Meet the Chair


Having been the Chair of the Association of British Philatelic Societies for some time now and having met so many philatelists, I really do feel the organisation stands as proof of the passion and dedication of philatelists across the whole of the United Kingdom. Established in 1955, our association plays a pivotal role in fostering the love for philately and promoting the exchange of philatelic knowledge.

I see one of the primary objectives of the ABPS as coordinating and supporting the efforts of its member societies. This involves facilitating communication among societies, sharing resources, and organising events that bring philatelists together. By doing so, the ABPS contributes to the growth and sustainability of philatelic pursuits throughout the UK.

The ABPS also plays a vital role in advocating for the interests of philatelists on a national level. By representing the collective voice of its member societies, the association engages with relevant authorities, institutions, and organisations to address issues that affect the philatelic community. Whether it be policy matters, preservation concerns, or promoting the cultural significance of philately, the ABPS acts as a unified force for the benefit of all collectors.

Also, the ABPS serves as a central hub for information exchange. Through publications, newsletters, and online platforms, the association keeps all members informed about the latest developments in the world of philately. I would like to think that this exchange of information not only enhances the knowledge base of collectors, but also fosters a sense of camaraderie among the diverse spectrum of individuals united by their love of philately.

The annual ABPS Philatelic Congress of Great Britain stands out as a highlight on the philatelic calendar. This year, 2024, it will be held in Southampton, 11-14 July. This flagship event brings together collectors, exhibitors, dealers, and experts from all over the country and many different parts of the world. The Congress serves as a melting pot of ideas and a showcase of impressive philatelic material.  It embodies the spirit of collaboration and passion that defines the ABPS and its member societies.  Full details about Congress are available in the “CONGRESS” section on this website

One thing I always stress is the importance of communication.  Without good communication who knows what’s going on or what the current issues are in the hobby that need addressing?  This is why I really want to hear from you; from federations, societies or individuals.  What are your thoughts about where the hobby is and its future?  What should we be doing?  Please do let me know what you think.  My email address is and my postal address is Steven Harrison, ABPS, c/o RPSL, 15 Abchurch Lane, London EC4N 7BW.  I really want to hear from you!

Steve Harrison FRPSL