The ABPS Multi-Class Award

The Association of British Philatelic Societies (ABPS) has introduced a special award for exhibitors who have achieved awards in five different classes at national or international exhibitions, at least two of which must have been at exhibitions held in the UK. Only one of the five awards can be for a one frame exhibit. It takes the form of a certificate at a level equivalent to the lowest of the five exhibition awards.

So, for example, if an applicant has an international large gold for Postal History, national golds for Traditional, Literature and Cinderella, and a national vermeil for Postcards, then it will be awarded as a national vermeil. There is no limit to how many times an applicant can apply so if medal awards improve then a new certificate at a higher level can be issued. All British and international classes including equivalent overseas national classes are eligible.

Applicants need to supply details of their awards from each of five different classes and send photocopies or scans of their certificates in support. Please complete the form below and send it with your certificates. There is no charge to apply.

Please take this opportunity to be recognised as one of an elite group of exhibitors with successful exhibits in a range of disciplines.

ABPS Multi class award application form v3 (PDF)

If you have any questions on this award, please email