian aerophilately until 1939 [Zoom Version]
  3. Indian WWI POW camps [Zoom Version]
  4. Indian Boer War POW camps [Zoom Version]
  5. India WW1 censorship [Zoom Version]
  6. India WW1 East Africa, France and NWP [Zoom Version]
  7. Indian Postal Stationery [Zoom Version]
  8. First aerial airmail [Zoom Display]
  9. Indian Hospital Ships of WWI
  10. An Introduction to Indian Registered or TPO Mail
  11. Indian Hospital Ships of WWI. A review of the hospital ships staffed by IMS carrying casualties from France, Gallipoli and Mesopotamia.
Area: By arrangement
  1. St Helena Forgeries: The first issues were extensively forged - this display features 16 known types with a novel twist at the end.
  2. An Evening Wasted with Roger West: featuring a number of short displays with a touch of humour
Area: Anywhere
  1. Netherlands East Indies World War One [Zoom Version (45)]
  2. Netherlands East Indies Pre Stamp up to 1877
  3. Spitfire
  4. Leeds Postal History 1700 onwards
  5. Egypt - The Simon Arzt Story
  6. Egypt Hotel Post Offices [Zoom Version(30]
Area: Anywhere by arrangement
  1. Czechoslovakia - The First Year. The year is 1918, following independence. The display demonstrates the difficulties in producing stamps for the new country. It includes ways of using up existing...
  2. The History of Czechoslovakia - through Stamps and Postal History from 1918 -1993
  3. Railways (not Thematic) - a general display of railway material and TPOs
Area: Surrey, W Sussex, Hants, Berks - outside M25
  1. Monaco 1885-1956
  2. Imperial Civil Censorship in World War II
Area: Solent Region
  1. The German Occupation of the Channel Islands 1942-1945" [Zoom] (90)
  1. British Owls [Zoom Display]
  2. Cyprus Airmail [Zoom Display]
  3. Cyprus Government Railway [Zoom Display]
  4. Early Locomotive Development [Zoom Display]
  5. Expansion of the Railway System [Zoom Display]
  6. Flaws on Early Cyprus Stamps [Zoom Display]
  7. Mail and Rail [Zoom Display]
  8. Post Office Errors [Zoom Display]
  9. Aphrodite's Island (ZOOM display)
  10. The Pilgrom Fathers (ZOOM DISPLAY)
Area: By arrangement
  1. A Tour of Trelawney & The Cockpit Country (Jamaica)
  2. Offshore Islands of Latin America
  3. Snowdonia & North Wales Coast (Postal History)
  4. North Dakota Postal History

David Wilson

22 Sherborne Avenue
Area: Traditional
  1. The many uses of the GB Postage Due [P]
  2. "Quite a Lot about Not Very Much" (The many uses of the GB Halfpenny stamp) [P]
Area: By arrangement
  1. A Good Walk Spoiled (Golf) - Gold Medal Collection - 2 x 120 pages PPT available
  2. All the Competitive Classes (Two Rounds of 128 Pages)
  3. Ceylon Postage Dues (Two Rounds if combined with GB KG VI Postage Dues)
  4. Illustrated Airgraphs

Gavin Wood

Greenlooms farm
Martins Lane
Area: North west
  1. German occupation Sark
  2. German occupation Jersey
  3. German occupation Guernsey
  4. German occupation Channel Islands
Area: Same night train return to London or overnight stay possible
  1. An Irish Stew
  2. Troubles and Transition (Ireland 1900 -1930) - The Easter Rising and Irish Independence. The transition from British to Irish Post Office.
  3. It's an Irish World - Thematic display using mainly non-Irish material
  4. The Road to Independence: Ireland from the Act of Union to Irish Free State ("Open" with ephemera and other non-philatelic items)
Area: By arrangement
  1. Postal History of the Dodecanese Islands
Area: Within 75 miles of Manchester
  1. Switzerland Charity issues Postal history
  2. A postcard from Switzerland
  3. Swiss Railways
Area: Southern England
  1. Le Havre - comprehensive study of all aspects of Le Havre philately
  2. Budapest 1896 - a study of Hungarian Post Offices participation in the National Esposition
  3. God's House - study of the development of church architecture from AD33 to today
  4. God's House - the worldwide development of Gothic architecture
  5. God's House - combination of various architectural periods to suit