Who Was Who in Philately

Who Was Who in Philately

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ABBOTT, James Henry d.1914 age 63. Had collections of Egypt, Serbia, Cook Is., Haiti, Orange Free State, Papal States, and Tonga, and received international awards. Began with WD Beckton the practice of accumulating sheets and large blocks to solve questions of plating and settings. Known as ‘Father of the Manchester School’. Senior Vice-President Manchester P.S. His collections were given by his sister to the Whitworth Institute, Manchester, but eventually sold by HR Harmer Ltd in a four-day sale in June 1968.

ADAMS, Herbert Charles Vassall d.1955 age 81, from injuries in motor accident. World renowned for his work on Great Britain stamps, and for which he gained international awards, including Grand Prix, London 1950. Vice-President RPSL. Tilleard Medal for Great Britain 1947. Presented his collection of Great Britain George V essays, proofs, etc to RPSL. Also had collections of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Austria, Greece, Italy, and Turkey. Author, with SE Francis, of ‘The Postage Stamps of Great Britain 1840-53, Part I. An Index to the principal Plate Varieties in One Penny and Two Pence Imperforate‘ [1952], and with KM Beaumont, of ‘The Postage Stamps of Great Britain, Part III‘ [1954]. President City of London P.S. Founder member, Society of Postal Historians. RDP 1946.

ADGEY-EDGAR, Walter Herbert 1887-1977. Assembled extensive collections of Manchuria (14 vols), Eastern Turkestan, Tibet (with complete sheets of 1912 issue), Pakistan (including rare Peshawar handstamps), and Japanese overprints on Burma, Malaya, Brunei, and Sarawak. Wrote ‘Imperial Japanese Overprints and Issues in Occupied British Territories‘ [1946].

ADUTT, Albert Leon 1871-1930. Managing Director, Queen’s Highcliffe Hotel, Cliftonville. Mayor of Margate 1912-13. Chairman PCGB, Margate 1912. Specialist in USA, Great Britain, and Cayman Is. A founder, and President Isle of Thanet P.S. Two articles by him were reprinted from the London Philatelist: ‘Notes on a Display of Stamps of the Cayman Islands‘ [1911], and ‘The Confederate States of America – Notes on the Postmasters’ Provisional Hand Stamps on Envelopes and Wrappers‘ [1922].

ALBRECHT, John Rupert Mendel d.1927 age 43. Hon Librarian Manchester P.S. Studied Mulready Envelopes and Great Britain Registration Envelopes, on which he contributed to the Philatelic Record. Specialist also in Guatemala, and Duttia and Jaipur. Author of ‘The Postage Stamps of Jaipur‘. Albrecht Prize awarded in his memory.

ALCOCK, Ronald Cecil d.1991 age 86. Dealer and publisher in Cheltenham. Issued ‘Alcock’s Weekly News‘. Published ‘The Penny Red Pamphlet, being a Treatise on the Line-engraved Stamps of Great Britain from Mr.Hill’s One Penny Black of 1840 to the Three-Half-Pence Red of 1870′, ‘The Alphabets of the British Line-engraved Stamps‘, ‘Scots Local cancellations Illustrated, 1854-60‘, and ‘Archer Plates‘ by Dr C Gardiner-. Compiled with CW Meredith ‘British Postage Stamp Varieties Illustrated‘ [1949]. Author, with FC Holland, of the classic ‘Postmarks of Great Britain and Ireland, Being a Survey of British Postmarks from 1660 to 1940‘, (579 pages) [1940], and supplements thereto, and of ‘British Postmarks, A Short History and Guide‘.

ALLEN, Thomas 1895-1984. Originally dealer in British Colonial rarities, who with Charles Nissen purchased, in 1936, the Perkins Bacon stock and records; most of the records were afterwards acquired by RPSL. Council Member RPSL. Curator of its forgery collection, 1954-67. Member of Expert Committee, for whom he reorganised their vast quantity of reference photographs. A philatelist of wide experience, he was a member of the Executive Committee for the London International Exhibition 1960, and served on the jury at FIPEX, New York 1956.

ALLENDER, Arthur Stanley d.1958 age 87. Specialist in Great Britain, Switzerland, Papal States, and Sicily. Wrote ‘The Cantonal Stamps of Switzerland’ (Philatelic Magazine Handbook) [1920]. President Liverpool P.S.1910. Chairman, with PR England, PCGB, Liverpool 1926.

ALLIS, Gilbert James d.1932 age 53. Collected Niger Coast and South African Provinces. Awarded gold medal for Cape of Good Hope at South African Philatelic Exhibition 1913. Author of ‘The Postal History and Postage Stamps of the Cape of Good Hope‘ [1930], for which he received Crawford Medal in 1931. President Cape Town P.S.

ANDERSON, George Arthur d.1928 age 74. Joined India Public Works Department, 1875. Consulting engineer for railways, Madras, 1906. Author of ‘Notes on the Postage Stamps of Bhopal‘ Calcutta [1899].

ANDERSON, John MBE b.1884. Collecting interests were Canada, cancellations of British Central Africa, Great Britain line-engraved and surface-printed, Niger Coast, Rhodesia, Sudan, and unusual postmarks of the world. President Aberdeen P.S. Wrote monograph on Scots Local Cancellations [1911].

ANDERSON, Peter John MA LLB JP d.1926 age 73. Librarian of Aberdeen University. An early contributor, in 1869, to the Stamp Collectors Magazine, and the Philatelic Record. Author, with BTK Smith, of ‘Early English Philatelic Literature 1862-65‘ [1912]. Issued privately in 1919 ‘Philatelic Literature Collecting in 1864-79‘. President Aberdeen and North of Scotland P.S. RDP 1921. Bequeathed his collection of philatelic literature to Aberdeen University.

ANDREWS, James b.1893. Authority on Falkland Is and Dependencies. Plated the QV 1d, 4d, 6d and 1/-, the Edward VII 1d, and the issue of 1912. Awarded Tapling Medal, 1951. Author of ‘The Cancellations of the Falklands and Dependencies, and the Handstruck Stamps‘ [1956].

ANDREWS, William Hamilton b.1880. Joined Stanley Gibbons Ltd as cashier 1901. Secretary 1903. Joint Managing Director (with FS Phillips), 1926.

ARGENTI, Nicholas André 1896-1961. Educated Malvern College. Collector of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Received Founders’ Trophy of the Canadian P.S. of Great Britain, 1955, for original research. Discovered that two plates were made for 1d Nova Scotia, only one of which was used, and that part of the uncleared corners on the 1/- Nova Scotia die reappears on Nos. 11 and 21 on the sheet. Awarded gold medal at FIPEX 1956 and Tilleard Medal 1959. Wrote ‘The Postage Stamps of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia‘, published in 1962, for which the Crawford Medal was awarded in that year.

ARMSTRONG, Douglas Brawn 1888-1969. Journalist. Hon Secretary PCGB, Margate 1912. Edited Stamp Collectors’ Annual, 1912. Philatelic correspondent of the Times, the Bazaar, and Flight. Wrote ‘The Edwardian Stamps of the British Empire‘ [1912], ‘Boys’ Book of Stamp Collecting‘ [1913], ‘Stamps for Beginners‘ (with RER Dalwick) [1913], ‘Postage Stamps of War‘ [1914], ‘War Stamps of the Allies‘ (with CH Greenwood) [1920], ‘Stamp Collecting for Pleasure and Profit‘ [1922], and numerous country monographs including Anglo-Egyptian Sudan, Levant, Bosnia, The Nigerias, Crete, Abyssinia, New Hebrides, and Cayman Is (assisted by AJ Watkin and CB Bostwick). Edited Stamp Collecting [1933-49]. RDP 1959.

ATLEE, William Dudley b. Brighton 1848. Dealer 1864, and published his ‘Stamp Circular‘ from 1865. One of the founders of RPSL and first Hon Secretary 1869. Wrote ‘The Spud Papers‘ on forgeries in The Philatelist from 1871. Associated briefly, in 1872, with EL Pemberton in latter’s Philatelic Journal, launched in that year. Compiled a listing of English and Continental philatelic literature. Convicted at Birmingham in 1877 of embezzling money from The Moseley Skating Rink Company with whom he had been employed.

AVERY, Sir William Beilby Bart. 1854-1908. Senior partner in W. & T. Avery, Weighing machine makers, Birmingham. President Birmingham P.S. Acquired Bullock collection of Australia, and collections of West Indies and Western Australia from CJ Phillips. Had unused copies of 1d and 2d Post Office Mauritius, and a unique large unused block of the Swiss Double Geneva. WH Peckitt, the London dealer, purchased the collection in 1909 for £24,500, and issued a descriptive booklet.


BACON, Sir Edward Denny 1860-1938. Son of Edward Bacon, Ilford Hall, Essex. President RPSL 1917. Inaugurated Expert Committee in 1893. Crawford Medal 1921, for ‘The Line-Engraved Postage Stamps of Great Britain‘ [1920 (Supp.1929)]. Tapling Medal, 1933, for paper on 1d and 6d stamps of Victoria 1860-66. Catalogued Philatelic Library of the Earl of Crawford, 1911 (Supps.1926 & 1938). Wrote ‘The Stamp Collector‘ (with William John Hardy) 1898. With FJHS Napier, ‘St. Vincent‘ [1895], ‘Barbados‘ [1896], ‘Grenada‘ [1902]. ‘Reprints of Postal Adhesive Stamps and their Characteristics‘ [1899]. ‘The Postage Stamps of the Turks Islands‘ [1917]. Compiled supplements, 1922 and 1927, to ‘The Postage and Telegraph Stamps of British India‘ [1907]. The following papers by him were reprinted from the London Philatelist: ‘The Stamps of the Straits Settlements of Queen Victoria’s Reign‘ [1924], ‘Mr Charles Lathrop Pack’s Work on Victoria‘ [1934], ‘Notes on the Stamps of the Fiji Islands’ [1927], ‘The Stamps of the Pacific Steam Navigation Co.’ [1928], ‘The Half-Anna Lithographed Stamps of India 1854-55‘ (Review) [1930], ‘Supplement to Handbook on St Vincent‘ [1934]. Arranged Tapling Collection in British Museum, his collection of postcards being joined with those of Tapling. Had fine collection of Japan. Appointed Curator of Royal Philatelic Collection, 1913. Lindenberg Medal, 1906. RDP 1921. MVO 1917, CVO 1922, KCVO 1932. Tapling Collection now at the British Library.

BAGNALL, Col Charles Lane DSO MC TD 1884-1937. Forgemaster and engineer. Specialist in Ukraine and Papua, receiving international awards for the latter. Co-Secretary with RW Wilkinson of Philatelic Exhibition, Newcastle 1909. Member of Permanent Executive Committee PCGB and Hon Secretary PCGB, Newcastle 1920. President North of England P.S.

BALDWIN, Norman Cecil 1890-1975. Company director. Specialised in airmails, and stamps with ecclesiastical designs. Wrote manual on South West Africa, ‘Abyssinia 1929-31‘, ‘Air Mails of British Africa 1925-32‘, ‘Malaya – Check List of Air Mail Flights‘, ‘British Airmails 1946-51‘, ‘Bridging the Atlantic‘ [1946], ‘Post-War Bridging the Atlantic 1945-50‘, ‘Great Britain and Ireland Catalogue of Internal Airmails 1910-41‘, and compiled ‘Imperial Airways – A History and Priced Check List of the Empire Air Mails‘ [1950]. Co-author with Francis J Field of ‘The Coronation Aerial Post 1911‘ [1934].

BARFOOT, John Arthur Allen d.1942 age 81. Received international awards for his collections of Russia. President Leicester P.S. 1918-19. President Cinque Ports P.S. 1924-26.

BARKER, Bernard Leslie 1913-1976. A leading collector of stamps and postal history material of Belgium. Gained international awards from 1949. Gave display, on invitation of Stanley Gibbons Ltd, at their Centenary Exhibition in 1956. Member of the Académie de Philatélie de Belgique. President Lincoln P.S. and Belgian Study Circle. Chairman of Council, PCGB, and author of the parody on the Congress ‘All us through the Magnifying Glass‘. RDP 1969. Major part of his collection auctioned by HR Harmer Ltd 1977.

BARRON, John Hall d.1951 age 77. Barrister and parliamentary draftsman. Council Member RPSL, 1917, President 1940-46. Collector of South and Central America, particularly Mexico, Colombia, and Paraguay. Contributor to London Philatelist, Stamp Lover, and Philatelic Journal of Great Britain. Edited, with IJ Simons, JB Seymour’s ‘The Stamps of Great Britain’, Part I [1934] and Part II [1937].

BASDEN, Albert Edward b. in Reading. d. in Durban 1948. Went to South Africa 1901. MBE 1918. Edited South African Philatelist 1932-34, and ‘Transactions of the Pretoria P.S.’, of which he was President. Joint compiler with L Simenhoff of the ‘Standard Priced Catalogue of the Postage Stamps of the Union of South Africa‘. Wrote extensively on the South African Provinces, and was co-author, with JH Curle, of ‘Transvaal Postage Stamps‘ [1940] that received the Crawford Medal. RDP (South Africa).

BATES, Lt Col Arthur Sydney DSO TD 1879-1958. Educated Winchester. Awarded the first Tilleard Medal [1920] for his display of pre-1840 essays of Great Britain. Donated the Bates Prize to be awarded at PCGB. His paper ‘Essays, Proofs, etc. for the Georgian Issues of Great Britain‘ was reprinted from the London Philatelist in 1922. His Great Britain collection was auctioned by HR Harmer Ltd in 1934.

BEAUMONT, Kenneth Macdonald CBE DSO 1884-1965. Solicitor. Specialised in Great Britain, Cape of Good Hope, New Zealand, and North Borneo. Researched Great Britain Edward VII and George V plates and printings, and New Zealand pre-stamp and manuscript cancellations. Tapling Medal 1947 for ‘Great Britain, Surface-printed Issues 1855-82, Imprimatur Sheets and Abnormals‘. Co-author with JBM Stanton of ‘The Postage Stamps of Great Britain Part IV, the Issues of King George V’ [1957]. Edited with John Easton, revised edition of ‘The Postage Stamps of Great Britain Part III‘ [1964]. President RPSL 1953-56. First President Great Britain P.S. International judge. RDP 1955. Represented England in figure-skating, and was President of National Skating Association of Great Britain.

BECKTON, Walter Dorning d.1931 age 65. Solicitor. President RPSL 1929-31. President Manchester P.S. for thirty-five years. Chairman of first PCGB Manchester 1909. Vice-President IPU (International Philatelic Union). Awarded medals for Greece, Straits Settlements, Japan, British West Indies, and Romania. Wrote, with GB Duerst, handbook on Greece [1897], and articles in Philatelic Journal of Great Britain on Romania. Won Congress Cup at PCGB 1928 for his Paper ‘Philatelic Nomenclature as applicable to Lithographed Postage Stamps‘. His articles, as follows, were reprinted from the London Philatelist: ‘British Honduras – The Local Surcharges of January 1888‘ [1925]. ‘Carlist Spain – A Further Note on the Reprints‘ [1927]. ‘Italy – The 15 Centesimi of May 1863‘ [1928]. ‘The Carlist Stamps of Spain‘ [1936]. Lindenberg Medal 1931. RDP 1921.

BELLAMY, Frank Arthur FRAS 1864-1936. Educated Magdalen College School, Oxford. At Radcliffe Observatory 1881-90, and later at University Observatory. Hon Secretary & Treasurer Oxford P.S. for nearly fifty years. Author of ‘Oxford and Cambridge College Messengers Postage Stamps, Cards, and Envelopes 1871-86‘ [1921], and ‘A Concise Register of the College Messenger Postage Stamps, Envelopes, and Cards used in the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge 1871-95, together with the stamps used by the Oxford Union Society 1859-85‘ [1925]. Possessed a philatelic library of more than 200,000 items relating to Great Britain. Judge of philatelic literature at London Philatelic Exhibition 1897. Author, with JJ Darlow, of ‘History of the PCGB 1909-12‘.

BELLARS, Henry John d.1868 age 44. Schoolmaster. Secretary Chester Natural History Society. Photographic artist in London. Author of an Illustrated Catalogue of British land and freshwater shells, and a Historical Numismatic Atlas of the Roman Emperors. Compiled, with JH Davie, ‘The Standard Guide to Postage Stamp Collecting‘ London [1864].

BENJAMIN, Alfred. Partner in the 1880s with Frederick Bannister, as stamp dealers of doubtful reputation in London. In 1888, Benjamin and JH Sarpy opened a shop in Cullum Street, where they marketed fakes and forgeries, mostly provided by the engraver GK Jeffryes. The three became known as ‘The London Gang’, and were reported to the police by The Philatelic Protection Association. They appeared at the Thames Police Court in 1892 on charges of forging stamps and of conspiracy. Benjamin, then aged 29, was sentenced to 6 months hard labour. He and Sarpy were still trading in Cullum Street in the 1920s.

BENTLEY, Rev Wilfred 1915-1965. Main interests were France (postal history), Guatemala (1902 issue, and later Waterlow-printed stamps), Great Britain (especially numbered cancellations), and Sweden. Collaborated with CWE Coles in study of transfer-roller flaws in France 1931 2fr ‘Arc de Triomphe’. Author of ‘France – Postal History and Postmarks of the Franco-Prussian war and after, 1870-71‘ [1955]. Joint author with Pierre de Lizeray of ‘Les Mouchon – Le Classement Des Pasteur‘ [1955], and with RM and RW Willcocks, of ‘The Spoon Experiment 1853-58‘. Editor of France & Colonies P.S. Newsletter from 1951. Demonstrated the mistakes made by Sperati in faking French covers. President Birmingham P.S. Was in the process of publishing ‘An Introduction to Postal History, Postage Stamps, and Postmarks of France 1849-76‘ at the time of his death in a motor accident.

BERNSTEIN, Isidore Julius 1871-1939. Educated City of London School. Active in founding the first PCGB, Manchester 1909, for which he obtained special postmark from Postmaster-General. His services recognised by a testimonial presented at PCGB, London 1910. Specialist in Great Britain. Wrote, with Charles Nissen, Handbook on the Official Stamps of Great Britain [1906] and series of articles on ‘British Used Abroad‘. Founder and President Manchester Junior P.S.

BESSEMER, Henry William 1866-1956. Held especially fine collection of France, being particularly interested in tête-bêche, and Bordeaux and Semeuse issues. Contributor to London Philatelist, and awarded Tilleard Medal 1939. Displayed ‘hors concours’ at London International Exhibition 1950. RDP 1950.

BIRCH, James Alfred 1888-1969. Director of corn-milling company. From 1937 received international awards for Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Danish West Indies, Greenland, and Faroe Islands. Contributed to numerous journals on Scandinavian topics. Given Medal of Honour by Copenhagen Philatelic Club for distinguished work in Danish philately. President Liverpool P.S. and Merseyside P.S. President of North-West Federation of Philatelic Societies. RDP 1960.

BISHOP, George Thompson CMG Surgeon-Captain RN. 1865-1935. Hon Secretary IPU (International Philatelic Union) 1885. Hong Kong specialist. Co-author with Rev CS Morton and W Sayers, of ‘Hong Kong – Treaty Port and other Postmarks‘ [1934], (revised by Lobdell and Hopkins, 1949).

BISHOP, Percy Cooke 1869-1961. Newspaper reporter and journalist. Managing editor, Aldine Publishing Co Ltd. While editing ‘Chums‘ organised the Chums Society of Stamp Collectors. Collected Brazil, Morocco, New Zealand, Great Britain, Mauritius, and South Africa. Published Philatelic Exchange List, 1886. Edited Philatelic Journal of Great Britain 1892-93. Founded and conducted, with Charles Nissen, Stamp Collectors’ Annual 1904-11. Founded Stamp Collectors’ Fortnightly in 1894 with Harry Hilckes, and was editor until 1913. Stamp editor of The Captain, a boys’ magazine. Edited Stamp Collectors’ Monthly Circular 1919-20. Went to South Africa in 1920 as editor of the Natal Advertiser, and held that post until 1939. Presented PC Bishop Trophy to Philatelic Federation of South Africa, of which he was President. Returned to England, and resided in Eastbourne. Instrumental in establishment of the Roll of Distinguished Philatelists. RDP 1921.

BLOCKEY, George 1874-1939. b. in London. Stamp dealer in Australia, and for some while responsible for South Australia in Gibbons’ catalogue. Read a paper before the Manchester P.S. in 1890 in which the two dies of the third issue of Holland were first indicated. Also interested in Orange River Colony and was one of the original names on the South African Philatelic Roll of Honour. Judge at South African Philatelic Exhibition, Durban 1913. Wrote ‘The Departmental Stamps of South Australia‘ [1935]. Died in Pretoria.

BOJANOWICZ, Miroslav Arthur 1907-1986. Settled in England after WW II. Prior to war collected Bosnia and Herzegovina, later enlarged to comprise Yugoslavia, which won Gold Medal in Warsaw, 1936. In England he specialised in Poland No.1 and had many awards for his ‘Kingdom of Poland’ including Grand Prix at Budapest International 1961. Recognised as expert on that country, he published ‘The Kingdom of Poland – Poland No.1 and Associated Postal History‘ [1979]. Frequently served as judge at international exhibitions. Congress Medal 1957. RDP 1966. Presented a collection of Polish postal history 1938-49 to British Museum in 1966 (now at British Library).

BOOTY, Frederick William 1841-1924. Artist in Brighton. Contributor to the Monthly Advertiser (Edward Moore & Co) 1862. Compiler of ‘Aids to Stamp Collectors – being a List of English and Foreign Stamps in Circulation since 1840‘, published in April 1862 and based on lists previously issued in Belgium and France. Revised, and illustrated, later in the same year as The Stamp Collectors’ Guide, so becoming the world’s first illustrated stamp catalogue.

BORNEFIELD, John Julius d.1937 age 83. Hon Secretary British Line Engraved Stamp Club. Wrote the first detailed exposition of the four alphabets of check letters, in the Stamp Collectors’ Fortnightly [1908]. Later a Queensland specialist.

BOUCHER, George Herbert d.1970 age 94. Solicitor. General collector of early Great Britain and colonial imperfs, particularly New South Wales ‘Sydney Views’. In 1935 he gave a display of Great Britain and thirty-three colonies to RPSL, saying “My display will teach you nothing”, and that he collected purely for amusement and relaxation. However, in the opinion of those present it was one of the best displays of the season. President Bristol P.S. His collection of New South Wales sold by auction in 1949.

BRADBURY, Louis Edward d.1950 age 87. Hon Treasurer RPSL 1927-41. Hon Life Fellow. Specialist in Bahamas and Nevis. Tilleard Medal for Bahamas in 1921. His research into Nevis resulted in discovery of the original printing plates. Edited Bahamas in Regent Stamp Catalogue, published by Robson Lowe. Bequeathed Bahamas collection to RPSL. RDP 1929.

BROWN, Mount 1837-1919. Educated City of London School. Issued ‘Catalogue of British, Colonial, and Foreign Postage Stamps‘ [May 1862] based on the collection of Rev Francis John Stainforth. It was the first catalogue published in England, and there were five editions within two years. An original member of RPSL. Member of Jubilee Committee of London International Stamp Exhibition 1912.

BROWN, Samuel Arnold Steer 1876-1958. Insurance manager. Specialised in Gambia, Western Australia, and Virgin Is for which he received international awards, and Tilleard Medal for Western Australia in 1941. Also collected Newfoundland. Wrote monograph on ‘St Vincent‘ [1917] (Stamp Collecting Handbook No.8).

BROWN, William 1864-1927. Dealer. Founder and first publisher of Philatelic Journal of Great Britain. Author of ‘The Stamps of the Straits Settlements surcharged for use in the Protected States‘ [1895].

BRUMELL, George d.1950 age 73. Authority on Great Britain postmarks. Wrote ‘Postmarks of the British Isles‘ [1930], ‘A Short Account of the Franking System in the Post Office 1652-1840‘ [1936], ‘Slogan Postmarks of Great Britain‘ [1938], ‘The Local Posts of London 1680-1840′ [1938], ‘The Postal History of Bournemouth‘ (in PCGB Year Book 1940), ‘British Post Office Numbers 1844-1906‘ [1947].

BUHL, Theodore A. d.1922 age 57. Dealer from 1882. Started publication of Stamp News, which he edited until 1895. Purchased in 1892 the stock and business of Pemberton, Wilson & Co (London), with copyright of the Philatelic Record (see EL Pemberton), which was later merged with Stamp News. Held auctions of rare stamps.

BULL, Thomas 1839-1905. Property editor of the Standard and the Financial Times. Partner in Ventom, Bull, and Cooper philatelic auctioneers. He was one of the pioneers of regular stamp auctions in London. Organised his first auction with Douglas Garth, which took place on 24th November 1888 at Moss & Jameson’s rooms in Chancery Lane.

BURD, Lawrence Arthur 1863-1931. Schoolmaster at Repton. Great Britain specialist. Had extensive collection of pre-adhesive material. Also possessed 8000 Penny Blacks, later sold by Charles Nissen. RDP 1924.

BURNETT, Maitland James JP 1844-1918. Hon Secretary and Treasurer RPSL 1879-86. Edited Philatelic Record 1879-86. On moving to the Continent in 1885, sold his collection to Pemberton, Wilson & Co, from which many early rarities passed to TK Tapling. Died in Rome.

BYAM, Dr William OBE 1882-1963. Lt Col RAMC. Egypt specialist. Council Member RPSL. Tapling Medal, 1931, for Egypt first issue of 1866. Tilleard Medal, 1956, for Egypt third issue. Also received international awards. Founded Egypt Study Circle, 1935, and served as Chairman. President Herts P.S., and a ‘Member of Honour’ of the Societé Philatélique de’Egypte. His notes on Egypt third issue, 1872 and 1874-75, were reprinted from the London Philatelist. He also had collections of Malta and Cyprus, which were auctioned by Plumridge & Co in 1928. RDP 1949.


CAMPBELL-JOHNSTON, Louis 1862-1929. Chairman of Winox Ltd. Collected Propaganda and Commemorative stamps. Issued Winox War stamps (six million) 1914, and Winox Animal Lovers’ stamps, 1918. His extensive collection of poster stamps, mainly advertising exhibitions, and covering issues from about 1850 to the mid-1920s, was given to the British Museum by Mrs Florence Campbell-Johnston in 1932. It is now at the British Library.

CAROE, Sir Einar Athelstan Gordon 1903-1988. Grain merchant and broker. Had specialised collections of Argentina, Belgium, Holland, Baltic States, Danzig, Denmark, Danish West Indies, and Iceland. Contributed articles to philatelic press from 1927. Awarded Tapling Medal 1943 for ‘Iceland – The 1902-03 Overprints’. Author of ‘Icelandic Posts 1776-1919 under Danish Administration‘ [1947] (reprinted from the London Philatelist). RDP 1972.

CARTWRIGHT, John Campbell 1888-1973. Collected Canada, Portugal, and Mexico. A progressive philatelic organiser in Canada and Great Britain. Founded several philatelic societies, and ran exhibitions, including the first to be held in Canada at Yorkton in 1923. President Yorkton P.S., Winnipeg P.S. and Canadian P.S. of Great Britain. Founder and President Tunbridge Wells P.S. President Kent Federation of P.S. Chairman PCGB, Tunbridge Wells 1950. RDP 1956.

CASTLE, Marcellus Purnell MVO JP 1849-1917. Educated King’s College School. President RPSL 1913. Edited the London Philatelist 1892-1917, except for ten issued in 1892-93 when he was abroad. Member of Expert Committee. Had specialised collection of Australia and British Colonies of Oceania, which he sold in 1894 for £10,000, so that he might concentrate on European items. The latter comprised 67 volumes when sold to WW Mann for £27,500 in 1900. A second collection of Australia realised £5750 in 1905. President Herts P.S. and Brighton & Sussex P.S. Lindenberg Medal.

CHAPMAN, John Henry 1860-1942. Director of steel companies. Chiefly interested in Australia (particularly Queensland), Holland, Belgium, and France. Received awards for Queensland, including Tilleard Medal 1927. President Sheffield P.S. and Leeds P.S. Chairman PCGB, Harrogate 1921, and Member of Permanent Executive Committee. Council Member RPSL, 1925. RDP 1926.

CHAPMAN, Samuel d.1943 age 84. Had business interests in Mexico and access to the post office archives there. Wrote ‘The Eagle and Maximilian Stamps of Mexico‘ [1913] and ‘The Postage Stamps of Mexico – 1856-68‘ [1926]. Both were given awards in New York. RDP 1938.

CHEAVIN, William Harold Squier DSc FCS FRES FRMS FRPS 1885-1968. Inventor of the Cheavin-Watson philatelic microscope, 1912. Collected Great Britain and Colonies, Belgium, France, Holland, Sweden, and USA. Gained international awards. Author of ‘Philately and the Microscope‘, ‘Philately and Fluorescent‘, ‘Philately and X-rays‘, ‘India – Issues of the East India Company‘.

CHEVELEY, Thomas Welsh 1850-1912. Boy-dealer in stamps in Colchester, 1862. Accountant with a bank in Sheffield. Joined Pemberton, Wilson & Co, the London dealers. Founded Cheveley & Co Auctioneers, and was one of the pioneers of regular stamp auctions in London, his first sale being held in Chancery Lane on 23rd March 1889. In 1891 he was in partnership with WT Wilson, as Cheveley Wilson & Co, but later reverted to sole proprietorship of the business.

CLOUGHER, Nugent Medd d.1963 age 76. Interests were Canada, including postal history, especially Prince Edward Island and North-West Territories. Also French postal history. Founder member of the Canadian P.S. of Great Britain and first chairman of London Section. President High Wycombe P.S. and Postal History Society. For five years, director of and lecturer in the Philatelic Course, at City Literary Institute, London. Joint author, with Leslie G Tomlinson, of ‘Prince Edward Island‘ 1959. Postal History Society Award conferred in his name from 1967.

COCHRANE, William James d.1940 age 67. Surveyor. Awarded medals for his collections of South America, and author, assisted by HA Spowart, of ‘Rivadavia stamps of Argentina‘ [1923]. President North of England P.S., Chairman PCGB, Newcastle 1920. RDP 1923.

COLLETT, Gilbert William 1887-1964. Botanist. Jamaica specialist. Co-author, with Rev CS Morton, LCC Nicholson, and WB Edwards, of ‘Jamaica – Its Postal History, Postage Stamps, and Postmarks‘ [1928]. Also collected ‘Specimen’ stamps. Hon Treasurer PCGB, 1932-59, then Hon Life member. President Chippenham P.S. for 10 years. Founder President of British West Indies Study Circle. Hon Life Member Jamaica P.S. RDP 1952.

COLLINS, Ernest Howard d.1927 age 67. Company director. Hon Treasurer RPSL 1922-27. His extensive general collection was auctioned by Plumridge & Co in 12 sales on 27 days, in 1928-29. It included Saxony 1850 3pf pair on piece; two examples of France 1849 lfr tête-bêche, each on piece; Great Britain 1867 one pound unused; Cape of Good Hope 1d blue Woodblock error on piece; Trinidad 1847 Lady McLeod on cover; Western Australia 4d blue with inverted frame (ex Ferrary); etc. The last was offered “without any guarantee whatever”, and realised £350. In the Ferrary sale five years earlier, it had realised about £1000.

COOPER, Sir Daniel 1821-1902. One of the founders of, and first President of RPSL 1869-78. Joined commercial firm in Sydney, 1843. Speaker of New South Wales, 1856-59. Returned to England in 1859 and became Agent-General for New South Wales. Baronet, 1863. KCMG 1880. GCMG 1890. From 1861 he built up a fine collection of Australia which he sold in 1878 to FA Philbrick for £3000, the first four-figure price for a collection.

CORFIELD, William Wilmot 1859-1919. Educated King Edward’s School, Birmingham. Accountant. Specialised in India and Ceylon. Went to Calcutta, 1886. Author of ‘Dak Dicta‘ [1911], and, with CSF Crofton, ‘The Adhesive Fiscal and Telegraph Stamps of British India‘ [1905]. Council Member RPSL, 1911. Curator of that Society’s Adhesive Collection. Briefly editor of the London Philatelist, following death of MP Castle. Edited ‘Philatelic World‘ (Calcutta) 1894-97, and ‘Philatelic Journal of India‘ 1898. Hon Secretary & Treasurer, Philatelic Society of India 1897-1909, and afterwards Vice-President. Curator of Indian National Stamp Collection in Victoria Museum, Calcutta.

CRANE, Arthur Osbert 1897-1969. Philatelic writer. Books included ‘Postage Stamps and the Empire’s Story‘ [1936], ‘Practical Stamp Collecting‘ [1939], ‘Rex Priced Catalogue of the Postage Stamps of King George VI‘ [1943], ‘Stamp Cavalcade‘ [1944], ‘Varieties to Look For in British Empire Stamps‘ [1948], and ‘Money in Postage Stamps‘ [1949].

CRAWFORD and BALCARRES, Earl of, KT FRS 1847-1913. Started collecting about 1900. His holding of Italian States was later the foundation of the famous Alphonse Rothschild collection. President RPSL 1910-13. Most of his stamps had been sold prior to his death, but he still had 100 volumes of Great Britain and USA. His article on Benjamin Cheverton, an entrant in the Treasury Competition of 1839, was reprinted from the London Philatelist in 1910. His magnificent philatelic library, catalogued by ED Bacon, was bequeathed to the nation, except for duplicate items given to RPSL. The Crawford Medal, silver-gilt, instituted in his memory by RPSL, was first awarded in 1920. The British Library now holds his collection of philatelic literature.

CRAWFORD, Capt Charles Wispington Glover CBE RN 1873-1934. Joint Hon Librarian RPSL 1921-34 and Member of Council and Expert Committee. Contributed articles on Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, New Zealand, China, and Nicaragua to various journals. His paper, ‘Reflections on Modern Philately‘ read at PCGB Harrogate 1921. Part-author of ‘The Postage Stamps, Envelopes, Wrappers, Postcards, and Telegraph Forms of Queensland‘ published by RPSL in 1930. RDP 1934.

CREEKE, Anthony Buck 1860-1932. Solicitor. Edited Stamp Collectors’ Fortnightly and British Philatelist. Co-author, with HE Wright, of ‘A History of the Adhesive Stamps of the British Isles Available for Postal and Telegraph Purposes‘ [1899]. Author of a supplement to the foregoing [1904]. Also wrote ‘Stamp Collecting – A Guide for Beginners‘ [1914]. Hon Librarian to Junior Philatelic Society. Compiled an index to 800 philatelic journals in the English language from 1862 to 1928.

CROFTON, Charles Stanhope Foster 1873-1909. Educated Harrow. Employed in Indian Civil Service. Edited Philatelic Journal of India. Co-author, with WW Corfield, of ‘The Adhesive Fiscal and Telegraph Stamps of British India‘ [1905]. Compiled, with LLR Hausburg and C Stewart-Wilson, RPSL handbook ‘The Postage and Telegraph Stamps of British India‘ [1907] (the section on telegraph stamps was chiefly written by him). Wrote with BG Jones ‘The Fiscal and Telegraph Stamps of Ceylon‘ [1911].

CROOM-JOHNSON, Sir Reginald Powell 1879-1957. Judge in King’s Bench Division of High Court. Philatelic editor of The Bazaar. Specialised in first issue of British Solomon Islands. Wrote ‘Postage Stamp Collecting‘ [1921] and ‘Stamps of Solomon Islands‘ [1928], English and French editions.

CROUCH, Guy Robert MC TD DL 1890-1956. Solicitor. Student of postmarks and air posts of Great Britain. His numerous writings included ‘Notes on Early British Postmarks 1790-1820‘; ‘The Uniform Fourpenny Post Office Stamps‘; ‘The First PD Marks‘; ‘The Additional Halfpenny Mark‘; ‘First Scots Bishop Mark of 1693-1720‘; ‘The History of the British Army Post Office‘; ‘Army Post Offices on Manoeuvres and Elsewhere 1910-37‘; ‘Letters from the British Army in Holland‘; ‘British Army P.O. in Egypt 1882-85‘; ‘The Army Postal Service 1799-1854‘; ‘British Army Field P.O.s. 1939-41‘; ‘The Predecessors of the British Postage Due Stamps‘; ‘British Late Fee Postmarks‘; ‘Postage Meter Frank Stamps‘; ‘Postal Franks‘; and ‘British Army Field P.O.s. 1939-50‘ (with Norman Hill). RDP 1955.

CUMMINGS, Rev Alfred James Hayman d.1927 age 85. Specialised in Great Britain 1840-1900. Author of the standard work ‘The College Stamps of Oxford and Cambridge – A Study of their history and use from 1870 to 1886, exemplified by reference to Original Letters and Collections‘ [1904].

CURLE, James Herbert d.1942 in Vancouver, Br Columbia. Awarded medals in Vienna and Johannesburg, and Tilleard Medal in 1934 for his displays of Transvaal. Co-author with AE Basden of ‘Transvaal Postage Stamps‘ [1940], for which they received Crawford Medal. The authors added many varieties to the Transvaal listings in the Stanley Gibbons catalogue. Curle bequeathed his collection to the Africana Museum, Johannesburg.


DALSTON, Thomas Edwin b. London 1845. Author of ‘How to Detect Forged Stamps‘, Gateshead, Bath & Leamington, 1865. Edited The Stamp Collector’s Examiner (Leamington) [1865]. Published ‘The North of England Stamp Review and Advertiser’ [1864] (five numbers). Described himself as “a solicitor’s clerk, afterwards a play actor”.

DALWICK (previously DALWIGK), Robert Elgar Richard 1889-1971. Journalist and dealer. Specialist in War and Air stamps, and colonial rarities. Founder and editor of Stamp Collecting, and published The Air Post Collector. Wrote handbooks on Egypt, Gambia, Togo, Virgin Islands, and Prince Edward Island. Also, with DB Armstrong, ‘Stamps for Beginners, a Popular Guide‘ [1913], and with CHC Harmer, ‘Newfoundland Airmails 1919-39‘ [1953]. Awarded medals in London and Paris.

DANIELS, James Herbert 1863-1936. Resided in Brighton. Wrote ‘A History of British Postmarks‘ [1898]. An inveterate collector of matchbox labels. Secretary to the Postmark Club.

DANN, Henry Charles 1863-1948. Specialist in Rhodesia and Nyasaland. Wrote ‘The Romance of the Post Offices of Rhodesia and their Postmarks‘ [1940], and ‘The Cancellations of the Rhodesias and Nyasaland‘ [1950]. Edited Rhodesia in the Regent Stamp Catalogue, published by Robson Lowe. When Dann was in Bordeaux in 1884, a woman who ran a small tobacconist’s shop offered him what she described as two rare stamps. They were one each of the 1d and 2d ‘Post Office’ Mauritius, for which she wanted 300 francs (then equivalent to £12). Unfortunately he did not have the price available.

DANSON, Lt Col John Raymond MC 1893-1976. Average adjuster. Had collection of Sudan (19 vols), and Egypt (10 vols), and contributed to various journals about these countries. Succeeded Dr William Byam as leader of the Egypt Study Circle. He also had a colonial collection which was auctioned by Robson Lowe in 1971, and comprised The Nigerias, West and East Africa, British West Indies, South Africa, British Asia, and British Europe. His Egypt and Sudan were auctioned by Robson Lowe in 1977. Founder member of Society of Postal Historians.

DARLOW, John James 1873-1951. Originally with Bright & Son, and later a dealer on his own account in stamps of Palestine and Transjordan only. Hon Secretary first PCGB Manchester 1909. Council Member BPA. His monograph ‘Transjordan – A Straightforward Collection‘ was reprinted from the London Philatelist in 1932. Also collected St Lucia. Assisted in compilation of Palestine and Transjordan entries in ‘The Encyclopaedia of British Empire Postage Stamps Volume III‘. Author, with FA Bellamy, of a ‘History of the PCGB 1909-12‘.

DAVIE, John Hunter d.1888 age 45. Compiled with HJ Bellars ‘The Standard Guide to Postage Stamp Collecting‘ London, 1864. According to Miss AL Fenton, he was an assistant in a music shop.

DAWSON, Lionel Edward 1900-1976. Studied India and Indian Feudatory States, for which he received international awards. Edited Philatelic Journal of India 1934-44. Author of ‘The One Anna and Two Annas Stamps of India 1854-55‘ [1948] for which awarded Crawford Medal, 1950. Tilleard Medal, 1955, for Indian Feudatory States. Co-author with EA Smythies of ‘Jammu and Kashmir Simplified‘ [1937]; with Smythies and HDS Haverbeck ‘Nepal‘ [1952]. RDP 1961.

DE WORMS, Baron Anthony Denis Maurice George 1869-1938. The family owned coffee estates in Ceylon and he inherited a collection of Ceylon stamps from his father in 1912. Also collected British West Africa. Awarded medals for Ceylon in London 1897, Berlin 1930, and awarded Tilleard Medal in 1932. President Brighton and Sussex P.S. RDP 1921. His Ceylon collection was auctioned in a four-day sale by HR Harmer in 1938.

DE WORMS, Percy George (brother of Baron Anthony de Worms) 1873-1941. Barrister. Member of Council and Expert Committee RPSL. Hon Librarian there, 1935-41. Tapling Medal 1927 for ‘The Local Surcharges of Ceylon 1885‘. Wrote history of the first fifty years of RPSL in 1919. Edited Ceylon in the Regent Stamp Catalogue, published by Robson Lowe. His work on the Perkins Bacon Records was published posthumously in 1953 (906 pp.) RDP 1928.

DIBDEN, William George Stitt 1916-1966. Had collection of Great Britain postal history from 1400 to date, in 200 albums. Awarded Melville Cup for best philatelic research article, 1955. Founder and Secretary Wembley P.S., Vice-President Postal History Society, 1964. His writings included ‘The Newspaper Branch Killers‘ [1951]; ‘Wembley and the Posts‘ [1954]; ‘London Date Stamp Code‘ [1958]; ‘The Hey Dolphin Machines of Great Britain‘ (with JWA Lowder) [1959]; ‘The Post Office 1635-1720‘ [1960]; ‘Stamford Postal History‘ (with L Tebbutt) [1961]; ‘A Priced Catalogue of British Exhibitions‘ [1962]; ‘The Additional Halfpenny Tax 1813-39‘ [1963]; ‘Postage Rates of H. M. Forces 1795-1899‘ [1963]; ‘Squared Circle Postmarks‘ [1964]; and ‘400 Years of Anglo-Dutch Mail‘ [1965]. Author of some 300 articles on British postal history.

DUERST, George Bartholomew d.1923 age 61. Commercial traveller. Edited Philatelic Journal of Great Britain 1897-99. Co-author, with WD Beckton, of handbook on Greece [1897], and of articles in Philatelic Journal of Great Britain on Rumania. Also wrote on Egypt and Alsace Lorraine. Founded Hanover P.S. Vice-President Manchester P.S.

DUVEEN, Sir Geoffrey Edgar 1883-1975. Son of Henry Joseph Duveen, whose famous general collection he inherited (see CJ Phillips). He retained the Gibraltar section, which was the basis of his ‘Postage Stamps of Gibraltar‘ published in 1932. Charles Nissen was responsible for the Addendum, dealing with Gibraltar postmarks on British Stamps


EARÉE, Rev Robert Brisco 1846-1928. Educated Cockermouth Grammar School. Priest 1871. Succeeded WD Atlee and EL Pemberton as writer of ‘The Spud Papers‘ (concerning forgeries) in The Philatelist. Philatelic editor of The Bazaar [1875]. Compiled the classic ‘Album Weeds or How to Detect Forged Stamps‘ [1882] (3rd edition 1906). RDP 1921.

EARL, William Henry 1850-1926. Chartered Accountant. Specialist in Great Britain, Solomon Islands, France, Gilbert and Ellice Islands, Papua, and USA. Donated series of Great Britain Queen Victoria ½d vermilion controls to Tapling Collection in British Museum. Contributed ‘History of the First Postage Stamp’ to English Journal of Philately [1878].

EASTON, John 1895-1967. Master printer. Had mint reference collection of British Commonwealth and Empire. Wrote ‘British Postage Stamp Design‘ [1943], ‘The De La Rue History of British and Foreign Postage Stamps 1855-1901‘ [1958], for which he received the Crawford Medal, and ‘Postage Stamps in the Making‘ (a revision of Fred J Melville’s 1916 book of the same name) [1949]. Edited, with Arnold M Strange, ‘Perkins Bacon Records‘ [1953], based on the work of PG de Worms. Edited with KM Beaumont, revised edition of ‘The Postage Stamps of Great Britain, Part III‘ [1964]. RDP 1960.

EDINBURGH, Alfred Ernest Albert, Duke of 1844-1900. Son of Queen Victoria. When it became known that he was keenly interested in philately, he was invited by the Philatelic Society, London, to open the Jubilee Philatelic Exhibition to be held in London in 1890. He attended the inaugural ceremony on 20th May in that year, and exhibited stamps from his own collection. In 1890 he also agreed to become the Society’s first Honorary President, and held that position until his death. Part of his collection was displayed in the class for rare stamps at the London Exhibition of 1897. Shortly before his death he sold the collection to the Prince of Wales (later King Edward VII) who passed it to Prince George of Wales, afterwards King George V. The Duke had already referred to the latter’s enthusiasm for the hobby on the occasion of the Exhibition in 1890.

EDMUNDS, Herbert Weston 1880-1954. Lloyd’s underwriter. Collected Tuscany, Hanover, and Oldenburg. Tapling Medal for Tuscany in 1937. Tilleard Medal for Oldenburg, 1944. Council Member RPSL 1937, President 1950-53.

EDWARDS, William Buckland MBE 1871-1962. Educated Mill Hill. Analytical chemist. Collected Jamaica, New Zealand, and South West Africa. Co-author, with LCC Nicholson, GW Collett, and Rev CS Morton of ‘Jamaica – Its Postal History, Postage Stamps, and Postmarks‘ 1928. Edited The Philatelic Circular. President City of London P.S. 1906-09 and 1922-25.

ELLIOT, Wilfrid Thompson 1879-1957. Headmaster, Palace School, Bewdley. Collected Newfoundland and Papua. Unusual cancellations on stamps, errors, and varieties. Wrote ‘Philatelic Magazine Handbook No.3 (Papua)‘, 1922. Hon Secretary Birmingham P.S.

ERSKINE, Gerald Brian 1895-1972. Publisher. Collected New Zealand and Dependencies, Greece, and Dominican Republic. Founder member New Zealand Society of Great Britain. President BPA. Published for PCGB ‘A Glossary of Philatelic Terms‘ [1951], and ‘Background to Philately‘ [1953]. Compiled ‘Approaches to Philately‘ [1950]. Hon Editor Strand Stamp Journal from 1957, and for the publications of the International Stamp Exhibition, London 1960.

EVANS, Major Edward Benjamin RA 1846-1922. Educated Uppingham. Council Member RPSL and Member of Expert Committee. His first article ‘On Stamp Collecting‘ was published in the North of England Stamp Review and Advertiser, in November 1864. In 1878 he sent a paper on Mauritius to the Congrès International des Timbrophiles, Paris, for which he was awarded highest prize by Société Française de Timbrologie. Compiled in 1882, for Pemberton, Wilson & Co ‘A Catalogue for Collectors‘, and in 1891 a similar catalogue for CH Mekeel Publishing Co in USA. Also published a new edition (and two supplements) of EL Pemberton’s Philatelic Handbook, a treatise on the ‘Mulready and its Caricatures‘ [1891], and ‘Stamps and Stamp Collecting‘ for young collectors [1894]. Edited Stanley Gibbons Monthly Journal 1890-1914, and the last five volumes of Gibbons Stamp Weekly. Notable contributor to Part II of ‘The Postage Stamps of the British Colonies, Possessions, and Protectorates in Africa‘ [1900] particularly for Mauritius. Had been stationed in Mauritius and bought there 1d ‘Post Office’ on cover. His collection was dispersed in about 1885 when the cover and other items were acquired by TK Tapling. After 1885, specialised in Confederate States, the Mulready, and Indian Native States. Chairman of Permanent Executive Committee of PCGB, 1911-19. Served as judge at London Philatelic Exhibitions 1890, 1897, and 1906. Lindenberg Medal, 1908. RDP 1921.

EVANS, John Morton 1871-1956. Physician. Tilleard Medal 1953 for British Guiana 1860-75. Plated the Victoria half lengths, and typeset British Guiana of 1882. Also studied Transvaal. Council Member RPSL. President and founder member of Bristol and Clifton P.S. RDP 1935.

EVANS, Thomas David Fabian MRCS d.1938 age 87. His collection, which he never exhibited, was bequeathed to the Birmingham City Museum and Art Gallery. It comprises some 44,000 stamps on 1981 pages. A short guide to it was compiled by FE Wilson. The Great Britain section is the most important and includes a mint copy of the Edward VII 10/- I.R. Official. The foreign section contains the Saxony 1850 3pf on complete wrapper, and the USA Columbian Exposition 4c deep blue, error of colour. This collection is considered by some to be the best general one in public ownership, other than the Tapling Collection.

EWEN, Herbert L’Estrange d.1912 age 36. Stamp dealer at Swanage in 1890s, and later at Norwood, London S.E. Published from 1893 ‘Priced Catalogue of the Stamps and Postmarks of the United Kingdom‘. Author of ‘Railway Letter Stamps, and Railway, Newspaper, and Parcel Stamps‘ [1906]. Published from 1895 the monthly English Specialists’ Journal. His collection of railway letter stamps of the period from 1891 to 1912, with sheets, proofs, and covers was given to the British Museum in 1949, and is now in the British Library.


FENTON, Miss Adelaide Lucy d. 1897 age 72. From 1863 contributed many articles to the Stamp Collector’s Magazine and The Philatelist, under the noms de plume of Herbert Camoens and Fentonia. Resided in Clifton, Bristol and possessed a substantial philatelic library, including complete sets of the Stamp Collector’s Magazine and The Philatelist. These two sets, with many annotations by her, were acquired by RPSL in 1909.

FERGUSON, Arthur D. FRMS d.1928 age 59. Bank official. British Guiana and British West Indies specialist, and received international awards. Edited British Guiana Philatelic Journal from its inception in 1906. Founder (1903), and Secretary British Guiana P.S. RDP 1923.

FIELD, David 1871-1926. Dealer in Bond St, London 1899, and later in Vigo St. Published the West-End Philatelist, A Priced Catalogue of Air Mail stamps and Air Posts of the World, and other handbooks. Dealt especially in War Stamps and wrote ‘Allied Postage Stamps of the Great War and After‘ [1923]. The business was continued by his widow, Edith Field, herself a medal-winning philatelist, and Chairman of PCGB Torquay 1930.

FIELD, Francis John 1895-1992. For seventy years a student of airpost history and aerophilately. In 1921 he founded the firm of Francis J Field Ltd, dealing specially in air stamps. At Birmingham, in May 1923, he gave the first British philatelic talk on radio. He compiled ‘A Commercial and Historical Atlas of the World’s Airways‘ [1925], and was co-author, with NC Baldwin, of ‘The Coronation Aerial Post 1911‘ [1934]. Works published by his firm included : ‘British Air Mails – A Chronology of the Air Posts of Great Britain and Ireland‘ [1935], ‘Air Mail Labels (Etiquettes)‘, ‘The Blitz Book‘ [1942], ‘Great Britain and Ireland – Catalogue of Internal Air Mails 1910-41‘ compiled by NC Baldwin [1942], ‘World Air Posts – A concise priced summary of the Air Post and Aviation Souvenirs of about 200 countries‘ [1948], ‘British Air Mail Society Souvenir‘ [1971], and from 1926 the house magazine ‘The Aero Field‘. President Aerophilatelic Federation and Streetly P.S. Named in Roll of Honour of Birmingham P.S. RDP 1968.

FIELD, Thomas Edwin b. 1905. Collection comprised Great Britain Coronation Air Post 1911, the African Air route to 1939, the Australian Air route to 1939, and Irish postal history, including Great Britain used in Ireland. President Australian Commonwealth Specialists Society of Great Britain, Postal History Society, Yorkshire Philatelic Association, Huddersfield P.S., Wakefield P.S. Founder member Society of Postal Historians.

FIRTH, Oliver d.1913 age 52. Resided at Baildon, Yorks. Author of ‘Postage Stamps and their Collection‘ [1897]. President Leeds P.S. and Bradford P.S.

FISHER, Harold Wolf 1903-1986. Regular contributor to Philatelic Journal of Great Britain 1964-79. His Gold medal collection of Great Britain essays, die proofs, and colour trials from 1837 was exhibited at several international exhibitions. Grand Award at London 1970 for best Great Britain exhibit. His outstanding contribution to philately was the development of the Roland Brown concept of a plating system based on the precise pin-pointing of the corner letter positions of the QV 1d line engraved issues, on which he published five volumes 1972-85 (Crawford Medal). President GBPS 1974-76. RDP 1981.

FLEMING, George William Thomas Hunter MRCS LRCP d.1962 age 67. Student of Great Britain 1840-41 and pre-1840 postmarks. A veteran plater. Received international awards for his 1841 1d reds. Also collected Belgium. Founder of British Postmark Society.

FLETCHER, Henry George Leslie LDS RCS 1897-1982. Had general collection of Great Britain, but including reconstruction of plate numbers, and study of repairs to plates. Specialised Eire, with varieties, essays, controls, etc. Local stamps of all countries. Forgeries, especially postal. Hon Curator of forgery collection at Junior Philatelic Society. Author of ‘Postal Forgeries of the World‘ [1972]. President Cinderella Stamp Club. Received Thomas Edwin Field Award for services to Irish philately, 1978.

FLOYD, Dr Ernest William d.1930 age 54. Specialist in line-engraved Great Britain. Also collected British Levant, Confederate States, Bergedorf, Heligoland, Modena, and Barbados. Contributor to various journals and received international awards. Compiled, with Hubert Selwyn Hodson, Philatelic Magazine handbook on Line-Engraved Alphabets [1922]. RDP 1927.

FORRESTER-WOOD, William Rodney FRCS 1902-1960. Authority on stamps and postal history of Sarawak. Tapling Medal, 1952, for the ‘First Issue of Sarawak of March 1st 1869’, and ‘Sarawak – The Three Cents stamp of 1871. A Study of the Plating and Method of Production’. Wrote ‘The Stamps and Postal History of Sarawak‘ 1957 (Crawford Medal 1959). President Sarawak Specialists’ Society.

FULCHER, Lionel William d.1945 age 79. Assistant Keeper, Science Museum, South Kensington. Hon Librarian RPSL, 1902-28. Associated with FJ Peplow in editing the Philatelic Record. Plated first two issues of Japan with Peplow. Co-author with TW Hall of a handbook on Venezuela [1924]. They also wrote studies of Peru. Edited, with F Stanley Phillips, Stanley Gibbons Monthly Journal. Wrote monograph on Roman States, 1912. Active member of Fiscal Philatelic Society, and contributor to its Bulletin. Vice-President International Philatelic Union. RDP 1921.


GARTH, Douglas 1852-1900. Son of Sir Richard Garth. Solicitor. Hon Secretary RPSL, 1888-94. Member of Exhibition Committee 1890. An early promoter of stamp auctions, in particular those held by Thomas Bull, Chancery Lane, London from 1888. Had notable collections of India and British Guiana. Awarded gold medal for India at London International Exhibition 1890.

GEORGE V 1865-1936. President RPSL 1896-1910 (when Duke of York). Patron 1910-36. Displayed Trinidad, Turks Islands, Bermuda, and British Guiana at the Society’s second Exhibition 1893. Showed 800 imperforate stamps of Great Britain at an exhibition arranged by the Society in 1894, and hors concours, at London International Exhibition 1897, imprimaturs, rare essays, and proofs. In 1904 he read to the Society his ‘Notes on the Postal Issues of the United Kingdom during the Present Reign‘. He appointed JA Tilleard ‘Philatelist to His Majesty’ 1910, who was succeeded by ED Bacon in 1913. Entered on the RDP in 1921 as ‘Premier Philatelist of the World, and First Signatory to the Roll’, at which time his British Empire collection comprised 350 volumes.

GERRISH, William Ewart Ebenezer OBE 1898-1978. Educated Westminster. Researched and plated early Netherlands. Tapling Medal for ‘Holland 1872 to 1891 – A Study in Serration’ 1955, and for ‘Netherlands 1876’ 1965. Also studied German States, particularly cancellations. Gained international awards from 1950. Received Costerus Medal from Stamp Union of Netherlands for scientific research in 1956. President RPSL 1956-61. First President of Society of Postal Historians, and President Kingston P.S., Director of London Stamp Club Ltd 1926-30. RDP 1958.

GIBBONS, Edward Stanley 1840-1913. Born in Plymouth, and began dealing in stamps there about 1856, in his father’s pharmacy shop. Made the famous purchase for £5 of a kitbag of triangular Capes from two sailors, 1863. President Plymouth Literary Association, 1866. Published albums and catalogues etc. Started business in London, 1874. Based in Gower Street from 1876. Retired in 1890 and went on world tour. The business was then acquired by CJ Phillips.

GILBERT, John Henry Edwards 1901-1974. Collector of Egyptian adhesives, postal history and airmails, and postal history of Southwark. Received international awards for Egyptian material, 1950-56. Chairman of Egypt Study Circle. Member of Council RPSL and Curator of its museum. President Society of Postal Historians, and Herts P.S. RDP 1971.

GILBERT-LODGE, Leicester James 1882-1966. Surveyor. Prospected for gold in Western Australia and later lived in Chile. Specialised in St Vincent and Grenada, for which he gained international awards, and Tilleard Medal, 1952. Joint editor, with AJ Sefi, of the first PCGB Yearbook, 1928. Hon Secretary RPSL 1926-61. RDP 1954.

GILL, Evan Robertson 1892-1968. Specialist collector of Papua and Canada. Studied line-engraved issues of British New Guinea and lithographed issues of Papua, gaining international awards from 1950. President Liverpool P.S. Contributor to ‘The Postmarks of British New Guinea and Papua to 1942‘, by Hamilton Crocker [1956].

GILL, Leonard Upcott 1846-1919. Published at 170 Strand, London, The Bazaar, Exchange and Mart for which RB Earée and other philatelists acted at various times as philatelic editors. He also published ‘Postage Stamps and their Collection‘ by O Firth [1897], ‘A History of British Postmarks‘ by JH Daniels [1898], and ‘The Adhesive Postage Stamps of Europe‘ by WAS Westoby, 2 vols [1898 and 1900] (based on articles which had appeared in the Bazaar). The Commissioners of Inland Revenue took legal proceedings against Gill for being in possession of a printing block for illustrating a current Cape of Good Hope stamp in Firth’s book. The outcome was that most of the illustrations of colonial stamps in the book had to be defaced.

GINGER, George d.1938 age 76. Builder. President Manchester Junior P.S., and Vice-President Manchester P.S. Had fine collection of New South Wales with special attention to cancellations. Tapling Medal, 1930. Awarded medals in London, Paris, New York, Le Havre, and Vienna. Edited New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Tasmania, in the Regent Stamp Catalogue published by Robson Lowe. RDP 1934. His collection of Victoria 1850-1883 was donated to the Manchester Museum and is on loan to the British Library.

GISBURN, Harold Gordon Dundonald d.1956 age 55. Civil servant. Co-author, with GS Thompson, of ‘Stamps and Posts of the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan‘ [1946]. Wrote manuals on Bahamas, 1950, and British Solomon Islands, 1956. Received international awards.

GODDEN, Lewis Sidney Frank MBE d.1954 age 77. Dealer in Strand, London from 1912, latterly with son, Frank Ambrose Godden. Expert in arranging and writing-up collections, notably the Calcutta Victoria Memorial collection of India and Native States. Organised philatelic section of British Empire Exhibition 1924. Founder member BPA. Issued monthly ‘Godden’s Gazette‘ from 1933. Published HC Dann’s ‘The Romance of the Posts of Rhodesia‘ [1940]. President London International Stamp Dealers Bourse, 1928-30. British Commissioner for many international exhibitions and took official exhibits abroad. Presented Special Gold Medal for award by PCGB. RDP 1946.

GOODFELLOW, Benjamin 1864-1946. Solicitor. Awarded medals internationally for Norway and New Zealand. Tapling Medal for Norway, 1924. Vice-President RPSL, 1934. His discoveries in the stamps of Prince Edward Island were incorporated in Gibbons’ catalogue. Judge at international exhibitions. Corresponding member of L’Académie de Philatélie. Contributed to articles on Persia in Philatelic Journal of Great Britain. President Southport P.S. and Manchester P.S. Translated the work of Justus Anderssen on various issues of Norway. Edited jointly, with Augustus Wallace Macgregor, sectional catalogue of Malay States. Awarded Congress Cup at PCGB Newcastle 1920 for his paper ‘Status of Perforations in Philately‘. Chairman PCGB Manchester 1934. Articles by him were reprinted from the London Philatelist: ‘Norway – 4 skill. 1863-66′ [1923], and ‘New Zealand First Type – Notes on Postal Cancellations‘ [1923], ‘New Zealand First Type – Notes on Postal Cancellations‘ [1925]. Possessed entire sheet of 240 of New Zealand 2d vermilion, 1871. Edited New Zealand in Regent Stamp Catalogue published by Robson Lowe. RDP 1923.

GOULD, Miss Agnes Ellen LLA (Lady Literate in Arts) 1896-1990. Specialised in Airmails, and aircraft on stamps, all identified, and often traced to original source of design. Awarded Junior Philatelic Society Cup 1947 and 2nd prize at National Stamp Exhibition 1955 for thematic collection ‘French Literature on Stamps’. Wrote ‘Native Races of the Stamp Album‘ [1935], ‘Literature and Stamps‘ [1936], ‘Land Transport in the Stamp Album‘ [1936]. ‘Cycling and Postage Stamps‘, and ‘Postage Stamps and the Bible Story‘ [1968]. Contributed several hundred articles to philatelic journals in Great Britain and the USA

GRANT, Bernhard Shirley Henniker 1887-1966. Gained awards internationally for Falkland Islands and Iceland Experimental Airmails 1930-50. Wrote ‘The Postage Stamps of the Falkland Islands & Dependencies‘ [1952]. President Maidstone P.S. and Kent Federation. First President of BPA, 1949. RDP 1940.

GRAVESON, Samuel 1868-1957. Printer. Specialised in British postal history. Editor of Postal History Society Bulletin, 1936-47. Author of ‘Ocean Penny Post‘ (the pictorial envelopes issued following Elihu Burritt’s proposal of 1850). Responsible for article on the postal reforms of 1840 in ‘The Penny Postage Centenary‘ [1940], and the section on telegraph and telephone stamps in Robson Lowe’s Encyclopaedia of British Empire Postage Stamps, Vol.1. Author of ‘British Mails in Madagascar 1883-1895‘ [1936]. RDP 1948.

GRAY, Donald Christopher OBE d.1962 age 80. Solicitor. Had extensive collection of Netherlands from 1852 to date, with 1852 issues almost completely plated. Tilleard Medal 1937 and Gold medal, London 1950. Also collected Norway, early Luxembourg, India 1854, Switzerland 1854-62, Italian States, and early Great Britain, particularly on cover. Died while bringing covers for display at RPSL during severe weather in January 1962. His collection of Netherlands and Colonies was presented to the Society, and his other holdings were auctioned by HR Harmer in that year.

GRAY, Dr John Edward FRS 1800-1875. Educated at St Bartholomew’s and Middlesex Hospitals. Zoological Keeper at British Museum 1840-74. Compiled ‘A Hand Catalogue of Postage Stamps‘ [1862], based on a series of articles which he had written in ‘Young England‘. There were seven editions (see also GO Taylor).

GREEN, Doris Mary 1904-1999. Had fine collection of the Saar and its postal history from mid 18th century. International awards 1946-50, and Saar Medal, 1955, for research on construction of the 1924 booklets. Contributed numerous articles to philatelic press from 1939. Also collected Belgian Congo, Greetings Telegrams of Great Britain, and postmarks, labels etc of PCGB. Member of Permanent Executive Committee of PCGB 1946-63, and awarded Congress Medal in the latter year. President and founder member Hampstead P.S. RDP 1970. Her husband, Harry Green (b.1901), was a specialist in Belgian philately and also was awarded the Congress Medal.

GREENWOOD, Charles Herbert b.1887. Schoolmaster until 1912, then dealer as manager for David Field. Edited West-End Philatelist. Wrote ‘Togo – The Stamps of the British and French Occupations‘ [1916] (WEP Handbook No 11). ‘The Provisional Issues of the Postage Stamps of Mafia‘ [1930] (WEP handbook No 12). Co-author, with DB Armstrong, of ‘War Stamps of the Allies‘ [1920]. President Hastings P.S. Founder member and Hon Secretary Huddersfield P.S.

GRIEBERT, Hugo 1869-1924. London dealer. Published Griebert’s Philatelic Notes and Offers, 1908-1921. Wrote ‘A Study of the Stamps of Uruguay‘ [1910], and ‘The Stamps of Spain 1850-54‘ [1919]. Received Crawford Medal for the latter, 1920. Disposed of his stock to Stanley Gibbons Ltd, 1920. RDP 1921.

GRINDALL, Henry d.1947 age 85. Editor of Stamp Collector in the 1890s. Hon Secretary PCGB Birmingham 1929. President Birmingham P.S.

GROOM, Thomas Theodore 1863-1943. Professor of Natural History. An authority on Greek stamps, about which he contributed various articles to the Philatelic Journal of Great Britain, 1916-34. Author of ‘Prince Edward Island – The Twopenny Value‘, (reprinted from the London Philatelist) [1940]. He bequeathed his collection of the Large Hermes Heads of Greece, in 43 volumes, to RPSL.

GROVES, Geoffrey William 1897-1967. Civil servant. Held specialised collections of Malta, Leeward Islands, and Windward Islands. Particular interest in maritime philately and postmarks. Curator at Society of Postal Historians. Chairman Admiralty P.S. and President Wallington P.S. Member of Permanent Executive Committee of PCGB.

GRUMBRIDGE, Jack Louis OBE PhD 1908-1970. Personnel director, British European Airways. Specialist in postal history of Gilbert and Ellice Islands. Also collected El Salvador. Founder member of Society of Postal Historians and editor for many years of its journal ‘Postscript‘. Chairman BPA. President Willesden P.S. Contributed papers to PCGB. Author of ‘Introduction to Stamps‘ [1951].


HADLOW, William FAI 1861-1931. Held his first stamp auction in 1891. Partner in Plumridge & Co 1916. Took leading part in Stamp Trade Protection Association and BPA. Member of Permanent Executive Committee of PCGB. A Queensland specialist, and also collected Austria, Siam, Transvaal, and Victoria. Regular contributor to Stamp Collectors’ Fortnightly 1890-1928, and wrote ‘Useful Hints for Stamp Collectors‘ [1933]. RDP 1930.

HALL, Thomas William 1861-1937. Solicitor. President RPSL 1923-29. Chairman of Expert Committee. Edited London Philatelist 1917-37. Awarded medals for Peru and Colombia. Tilleard Medal for early issues of Victoria, 1923. Tapling Medal for the 1858 issue of Peru, 1932. Plated the Express stamps of Samoa. Worked on reconstruction of Natal ‘Postage’ overprints. Sold his collection of Fiji so as to acquire Zanzibar, on which his study of type varieties of overprints was published in Part III of the RPSL volume on British Africa, 1906. Bought Leslie Hausburg’s collection on latter’s death in 1917. Co-author, with LW Fulcher, of ‘The Postage Stamps of Venezuela‘ [1924]. Lindenberg Medal, 1934. RDP 1921. Master of the Innholders Company. Gave his philatelic library to RPSL.

HAMILTON-SMITH, George ARW 1870-1926. Dealer as a boy in Clifton, 1882. Dealer in London 1893 in partnership with SE Gwyer. Bought Dr Viner’s collection. Committee Member of International Philatelic Union. Partner in Glendining & Co Auctioneers. His retail business amalgamated with Stanley Gibbons Ltd in 1905. Managing Director of that company from 1922, when he acquired the controlling interest from CJ Phillips. A keen collector of coins and medals.

HARLAND, Hubert Henry d.1938 age 67. Educated Whitgift School. Dealer, and founder of Croydon P.S. in 1906. Council Member Junior Philatelic Society. Specialist in Costa Rica, Brazil, and St Helena (gold medal). Wrote ‘Costa Rica, a Minor Plate Study‘ [1915].

HARMER, Cyril Henry Carrington 1903-1986. Son of HR Harmer, philatelic auctioneer. Joined the firm in 1921, and became Chairman and Managing Director in 1967. Enlarged his father’s collection of forgeries, and made important collections of Newfoundland Airmails, Great Barrier Pigeon Post, and Siege of Metz. Served on Executive Committee of London International Exhibitions 1950 and 1960. Judge in Johannesburg, 1960. Chairman, British Airmail Society, 1961. Wrote, with RER Dalwick, ‘Newfoundland Airmails 1919-1939‘ [1953]. Prisoner of War in WWII. RDP 1969.

HARMER, Henry Revell 1870-1966. Founded the well-known philatelic auction house, in which he was joined by his son, CHC Harmer, in 1921. Branches in New York and Sydney. Had important collection of Venezuela, part of which was shown by invitation at London International Exhibition 1950, and a reference collection of forgeries which was made available to BPA Expert Committee. Member of BPA Council. RDP 1948.

HARRIS, Albert Henry 1885-1945. Carried on business as Harris Publications Ltd. Editor and proprietor of Philatelic Magazine and Junior Stamp Magazine. Bought Philatelic Trader in 1926. Published ‘Who’s Who in Philately‘ [1914 (last edn.1937)]. Published Stamp Collectors’ Annual from 1929. Issued ‘The Standard Index to Philatelic Literature 1879-1925‘ [1931] and the Philatelic Magazine Handbooks. Compiled Catalogue of Meter Postage Stamps. Organised London Stamp Trade Bourse, of which he was Secretary.

HARRISON, Gilbert d.1894 age 36. Wrote, with FJHS Napier, ‘Portuguese India‘ [1893]. Had splendid collection of Afghanistan, and at the time of his death was preparing a work on that country to be published by RPSL. Awarded gold medal at London Exhibition 1890 for his Envelopes of the United States of America. A monograph on this topic that he had prepared was edited and completed by ED Bacon and published in 1895 under the title ‘The Nesbitt Stamped Envelopes and Wrappers of the United States of America‘.

HAUSBURG, Leslie Leopold Rudolph 1872-1917. Educated Clifton College. Hon Secretary RPSL 1913-17. Member of Expert Committee. Made plating studies of Victoria, Peru, Mexico, and Venezuela. Joint author with CSF Crofton and C Stewart-Wilson of RPSL Handbook on The Postage Stamps and Telegraph Stamps of British India, 1907. Vice-President Philatelic Society of India. His collection of India passed into the Royal Collection, 1916. When in New Zealand he discovered the original plates from which the first stamps of that country were printed. He was a leading tennis player.

HAWORTH, Charles Wilfrid Buckenham 1891-1960. Prolific writer on philately, and edited Stamp Collectors’ Fortnightly and Philatelic Journal of Great Britain. Collected Chile, Hedjaz, Ecuador, Guatemala, and Venezuela. His works included ‘How to Photograph Stamps‘ [1909], ‘The Waterlow Issues of Chile‘, ‘Chile – An Outline of the Postal Issues 1766-1919‘ [1919], and, with HL Sargent, ‘Postage Stamps of the Kingdom of the Hedjaz‘ [1922]. Closely associated with Fred J Melville, and prominent in instituting the Melville Memorial Awards made by PCGB. First winner of PCGB medal, 1959. Keeper of RDP Roll 1926-29.

HAYLER, Mrs. Daisy F. d.1935 age 42. Employed by David Field, the London dealers. As DF Warin, author of ‘The Postage Stamps of The Hejaz, Jeddah, and Nejd‘ [1926], and ‘The Postal Issues of Hejaz, Jeddah, and Nejd‘ [1927]. Her paper ‘Phases of Philately‘ read at PCGB Torquay 1930.

HAYMAN, Harry Lewis d.1927 age 77. A specialist in Airpost, for which he received highest award, London 1923. Also collected Belgian Congo, China, Hungary, Liberia, Mauritius, and Spain, and gained international awards. Sold his general collection for £4000 in 1898. Joint founder of Aero P.S. President Herts P.S. Donated silver cup for awarding by PCGB. Given Order of the Crown of Belgium, 1912. RDP 1921.

HEALEY, Edwin d.1921 age 54. Established as dealer in London, 1882. Had special stock of British West Indies. Published ‘Priced Catalogue of Stamps of Great Britain and Colonies‘ [1902] (10,000 copies). The firm later became Healey & Wise.

HENDY, John George 1857-1908. Born in Ireland, and worked there as a sorter on travelling post offices. Afterwards on staff of GPO London. Wrote ‘The History of the Early Postmarks of the British Isles……. to 1840‘ [1905], and ‘The History of the Postmarks of the British Isles 1840-76‘ [1909], both compiled “chiefly from official records”.

HEYGATE, Frank Lowick d.1953 age 80. Bank manager. Published and edited at Rushden, Northants the monthly ‘Stamps’, from 1897 to 1902 when it was merged with the Stamp Collectors’ Fortnightly.

HIGGINS, John Steele 1885-1973. Piano dealer. Gold and silver medals for his Great Britain. Also specialised in Indian Convention States. PCGB Medal, 1961. President Manchester P.S. and Manchester Junior P.S.

HIGLETT, George Allen 1860-1940. Chartered secretary. Wrote brochures on Colombia 1918 Issue [1923], the Turkey surcharged bisected provisionals of 1887 and 1890, and the Philatelic Magazine Handbook ‘Turkey – Random Notes‘. Gold medal for Turkey, London, 1923. Author of the comic series of Higlett Booklets on philately (bibliography by Gavin H Fryer, 1997). RDP 1925.

HILCKES, Harry 1864-1918. b. in Hamburg, settled in England, 1886. With Bright & Son, Bournemouth, 1890. Afterwards dealer in partnership with WB Kirkpatrick in London. Founded Stamp Collectors’ Fortnightly with PC Bishop in 1894. Translated and published in 1892 Dr Kalckhoff’s work on reprints. Compiled and edited ‘A Complete Priced Catalogue of the Postal and Telegraph Adhesives of Great Britain‘ [1894]. Published annually from 1894-95 ‘Hilckes‘ Auction Summary of Foreign Stamps‘. Hon Secretary of ‘Colonial English’ Exchange Club.

HILL, David Haworth 1851-1926 b. in Manchester. Emigrant to Australia 1858. Employed in Treasury Department, Melbourne from 1872. Specialist in stamps of Victoria. First President P.S. of Victoria, 1892. RDP 1921 (the first philatelist from Australia so honoured).

HILL, Norman b. 1903. Schoolmaster. Collected Great Britain TPOs and postal history; Royal Household mail; mobile post offices of the world; Blitz postal markings of Great Britain in World War II; Postal history of Rotherham; Clyde packet; and Holyhead and Kingstown packet. Received international awards from 1930. Wrote ‘Postal Markings of the Allies in Great Britain 1939-45‘, and ‘Airmail Etiquettes of the British Empire‘. With GR Crouch, ‘British Army Field Post Offices 1939-50‘.

HIND, Arthur 1856-1933. Educated Bradford Grammar School. Went to USA at the age of 24, and founded the Hind & Harrison Plush Co. Had famous world collection, which included the British Guiana 1856 1 cent black on magenta (ex Ferrary), 1d and 2d Post Office Mauritius on one cover (ex Argentiere), and Spain 1851 2 reales blue (error) in pair with 6 reales (ex Ferrary). Won medals internationally. After his death the United States stamps were auctioned in New York, and all other countries by HR Harmer in eleven sales during 1934 and 1935.

HINDE, William Cornall FAI d.1959 age 74. Specialist in Egypt, Switzerland, India used abroad, Nepal, Tibet, Burma, and Boer War postmarks. Received Albrecht Prize. President Manchester P.S. and Manchester Central P.S. Chairman PCGB Southport 1949. His India auctioned by Robson Lowe in 1957.

HINTON, Thomas Henry d.1928 age 74. Dealer and compiler of albums. Highest award and medal for stamps of British Empire at World’s Fair, Chicago 1893. Also received medals for his Great Britain. Author of ‘Hinton’s Hints on Stamp Collecting‘. Hon Secretary and Treasurer International Philatelic Union 1894-1919.

HOLLAND, Frank Charles 1902-1981. Great Britain student, particularly plating and postmarks. Wrote ‘Reserve Plate 17, Die II, Alphabet III‘, and ‘Introduction to British Postmark Collecting‘. Co-author, 1940, with RC Alcock, of the classic ‘Postmarks of Great Britain and Ireland being a Survey of British Postmarks from 1660 to 1940‘, with supplements, and ‘British Postmarks – A Short History and Guide‘. With RG Trail, wrote ‘The Sideways Duplex Cancellations of England and Wales‘ [1975].

HOLLICK, Richard 1853-1930. Pharmacist. Educated King Edward’s School, Birmingham. Founder and editor of Philatelic Chronicle 1893. Collected Leeward Islands, Jamaica, St Lucia, and Mexico. Chairman PCGB Birmingham 1911 and 1929. President Birmingham P.S. Wrote handbook on Leeward Islands, 1895.

HOLLIDAY, Robert d.1901 age 45. Chemical manufacturer. Bequeathed his 18 volume general collection to the Tolson Museum, Huddersfield, but had previously disposed of the Great Britain section. The collection is strong in local stamps, particularly those of Russia. It can be seen by prior appointment.

HOLMES, Henry Robert 1896-1989. Philatelic adviser to British Museum. Authority on Bermuda and Bechuanaland. Wrote ‘The Postage Stamps of Bermuda‘ [1932], ‘Stamps of the Private Byposts of Norway‘ [1938], ‘The Postage Stamps of Tibet’ [1941], and ‘The Postage Stamps, Postal Stationery, and Postmarks of the Bechuanalands‘ [1971]. His papers on the 1877 provisional issue of the Republic of Honduras, and the Postage Stamps of Griqualand West, were reprinted from the London Philatelist, which he edited 1946-54. Won silver medal at Jubilee International Exhibition 1912. Brandt Prize 1941. Corresponding member of L’Académie de Philatélie. President RPSL 1961-64. RDP 1953.

HOPKINS, Adrian Edmond MC d.1967 age 72. Collected Afghanistan, Ireland and British West Indies. Wrote handbooks on Leeward Islands [1918], Irish Free State, ‘Talks about Postage Stamps – Philately in Bristol‘ [1927], and ‘A History of Wreck Covers originating at sea, on land, and in the air‘ [1940]. Author, with HE Lobdell, of ‘Hong Kong and the Treaty Ports‘ [1949]. Published NL Stocken’s ‘Stamps of Great Price‘ [1932]. Dealer and for some years Chairman of Permanent Executive Committee of PCGB. President and founder member of Postal History Society. President Bath P.S. Chairman of PCGB Bath 1935, Bournemouth 1940, and London 1960. RDP 1947. Three times Mayor of Bath.

HOTSON, Sir John Ernest Buttery KCSI 1877-1944. Acting Governor of Bombay, 1931. India specialist. President P.S. of India. Edited Philatelic Journal of India 1923-28.

HUGEN, Ernest Frederick 1908-1980. Elected Hon Secretary to permanent Executive Committee of PCGB in 1947 and served in that capacity for 29 years until the merging of Congress with BPA in 1976. Designed Congress cancels and edited the Yearbooks. Was dedicated to Britain’s interests in philatelic affairs, and acted as British Commissioner for international exhibitions under FIP patronage. His collections included British Empire commemoratives and airmails, Australia, Belgium, Egypt, miniature sheets, and souvenir issues. A thematic collection on the history of the UPU won him international awards up to Vermeil level, and his collection of stamp boxes and historic letter scales was exhibited hors concours at London 1980. Congress Medal for services to philately 1960. President Brighton P.S. 1948.

HUGHES, William Ellis 1879-1957 b. in Sydney, Australia. Came to England 1900. Collected Armenia, South Russia and Poland. Wrote ‘Stamps of the Flying Post‘ [1922], ‘Germany – 1923 Handstamped Franks‘ [1929], ‘The Postage Stamps of Batum‘ [1935], ‘Notes on Georgia National (Socialist) Republic‘ [1937], ‘Georgia (Russia)‘ [1939], ‘Chronicles of Icarus‘ (articles on airmail), and, with PT Ashford, ‘The Postage Stamps of Georgia (Transcaucasia), The Stamps of St George‘ [1951]. A contributor to many philatelic journals, often under a pseudonym.

HUGHES-HUGHES, William JP 1817-1902. Barrister. Became a collector in 1859. Ceased in 1874 having spent £69. Collection dormant until 1896 when he sold it for £3000. It included British Guiana 1856 4 cents on blue ‘sugar’ paper, Canada 12d black, Great Britain 1d plate 77, Cape of Good Hope 4d red Woodblock error of colour, all unused, and used copies of the Reunion 1852 15c and the Naples 1860 ½ tornese in both types.

HUSTON, Charles Emerson 1889-1960. Educated Royal Veterinary College, London. Student of all aspects of Cape of Good Hope philately; collection included pre-stamp covers from 1653. International awards 1952-55, for Cape, and special award for best collection in British Empire Section, New York 1956. Founder of Loughborough & District P.S.

HUTSON, Guybon John 1892-1963. Son of Guybon Hutson, well known general collector in Scotland. GJH was interested in Transvaal, Papua, New Zealand, Tasmania, and particularly New South Wales. Awarded medals for New South Wales in London 1950 and 1960, and Tilleard Medal 1960. Author of comprehensive monograph on New South Wales, 1960, updating the work of AF Basset Hull in 1911-13.


IMAGE, William Edmund FRCS DL JP 1807-1903. Began a general collection in 1859, which he eventually sold to TK Tapling in 1882 for £3000. It was strong in British Guiana, Australia, Mauritius, USA, Philippines, locals, and unused Europe. The Mauritius, however, lacked the two ‘Post Office’ stamps, Image having declined to buy examples that JB Moens had offered him for £240. The collection was more comprehensive than Tapling’s, who at first considered disposing of his own, but fortunately for the nation decided to retain both. In 1886 Image gave his books on philately to RPSL, a valuable contribution to the founding of the Society’s library.

IMESON, William Edwin d. 1940 age 79. Discovered in 1894 the OP-PC error on a Great Britain 1870 1½d, afterwards disposed of to Harry Hilckes. Contributed comment and verses to philatelic journals. Author in 1903 of ‘The Stamp-Fiends’ Raid in Philatelia’s Cause – A philatelic phantasy ………. with pictorial absurdities by the author‘. He destroyed the key to identification of the characters depicted. Dubbed ‘The Poet Laureate of Philately’. Published a monograph on title pages of old comic songs, ballads, and music pieces, which embodied references to postal and philatelic items.

INGRAM, Derek d.1973 age 86. During schooldays launched short-lived ‘Collectors Magazine‘. Philatelic and Postcard editor of Collectors’ Journal, 1904-08. Edited Stamp Collecting 1915-28. Wrote handbooks on ‘Italian States‘ [1917], ‘Postage Stamps of the Red Cross‘ [1919], and ‘Foreign and Colonial Currencies – An exhaustive table corrected to 1921‘.

IRELAND, John 1882-1965. Cutler. Pioneer of the philatelic simple life, ignoring perforation, watermark, shades etc. Given award for British Empire, London 1912. Did much to publicise the hobby by organising exhibitions and frequently displaying parts of his enormous general collection. Founder member Brighton and Hove P.S. Chairman PCGB Brighton 1932. Chairman of Association of Sussex P.S. 1949. RDP 1956.


JEFFRYES, George Kirke. Stamp forger. Exposed by JB Moens in 1883 as fabricator of Ecuador and Colombia provisionals with bogus surcharges. Became known in the trade as ‘Dos y Medio’, his first Colombian surcharge. Later he engraved the plates of forgeries marketed by A Benjamin and JH Sarpy, at their premises in Cullum Street, London. His most successful were New South Wales ‘Sydney Views’, and Grenada ‘Chalon Heads’. The three became known as ‘The London Gang’ and were reported to the police by the Philatelic Protection Association. They appeared at the Thames Police Court in 1892 on charges of forging stamps and conspiracy. Jeffryes, then age 24, was sentenced to 6 months hard labour.

JEWELL, Charles 1892-1975. Ranchowner. Educated Rugby. Studied 19th century postal history of Argentina, Paraguay, Colombia, Spain, Transvaal, Australasia, and Indian Native States. Also Great Britain used in the Americas. Tapling Medal 1925, for ‘The Rivadavia Series of Argentina – Reconstruction of Plate D’. Author of ‘Mensajerias Argentinas‘ [1966]. Ten of his articles dealing with early Argentina, Colombia, and Great Britain used in the Americas, were reprinted from the London Philatelist, 1924-66. RDP 1966.

JEX-LONG, William AR JP 1870-1925. House factor and insurance agent. Published in 1906, being the first of its kind, ‘The Philatelic Index‘, an alphabetical list of the principal articles contained in a selection of some of the best known philatelic magazines in the English language, up to the end of 1904. President Glasgow and West of Scotland P.S.

JOHNSON, Herbert Frederick 1884-1966. Dealer and publisher. Connected with Junior Philatelic Society from 1900, serving as Hon Treasurer, and President 1946. Chief organiser of its exhibitions, notably the Jubilee International Exhibition, London 1912. Hon Secretary International Exhibition, London 1923. Business Manager for Stamp Lover. Dealer in partnership with AOJ Readhead. Joint author, with B McGowan and Fred J Melville, of ‘Circular Delivery Companies Stamps, Part 4‘. Greatly assisted Dr H Osborne in the publication of his ‘British Line-Engraved Stamps – Twopence Blue, Studies of Plates 1 to 15‘ [1948].

JONES, Bertram Gordon 1872-1957. Introduced stamp auctions into India, at Calcutta and Simla. A specialist in India, Indian Convention States, Ceylon, and Afghanistan. Served on Expert Committee of P.S. of India. Edited Philatelic Journal of India, 1907-08. Published the Philatelic World, 1894-97 (the first philatelic journal in India), and Stamps, Calcutta, 1897-1905. Edited, with Charles Stewart-Wilson, a revised edition of the latter’s ‘British Indian Adhesive Stamps Surcharged for Native States‘ [1904]. Co-author, with Sir David Masson, of ‘The Postage Stamps of Afghanistan‘ [1908]. Assisted CSF Crofton and WW Corfield, as to Ceylon, in ‘The Adhesive Fiscal and Telegraph Stamps of British India‘ [1905]. Co-author, with CSF Crofton, of ‘The Fiscal and Telegraph Stamps of Ceylon‘ [1911]. Returned to England about 1910 and became dealer in London.


KAY, Alexander Berridge 1879-1944. Clerk in War Office. With EJ Bridger, as dealers, 1898. Contributor to Morley’s Philatelic Journal, and Bulletin of the Fiscal P.S. Compiled catalogue of ‘British Colonial Revenue, Telegraph, and Railway Stamps‘ [1908]. Discovered in 1910 the dangerous Italian forgeries of the Great Britain, 10/- grey-green, watermark Anchor. His collection of British Colonial Revenue stamps to about 1940 was given to the British Museum by Miss Nora Kay and Mr FR Kay and is now in the British Library.

KING, Charles Whitfield 1855-1930. Began as a dealer in Ipswich in 1869 whilst employed as a clerk in the Customs House. Publisher of the Standard Postage Stamp Albums. The first edition of his Universal Standard Catalogue of the Postage Stamps of the World was issued in 1899. It was in a simplified form, intended to assist young collectors. His son, of the same name, became a partner in the firm.

KING-FARLOW, Roland 1907-1974. Chartered accountant. Interests were Denmark, Scandinavian locals, and philatelic literature. Hon Treasurer RPSL, 1947-49, and Hon Librarian, 1946-52. Compiled indices for London Philatelist (1892-1944), Philatelic Journal of Great Britain, Journal of Philatelic Literature Society, and Collectors Club Philatelist.

KINGSTON, Henry Ernest Newcomen King-Tenison, 8th Earl of 1848-1896. President RPSL 1892. Collected Great Britain and British Empire. Awarded Gold medal for Great Britain at London International Exhibition 1890. Possessed entire sheet, less one corner stamp, of the 1847 embossed 1/- green. His collection realised £1800 in 1896.

KUTTNER, Maximilian Zulchaur 1867-1931. Educated City of London School. Journalist. Edited Philatelic Journal of Great Britain for a short period. Dealer, and proprietor with FA Wickhart of Stamp Auction Reporter, 1898. Collected Salvador, South Australia, and Victoria. Silver medal, Manchester 1899, for South Australia.


LAMB, Frank Fitzroy 1881-1936. Dealer, originally with PL Pemberton, and collected Australian States. Edited Philatelic Journal of Great Britain 1907-14 in which he wrote as ‘Angus McTavish’.

LANE-JOYNT, William Russell 1855-1921. Irish barrister. Hon Curator of the Duke of Leinster’s collection, bequeathed in two Lallier albums to the National Museum of Ireland in 1893. Specialist in line-engraved Great Britain, Cape of Good Hope, Canada, British West Indies, Gold Coast, and USA. Founder, and President in 1900, of Irish P.S. RDP 1921.

LARMOUR, Rev Alwin Corden d.1946 age 60. Son of CF Larmour, editor of Philatelic Journal of India. Assistant Master at Wellington College. Collected Antigua, Barbados, Falkland Islands, Seychelles, Austrian Italy, and Belgium. Edited London Philatelist, 1940-45, in which he wrote on Austrian Italy.

LAWSON, William Henry d.1926 age 62. General collector with special interest in Falkland Islands. Awarded Telfer Cup for his paper ‘Pro Juventute‘ at PCGB London 1923. President Liverpool P.S. Joint Chairman PCGB Liverpool 1926, but did not officiate owing to illness.

LEE, Emanuel Joseph d.1941. Received international awards for his Uruguay. Author of ‘The Postage Stamps of Uruguay‘ [1931], for which he was given the Crawford Medal in 1933. Also collected Argentina, Buenos Aires, Victoria, and Sarawak. His Uruguay collection filled 120 volumes, and was auctioned by Plumridge & Co in 1936.

LEE, Ronald Albert George 1912-1990. Formed fine collections of Great Britain (Grand Prix d’Honneur, WIPA, 1965), Cape of Good Hope (Grand Prix International, Hafnia, 1976), Cayman Islands, Chile, Falkland Islands, Gambia, St Helena, St Lucia, and Greece. President National Philatelic Society 1969, RPSL 1975-77, British Philatelic Federation 1981, Great Britain P.S. 1964 and 1978; founder member of latter. Served for many years as Chairman of the National Juries. Chairman of Expert Committee RPSL and President of FIP Commission for Protection against Forgeries. Member of Académie Philatélique Belge and Académie de Philatélie Française. Author of ‘Great Britain – The Penny Lilac‘. Lichtenstein Award 1979, Lindenberg Medal 1983. RDP 1965.

LEES-JONES, Richard William Thomas 1891-1978. Expert on Canadian stamps. Plated early issues, particularly the 12½c of 1859. Gave to RPSL in 1936 a collection of Canada 1897-1936 in mint blocks of four with plate numbers. Tilleard Medal, 1951, for display of Papermakers’ Watermarks. His collection of these auctioned by HR Harmer Ltd in 1952. Part of his classic Canada was shown, hors concours, at the London International Exhibition 1960. Fellow and President Canadian P.S. RDP 1950.

LEGGE, Harold Dormer 1890-1982. Collector of Australian Commonwealth, Sudan, and Egypt. Received awards in London for Sudan, and in London and Melbourne for Kangaroo issues. Wrote ‘The Kangaroo Issues of the Stamps of the Commonwealth of Australia‘ [1948], ‘Commonwealth of Australia – The line-engraved Issues of 1914, and the Essays, Die and Plate Proofs of the Georgian 1d‘ [1950], and ‘The 1913 Penny Kangaroo of Australia‘ [1980].

LE MAY, Reginald Stuart 1885-1972. In Consular Service. Authority on Siam. Wrote monograph on Straits Settlements stamps overprinted ‘B’ (Bangkok), 1913. Joint author with E Wyon Smith of Siam P.S. handbook ‘The Stamps of Siam‘ [1920].

LINCOLN, William Simpson d.1922 age 78. First stamp dealer in London, about 1856, and claimed he was “The Oldest Established Stamp Dealer in the World”. His shop was for many years in Holborn, and later in Holles Street, near Oxford Circus. Awarded 20 medals and diplomas for his albums/catalogues. Wrote ‘Stamp Collecting Notes‘ [1897], and ‘Random Reminiscences of a Philatelic Veteran‘ [Stamp Lover Jan1913]. His stock eventually acquired by Stanley Gibbons Ltd in 1931 from his brother, WE Lincoln.

LIND, Walter Petersen 1876-1948. Authority on Guatemala, for which he gained international awards. Collaborated with Dr H Munk on Guatemala in Kohl handbook.

LITCHFIELD, Percy Collins MRCS LRCP MC 1879-1950. Educated Charterhouse. Author of ‘Guide Lines to the Penny Black‘ [1949], describing each letter position, of each state, of each of the eleven plates. “The collector of British line-engraved stamps will revel in this volume” (LN & M Williams in Stamp Collectors’ Annual). Twice Master of the Vintners’ Company.

LOCKHART, Robert Henry Dixon 1885-1956. Contributor on Sarawak philately in various journals. Wrote ‘A Study of the Stamps of Sarawak‘ [1920] (Stamp Collecting Handbook No.18), and ‘The Postage Stamps of the Straits Settlements‘ [1925] (Studies in Philately No.3).

LOCKYER, Gilbert Edward d.1896 age 57. Architect and surveyor. Had fine collection of British Empire and Mexico. Wrote ‘Colonial Stamps, including those of Great Britain‘ [1887].

LODER, Capt Sydney 1867-1944. Educated Eton. Of Weedon and Market Harborough. Owner of famous collection of Great Britain, including officials and postal fiscals, almost all unused. Received Great Gold medal, London 1912, and various international awards. There were (unused), 1840 2d four blocks of six, 1841 1d entire sheet of plate 10, 1865 9d plate 5, 1876 8d pane of 60, 1882 £5 on blue paper. He disposed of the collection c.1925. He also possessed the copper plate from which the ‘Post Office’ Mauritius stamps had been printed (see NL Stocken).

LOWDEN, John Stewart George. Dealer in Villiers Street, London, as Moore & Co. In 1905 he was accused by H L’Estrange Ewen of selling Orange River Colony and Transvaal stamps with forged CSAR overprints and cancellations. Lowden unsuccessfully sued Ewen for libel. In 1909 Lowden was accused of selling forgeries of the 1887-92 issue of North Borneo made in Paris. His argument that the stamps were reprints from the original plates, and therefore not forgeries, led to his acquittal. In 1913 he sold 2,679 copies of the Great Britain Edward VII £1 with Jersey postmarks. The stamps and postmarks were both forged, and on conviction, being then age 33, he was sentenced to 3 years penal servitude.

LOWE, John Harry Robson 1905-1997. Philatelist of worldwide renown. Joined London dealers, Fox & Co in 1920 for brief period. Established Robson Lowe Ltd at 93 Regent Street in 1926. Issued first edition of Regent Stamp Catalogue in 1932 (later to become Regent Encyclopaedia of Empire Postage Stamps). Began to hold stamp auctions in 1936. Wrote ‘Handstruck Postage Stamps of the Empire‘ [1937]. Moved his business to 50 Pall Mall, London in 1940. Auctioned collections of McGowan, Beckton, Jewell, Vallancey, and Ginger. Ran secondary auctions in Bournemouth from 1945. Set up branch in Philadelphia, 1947, and held auctions there, but was obliged to withdraw because of dual taxation. Published six volume Encyclopaedia of British Empire Postage Stamps [1948-90]. Founded Society of Postal Historians, 1950. In 1956 acquired the firm of PL Pemberton & Co including The Philatelic Journal of Great Britain. Instituted The Raconteur, 1934, later called The Philatelist, and eventually incorporating The Philatelic Journal of Great Britain. Auctioned vast collection of Maurice Burrus, the tobacco magnate. Formed Robson Lowe International, 1968, represented in more than 15 countries. Sold Robson Lowe Ltd to Christies in 1980 but continued with part-time work. Published many monographs etc written by himself and other well known philatelists. Awarded Liechtenstein medal, and John Luff Award of the American Philatelic Society. Declined to be an RDP because [sic] of the failure to delete name of AA Jurgens, South African forger.

LUNDY, Frederick George Calvert b.1859 in Manchester. Worked in association with Walter Morley. Compiled catalogue of Swiss and German revenues, and catalogue of ‘Beer, Bill, Deed, Law, Revenue, Telegraph, Tobacco stamps etc of Great Britain and Colonies‘ [1891]. Wrote ‘History of the Revenue Stamps of Mexico‘ [1890], ‘The Embossed Deed Stamps of Great Britain‘ [1893], ‘The Compound Stamps (Postage and Revenue) of Great Britain‘ [1894], and ‘Handbook of the Revenue Stamps of Great Britain and Ireland‘ [1894].


McGOWAN, Bertram d.1950 age 76. Solicitor (Scotland). Specialist in Chile and Great Britain. Gold medal for display of 1d red Die II, London 1923. Contributor to British Philatelist. Co-author, with Charles Nissen, of ‘The Plating of the Penny Black Postage Stamps of Great Britain, 1840‘, for which they received Crawford Medal, 1922. Had fine range of Great Britain used abroad and provided chapter on Great Britain used in Gibraltar in the book on Gibraltar by GE Duveen, 1932. His Great Britain collection was auctioned by Robson Lowe. RDP 1922.

MACKENZIE-LOW, Andrew Stuart 1878-1962. Authority on Egypt and Sudan, for which he gained international awards, 1912-25. Egypt collection purchased from him by King Fuad in 1929. Author of ‘Notes on Postage Stamps of Egypt 1866-72‘. Keeper of Records of Egypt Study Circle. RDP 1952.

MANN, Eric William 1882-1954. Son of WW Mann (1848-1915), well known collector of Australasia and Europe. Educated Harrow. Cricket Blue at Cambridge. Council Member RPSL 1932, President 1946-49. Curator of the Society’s collections. Tapling Medal for Natal, 1941, and Tilleard Medal for Natal, 1945, although his favourite collection was of Tasmania. Also specialised in modern line-engraved British Colonials. Presented his Natal collection to RPSL, 1950. RDP 1947.

MARSDEN, John Norris d.1939 age 82. Solicitor with British firm in Lisbon. Granted access to the postal archives there, he was an expert in the stamps of Portugal and Colonies, and received international awards. Arranged RPSL collection of Portugal. RDP 1921.

MARSDEN, William Henry Milnes MBE JP 1873-1956. Solicitor. Collected Holland and Colonies, Great Britain, Bosnia, France, Luxembourg, and Romania. Wrote on, and won awards for Bosnia, and contributed thereon in Kohl handbook. President Derby P.S. Vice-President RPSL. Chairman of Permanent Executive Committee of PCGB, 1938-47. RDP 1947. Chairman of RDP Board 1938, 1940, and 1946.

MARSH, Oswald 1880-1951. Born in Belfast. Dealer in Norwood, London S.E. Specialist in envelope stamps of Great Britain. Published Marsh’s Weekly Philatelist, and a Priced Catalogue of King George V Controls. Wrote ‘Marginal Varieties of the Edwardian Stamps of Great Britain‘ [1912].

MARSH, Victor London dealer, from 1902, in philatelic literature. Purchased many libraries, including those of Eaton, Heide, van Rooij, Parés, and Moens. Compiled [1904] ‘International Directory of Philatelic Literature, Collectors, Dealers, and Publishers‘. Wrote ‘Great Britain – Abnormal Embossed Postage Stamps of King Edward VII and King George V‘ [1923].

MARSHALL, Chapman Frederick Dendy 1872-1945. Barrister. Student of Great Britain postal history and postmarks. Author of handbook on the ‘Numbered Obliterations of the London and Suburban Districts‘ [1923], ‘The British Post Office from its Beginning to the End of 1925‘ (Crawford Medal 1928), and ‘The Line Engraved Two Pence Postage Stamps of Great Britain‘ [1929]. He was also a writer on railways.

MARTIN, Denys Richard Col RE 1892-1970. Expert on stamps and postal history of India. Co-author with EA Smythies of ‘The Half-Anna Lithographed Stamps of India 1854-55‘ [1927], and ‘The Four Annas Lithographed Stamps of India 1854-55‘ [1930], the latter bringing them the Crawford Medal. Author of ‘Pakistan Overprints on India 1948-49‘. Also wrote on postal history of second Afghan War, and Indian TPOs. RDP 1939. (The complementary work on the ‘One Anna and Two Annas stamps of 1854-55‘ was written by LE Dawson in 1950, and included five articles by Martin).

MASSON, Sir David Parkes 1847-1915. President and Treasurer P.S. of India. Specialist in Afghanistan and Kashmir. Also collected Indian Convention States and Ceylon. Wrote ‘The Stamps of Jammu and Kashmir‘ [1900-01]. Proved so-called first issue of Kashmir to be bogus. Co-author, with BG Jones, of ‘The Postage Stamps of Afghanistan‘ [1908]. Regular contributor to Philatelic Journal of India.

MAYCOCK, Thomas d.1925 age 74. Hon Librarian RPSL, 1893-1904. Council Member, 1906. Important contributor, for Nevis and Virgin Islands, to the Society’s book on the British Colonies in the West Indies, 1891.

MEINERTZHAGEN, Louis Ernest 1887-1941. Educated Eton. Partner in Frederick Huth & Co. Bankers. Member of Expert Committee RPSL. Awarded medal for Sicily, London 1923. Author of ‘Les Planches de L’Emission de Bordeaux‘ [1925] for which he received Tapling Medal, 1926. Wrote 1849-75 section of France in Kohl handbook. RDP 1932.

MELLAND, Frank Hulme FZS d.1939 age 59. The first Administrator and Postmaster at Mpika, Northern Rhodesia, 1901-11, during which period he was the only white man living there. He occupied himself with philately and photography, the former based on the collection he had brought with him. He contributed articles on Rhodesian stamps and postmarks to the London Philatelist, 1907-09. These were despatched by ‘runner’ to Fort Jameson, about 150 miles, for the London Mail. Discovered the Rhodesia £2 rosy-red of 1897. Obtained by sending a ‘runner’ to Kota Kota, Nyasaland, several days journey, sheets of the 1d and 6d values of the 1907 issues which were withdrawn from sale almost immediately. As postmaster, he had been issued with a canceller wrongly worded ‘MPIGA’. He wrote to Fort Jameson for a letter ‘K’, in the meanwhile cancelling mail ‘MPI A’, without the ‘K’. After considerable delay his request was met, and the postmark ‘MPIGA’ was never used.

MELVILLE, Frederick John d.1940 age 57. Educated Westminster. Famous as philatelic author and journalist. Founded Junior Philatelic Society in 1899, was President from its inception until his death, and edited the Stamp Lover. Served on the juries of many philatelic exhibitions at home and abroad. Awarded Congress Cup at PCGB Bath 1935, for his paper ‘The Lives of the Forgers‘. RDP 1921. Among his prolific writings were ‘The ABC of Stamp Collecting‘, ‘Chats on Postage Stamps‘, the series of twenty-eight ‘Melville Stamp Books‘, 1908-36, each devoted to an individual country, and his final work ‘Modern Stamp Collecting‘ [1940]. A bibliography, by LN & M Williams, of the Melville oeuvre, appeared in the Stamp Lover, January – May 1941, and was afterwards reprinted as a booklet. Outside philately, he had been editor of the Heartsease Library, Cosy Corner, Good Words, and the Sunday Magazine.

MEREDITH, Cecil William 1892-1971. Carried out extensive research into plating of Great Britain 1d reds, Plates 1 to 204 and Reserve Plates; Die II Plates 1 to 68 and Reserve Plates; and made special study of line-engraved matched pairs, postal history of Dundee, and the Greenock and Ardrishaig Packets 1879-1914. Won international awards. Author, with RC Alcock, of ‘British Postage Stamps Varieties Illustrated‘ [1949], and, with Cyril Kidd, of ‘A Christmas Story – Posted in Advance for Delivery on Christmas Day 1902-09‘ [1954]. Wrote ‘Scots Local Cancellations – Matched Pairs‘ [1950], ‘Scots Local Cancellations – A Complete Recording‘ [1953], and ‘Archer Perforations Complete Group Plates Nos.92-101‘ [1959]. His paper ‘Scotland and Philately‘ read at PCGB 1953. President Dundee and District P.S.

MILLINGTON, Harry Mackwood d.1903 age 37. Resided in Balham. Author of ‘An Exhaustive Catalogue of the Adhesive Postage Stamps of the British Empire‘ [1894].

MONTRÉSOR, Brig Frank Montrésor MC 1885-1964. President Junior Philatelic Society, 1951-62. Authority on De La Rue die proofs and imprimaturs. Also collected Sierra Leone. Possessed rare early French literature including catalogues of E Thirifocq, A Potiquet, and A Baillieu. Instrumental in founding the Philatelic Congress Medal. His paper ‘Stamp Collecting – Can Its Status be Improved‘ read at PCGB Felixstowe 1951.

MOORE, Edward & Co (CE Moore and Alexander Perris). Dealers in Liverpool. Published in 1862 The Monthly Advertiser, the world’s first entirely philatelic periodical, which continued as The Stamp Collectors Review and Monthly Advertiser until 1864.

MORGAN, Sybil 1898-1983. Postal historian with substantial collections covering Campaign covers to 1914, Forwarding Agents’ cachets, and Swiss airmails. International awards for Campaign covers 1947-50 and for Swiss airmails 1934-35. Joint author of ‘The Postal History of Cardiff‘. President of Federation of South Wales P.S. RDP 1976.

MORGAN, Tom d.1965 age 60. Philatelic and Sporting journalist. Interested in thematics, Switzerland, Scandinavia, and unusual postmarks. Edited Philatelic Magazine 1945-65, Stamp Collectors’ Annual 1947-65, Philatelic Trader, Stamp Dealers Directory, and all other productions of Harris Publications Ltd. Wrote ‘Chats on the Stamps of China‘ (Philatelic Magazine Handbook No.1).

MORLEY, Walter 1863-1936. London dealer and publisher, specialising in fiscal stamps. Received awards internationally for his publications, which included ‘Varieties of the Penny Black‘, ‘Varieties of the Penny Red‘, ‘The Fiscal Philatelist and Revenue Stamp Guide‘ [1892], ‘Stamps of Great Britain‘ [1893], ‘The Embossed Deed Stamps of Great Britain‘ [1893], ‘Handbook of the Revenue Stamps of Great Britain and Ireland‘ [1894], ‘Catalogue and Price List of the Stamps of Great Britain including Fiscals, Railway Stamps etc.‘ [1895], ‘Catalogue and Price List of the Revenue Stamps of the British Colonies‘ [1895], ‘Catalogue of the Telegraph Stamps of the World‘ [1900], Morley’s Philatelic Journal [1900-08], ‘The Embossed Revenue Stamps of Great Britain and Ireland‘ [1911], ‘Catalogue and Price List of the Newspaper Tax Stamps of Great Britain and Ireland‘ [1912].

MORTIMER, Charles Henry 1869-1932. Educated Rugby. Barrister. Studied line-engraved proofs and reprints of Great Britain and Colonies. Also a specialist in Kashmir, and acquired Sefi/Masson collection. Engaged at time of death with AJ Sefi in preparing book on Jammu-Kashmir (published in 1937, when both writers were deceased). Recipient of international awards.

MORTON, Rev Cyril Shadforth d.1947 age 63. Collected Jamaica, Hong Kong, Mauritius, and Straits Settlements, winning medals for Jamaica in London and Oslo. Vice-President BPA. Hon Secretary to Permanent Executive Committee of PCGB Birmingham 1929. Co-author with LCC Nicholson, GW Collett, and WB Edwards of ‘Jamaica – Its Postal History, Postage Stamps and Postmarks‘ [1928], and with GT Bishop and W Sayers, of ‘Hong Kong – Treaty Port and other Postmarks‘ [1934] (revised by Lobdell and Hopkins, 1949). RDP 1936.

MOSELY, Dr Edward b. in London, 1868. Afterwards of Johannesburg. Company Director. Assembled a fine collection of British Africa issues to 1935, mainly unused. Including many rarities, it covered Cape of Good Hope (with 4d black triangular), Mauritius, Rhodesia, Orange Free State, Ascension, Bechuanalands (with various double overprints on the 1889 ½d slate), Gambia, Gold Coast, Lagos, Kenya, Uganda & Tanganyika, Natal, Northern Nigeria (with unused 1904 £25), Nyasaland, St Helena (with double surcharge on 1884-94 1/- yellow-green), Seychelles, Sierra Leone, South and South West Africa, Transvaal, Zanzibar, and Zululand. In 1942 he gave the collection to his daughter, Mrs Kathleen Cunningham, who in 1946 presented it to the British Museum in memory of her parents. It is now in the British Library.

MURSELL, Rev James d.1948 age 88. Born in England, but had resided in Queensland since 1939. Member of Council RPSL, 1935-39. Tilleard Medal for South Australia, 1936. Awarded Congress Cup at PCGB Harrogate 1921 for his paper ‘The Scientific Interest of Surface Printed Stamps‘, and at PCGB Cambridge 1925, Bates prize for ‘Specialism – Its Field, Its Aims, Its Dangers‘. Regular contributor to the Australian Stamp Journal. Took part in preparation of ‘The Postage Stamps of South Australia‘ (P.S. of S.A.), although this was not published until 1955. RDP 1946.


NANKIVELL, Edward James 1848-1909. City editor of Pall Mall Gazette. Council Member RPSL. Instigated publication of the London Philatelist, and was the first editor, 1892-93. Edited Philatelic Record and Stamp News, and Gibbons Stamp Weekly. Founded The Postage Stamp, 1907. Transvaal specialist, and produced Transvaal Collectors’ Quarterly. Philatelic editor of The Captain and The Connoisseur. Wrote handbooks on Sudan, 1904 (reprinted from The Captain), Cape of Good Hope [1909]. His Transvaal collection realised £3000 in 1903.

NAPIER, Lt Cdr Francis John Hamilton Scott d.1929 age 79. Wrote, with ED Bacon, ‘St Vincent’ [1895], ‘Barbados’ [1896], ‘Grenada’ [1902]; with G Smith, ‘South Australia’ [1894]; and with G Harrison, ‘Portuguese India’ [1893]. Author of ‘The Stamps of Griqualand West’ [1906]. Judge at International Exhibitions 1897 and 1906. RDP 1921.

NAPIER, Lt Col George Samuel Frederick d.1942 age 79. Council Member RPSL. Medals internationally for Brazil, Greece, and Persia. Served on juries at exhibitions in Brussels and Paris. Wrote ‘The Stamps of the First Issue of Brazil‘, for which he received the Crawford Medal, 1924. Compiled an index to the Ferrary Auction Catalogues, 1925.

NEWPORT, Oliver William 1922-1998. Philatelic journalist and authority on Channel Islands stamps and postal history. Discovered Great Britain 1841 2d with Alderney Maltese Cross, and Crown Registered marks of Jersey and Guernsey. Subsidiary interests were Japanese Occupation issues, and Hong Kong postmarks. Assistant editor of Stamp Collecting, and philatelic correspondent of Daily Telegraph. His writings included ‘The Channel Islands, Their Postal History, Stamps and Cancellations‘ [1950], ‘The Island of Herm and Its Local Stamps‘ [1953], ‘Channel Islands Revenue and Insurance Stamps‘ [1954], ‘Channel Islands – France Mail Services 1683-1939‘ [1956], ‘Stamps and Postal History of the Channel Islands‘ [1972], ‘The Post in Liverpool‘ 1988. Joint author with Oswald John Simpson, of ‘Datestamps of Jersey and Guernsey 1830-1956‘ [1956], ‘The Post in Alderney, Sark, and Chausey Islands‘ [1956], ‘The Numeral Obliterations and Instructions of the Channel Islands‘ [1957]. Founder, with OJ Simpson, of Channel Islands S.S.

NICHOLSON, Leverton Coryton Courtenay 1887-1952. Bank official. Wrote ‘Jamaica Pre-Stamp Covers 1760-1860‘, and ‘Jamaica Temporary Rubber Datestamps 1881-1938‘. Co-author with Rev CS Morton, GW Collett, and WB Edwards of ‘Jamaica – Its Postal History, Postage Stamps, and Postmarks‘ [1928]. Won Congress Cup at PCGB Paignton 1936 for his paper ‘How to run a Philatelic Society successfully‘. President Croydon P.S. 1930. Sold his Jamaica collection in 1940.

NISSEN, Charles d.1944 age 64. Dealer in London. Discovered Great Britain 1/- Stock Exchange Forgery, 1899. Conducted Stamp Collectors’ Annual with PC Bishop, 1904-11. Established in 1908 the British Philatelist, which dealt only with Great Britain. Appointed a Royal Warrant holder by King George V. With Thomas Allen, purchased the Perkins Bacon stock and records, 1936. Wrote, with IJ Bernstein, handbook on the Official Stamps of Great Britain [1906], and with B McGowan ‘The Plating of the Penny Black Postage Stamp of Great Britain, 1840‘, for which they were awarded the Crawford Medal, 1922. RDP 1923.

NORFOR, William d.1927 age 63. Born in Madras. Chartered Accountant (Scotland). Specialist in Canada and Gold Coast. Chairman PCGB Edinburgh 1913. President Scottish P.S.

NORTH, John Collier 1854-1952. Had general collection in 120 volumes with specialisation in India, Cyprus, Malta, Morocco, Gibraltar, Baden, Bavaria, Syria, Palestine, Falkland Islands, Scandinavia, Austria-Hungary, Brazil, and Egypt. Awarded medals in London, Manchester, Paris, and Berlin. Custodian of Holliday (q.v.) collection in Tolson Museum, Huddersfield. President Huddersfield P.S., Hon Life member Leeds P.S. and Manchester P.S.

NUNN, Charlie Hearn 1863-1911. Dealer 1885, and afterwards auctioneer (Wells & Nunn) in Bury St Edmunds. Published Nunn’s Directory of Stamp Dealers, 1880-98, and Foreign Stamp Collectors’ Journal, 1878-1901 (known as The Stamp Collectors’ Journal from 1882). Also published ‘PhilatelicalAnnuals‘ in 1881 and 1884, and small booklets by various authors, mostly reprinted from The Stamp Collectors’ Journal.


OGILVIE, Walter Tulliedeph. Employed in British Museum. Author of ‘The Young Collector’s Penny Handbook of Postage Stamps‘ [1883], and ‘Handbook for the Collector of Postage Stamps‘ [1885], (Young Collector Series, 3rd edition 1905).

OLDFIELD, Herbert Rooke d.1940 age 81. Solicitor. Hon Secretary RPSL 1917-26. Leading member of PCGB, and its first Hon Life Member, 1937. Won Congress Cup at PCGB London 1923 for his paper ‘Unfashionable Countries‘. Chairman BPA. President International Philatelic Union. Hon Secretary, 1895, of Society for the Suppression of Speculative Issues. Collected India, Bolivia, Bosnia, Chinese locals and Formosa, Colombia, Persia, and Swiss Cantonals. Tapling Medal, 1923 for display of India. Wrote monographs on Bolivia [1898], Bosnia [1912], and ‘The Stamps of the Treaty Ports of China and of Formosa‘ [1927]. Life Fellow RPSL 1922. RDP 1922.

OLIVER, Frank Higby 1867-1947. Manager of a printing works before becoming a partner in Bright & Son, Bournemouth. Sole owner of that firm from 1924. As collector concentrated on Greece, Heligoland, Luxembourg, and Prince Edward Island. Edited Philatelic Adviser. Chairman of Stamp Trade Protection Association. Published Bright’s Philatelic Library of Handbooks. Compiler and editor of Bright’s ‘ABC’ World Catalogue, 1896-1932.

OLIVER, Sidney Arthur Roberts d.1968 age 70. Student of Great Britain and postal history. Publisher of the annual Philatelic Societies Handbook. Co-author with FH Vallancey [1923] of ‘The Postage Stamps of Great Britain 1840-1922‘. Hon Secretary PCGB Torquay 1930. President Torquay P.S.

OPPEN, Edward A In 1863 issued a Catalogue of British and Foreign Postage Stamps, appended to an album in which the stamps could be placed. There were two editions in that year, and three in 1864-65, edited by Henry Whymper. Dr CW Viner then became the compiler, and was responsible for twenty-four editions, up to 1891.

OSBORNE, Harry MD 1875-1959. Specialist in Great Britain 1840-80 and Western Australia. Author of ‘The Ray Flaws of Plates 1 and 2 of the Penny Black‘ [1935], ‘Great Britain Twopence Plate Nine – A Study of the Plate and its Repairs‘ (Crawford Medal 1939), ‘British Line Engraved Stamps, Twopence Blue – Studies of Plates 1 to 15‘ [1948], ‘British Line Engraved Stamps – Repaired Impressions‘ [1949]. Awarded Grand Gold Medal for his Great Britain at London International Exhibition 1950. Also researched Ceylon and New South Wales. RDP 1954.


PALMER, Joseph William 1853-1931. Son of Samuel Palmer, Indexer of The Times. Dealer in London from about 1870, when he issued his first catalogue, of which there were five editions by 1889. In 1878 he also issued catalogues of American and Canadian fiscals. Publisher from 1878 of his magazine Bric-à-Brac. Established at 281 Strand in 1882. Published in 1892, and then annually, The Philatelists Almanac. An active campaigner against the defrauding of collectors, he had in his offices ‘A Chamber of Philatelical Horrors‘, a large room in which the walls were papered with forgeries.

PEARCE, Albert Preston 1873-1957. Bank manager in Plymouth. Revenue specialist and researched stamped papers used in France 1673-1791. From 1897 a regular contributor to ‘Stamps‘ on revenue topics. Editor of Morley’s Philatelic Journal, 1900.

PECKITT, William Henry d.1934 in Monte Carlo, age 64. Dealer in London. A keen businessman known as ‘The Panther of the Strand’. Purchased most of the Earl of Crawford’s collections and that of Sir William Avery; published a descriptive booklet on the latter [1909]. The famous cover bearing two examples of the 1d ‘Post Office’ Mauritius passed through his hands in 1898 and again in 1905. Published in 1910 under the pseudonym ‘Miss Fitte’, ‘The World’s Stamp Errors Part I British Empire, Part II Foreign Countries‘ (The Postage Stamp Handbooks 10 and 11). Also published ‘The Stamp Year‘ [1912], compiled by Fred J Melville. Sold his business to Stanley Gibbons Ltd and retired in 1913.

PEMBERTON, Edward Loines 1844-78. Born in America of English parents and educated in England. Began to deal in stamps in Birmingham in 1862, his first trade advertisement appearing in the Boys Own Magazine for October of that year. In 1863 published in conjunction with Thornton Lewes (d.1869), ‘Forged Stamps and How to Detect Them‘. Became editor of the Monthly Advertiser, the first journal devoted exclusively to philately, published by Edward Moore & Co. Contributed to The Stamp Collectors Magazine and The Philatelist. Compiled The Stamp Collector’s Handbook [1874], the best work of its kind at that time (2nd edition 1878). The Philatelic Record was founded in 1879 in his memory. For a full account of the career of this pioneer philatelist, see Philatelic Journal of Great Britain, October 1922. His business was taken over by AH Wilson, and continued under the style of Pemberton, Wilson & Co.

PEMBERTON, Percival Loines 1875-1949. Son of Edward Loines Pemberton. Began as dealer in Manchester, 1893, and moved to London in 1896. Bought Philatelic Journal of Great Britain, 1900, and acted as editor from time to time. Amalgamated his business with that of AJ Sefi, 1922. Donated Sefi-Pemberton Cup for annual competition by boys of Junior Philatelic Society. Director of Stamp Trade Protection Association and Member of BPA Expert Committee. Corresponding member of L’Académie de Philatélie. Author of ‘The Stamps of Greece’ [1920]. RDP 1921. His son, AL Pemberton, became a director of the firm, which continued until 1956.

PENN-GASKELL, Miss Winifred Ethel d.1949 age 73. Of Widecombe in the Moor, Devonshire. Specialist in aerophilately, and the stamps of Peru, particularly the Peru-Chile war. Gained international awards in both of these categories. President of the Aero-Philatelic Club, London. Her airmail collection and associated material bequeathed to Science Museum, South Kensington. RDP 1938 (the first woman so honoured).

PEPLOW, Frank Jukes d.1935 age 63. Borough Librarian, Deptford. Council Member RPSL, 1910-22. Associate of LW Fulcher in editing Philatelic Record. Author of ‘The Postage Stamps of Buenos Aires‘ [1925], privately printed and limited to 100 copies. Awarded Crawford Medal for this, 1927. Plated first two issues of Japan with Fulcher, and wrote, in 1910, ‘Plates of the Stamps of Japan 1871-76‘, limited to 25 copies. His collection of that country acquired by AMT Woodward. Won Golden Palm of Honour for his Japan at New York Exhibition 1926. Hon Secretary and Treasurer of Philatelic Literature Society. RDP 1933.

PHILBRICK, Frederick Adolphus KC 1836-1910. County Court Judge. A founder of RPSL and President 1878-92. Collected especially Great Britain, Australia, British Guiana, Mauritius (of which he had 1d and 2d ‘Post Office’), Hawaii, Confederate States, and Philippines. Contributed to RPSL book on Oceania. Plated British Guiana 1862 issue, New South Wales Sydney ‘Views’ and ‘Laureated’, and first issue of Philippines. Disposed of collection, except Great Britain, to Ferrary for £8000 in 1880. Sold the Great Britain in 1894, except the fiscals and entires, which passed to Earl of Crawford. With WAS Westoby wrote ‘The Postage and Telegraph Stamps of Great Britain‘ [1881]. His article ‘Notes on the Proofs and Essays of Great Britain‘, was published anonymously in the Stamp Collector’s Magazine in 1868.

PHILLIPS, Charles James 1863-1940. Educated King Edward’s School, Birmingham. Trained as accountant. While employed at Birmingham Assay Office, became stamp dealer in Edgbaston, 1885. Founded Birmingham P.S. 1886. Published at Edgbaston, ‘The Stamp Advertiser and Auction Record‘, which became Stanley Gibbons Monthly Journal when he acquired a controlling interest in that company in 1890. Wrote handbooks on Fiji [1908], Mexico [1917], Paraguay [1912], a history of Stanley Gibbons Ltd under the title ‘Fifty Years of Philately‘ [1906], and ‘The Future of Philately from the Viewpoint of the Collector and Dealer’ [1924]. Disposed of his interest in the company to George Hamilton-Smith, 1922, and settled in New York. Dealt with sale of Henry J Duveen collection, and responsible for the lotting of the American section of Arthur Hind collection. Awarded Special Gold Medal of the Collectors’ Club. RDP 1921. Died in New York. His brother, William Henry Phillips (1864-1912), was also a director of Stanley Gibbons Ltd.

PHILLIPS, Frederick Stanley 1891-1954. Appointed Joint Managing Director of Stanley Gibbons Ltd in 1922 on departure of his uncle CJ Phillips to America. Editor of Gibbons Stamp Monthly. Wrote ‘Stamps of Great Britain 1911-12‘, ‘Stamps of Great Britain 1911-21‘and many general works including ‘Stamp Collecting for All‘, ‘Stamp Collecting and How to Enjoy it‘, ‘Stamp Collecting‘, ‘The Splendid Book of Stamps‘, ‘The Beginner’s Book of Stamp Collecting‘, ‘Fascination of Stamp Collecting‘, ‘Stamp Collecting for the Million‘, and with Charles Peter Rang, ‘How to Arrange and Write up a Stamp Collection‘. Served on Council of BPA. Awarded Congress Cup at PCGB London 1933 for his paper ‘Philatelic Literature‘. RDP 1937.

PHILLIPS, Reginald Moses CBE 1887-1977. Property developer and philanthropist. On his initiative the National Postal Museum was founded in London in 1965. He donated to the Postmaster General, in trust for the nation, his magnificent collection of British Victorian stamps, together with the sum of £50,000 for maintenance. The collection, which is on permanent display, had been awarded the Grand Prix at the London International Exhibition 1960. It is profuse in all stamps of the period, and especially important in telling the story of the conception of the Penny Black, of which there is a first day cover. He also endowed a Gold Medal Award for Postage Stamp Design and in 1971 founded the Philatelic Unit at Sussex University.

POOLE, Bertram William Henry 1880-1957. Joined H L’Estrange Ewen in 1899, who sent him to South Africa to obtain war provisionals. Wrote monograph thereon, 1901. In 1902 founded own magazine, Poole’s Monthly Philatelist. Editor of Philatelic Journal of Great Britain, 1904. Began West-End Philatelist, 1904, and was editor until 1911. Edited Philatelic Opinion. Served on jury at International Philatelic Exhibition, New York 1913, and soon after took up residence in USA. Between 1906 and 1923 wrote handbooks on Bermuda, Belgium, British Honduras, Bulgaria, Cook Islands, Crete, Denmark, Dominica, Falkland Islands, German States, Germany & Colonies, Gold Coast, Hong Kong,. Mexico, New Brunswick, Newfoundland (with HE Huber), Nova Scotia, Sarawak, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Virgin Islands of the United States (with JM Bartels), and Zululand. Co-author with WO Wylie, of ‘The Standard Philatelic Dictionary‘ [1922]. His last book was ‘Pioneer Stamps of the British Empire‘ [1957]. RDP 1921. Died in California.

POPE, Benjamin David d.1928 age 74. Railway contractor to Government of Natal. Specialised in Ceylon, South Africa, West Indies, and India and Native States. Chairman PCGB Bath 1922. First President Bath P.S.

POWER, Eustace Bertram Le Poer 1872-1939. b. Abbey Wood, Kent. Emigrated to USA 1890. Employed in the curio store of JO Stevens in Denver, Colorado. Stamp dealer in Chicago 1894 and formed the Chicago Stamp and Coin Company with JC Morgenthau, Ludwig Wolf, and others. Moved with Morgenthau to New York, 1895. Started dealing on own account 1900 but in 1902 sold his stock to Stanley Gibbons Ltd and became manager of their New York branch until 1911. He then continued as proprietor of Stanley Gibbons Inc which was sold off at that time by Stanley Gibbons Ltd. Well known as radio broadcaster on stamps in USA. Author of ‘Philatelic Horse Sense‘, ‘United States Stamps, Their Shades, and Varieties’, and the ‘Gibbons United States Library‘.




RAPKIN, George Feast d.1927 age 71. One of the chief makers and suppliers of philatelic accessories under the trade name ‘Peerless’. Established in London, 1898. The business was continued by his sons GC and FG Rapkin. In 1904 he designed an attractive ‘philatelic’ bookplate used by CJ Phillips.

RAY, Leslie Reginald 1890-1960. Collector of world postal history with particular interest in pen-cancelled stamps on cover. Author of many articles and broadcasts on philately. Compiled Souvenir Catalogue of the David Miller Brown collection (Uniform Penny Postage Provisionals of Great Britain 1840-53), and with Capt B Rogers-Tillstone ‘Background to Philately‘ [1953] (an anthology of papers read to PCGB). President Society of Postal Historians and Bromley & Beckenham P.S. Chairman of Permanent Executive Committee of PCGB. President Kent Federation of P.S.

RAYNOR, Rev Philip Edwin 1857-1930. Educated Winchester. Collected Australia when schoolmaster in Hobart and Adelaide 1886-94. President South Australia P.S. Later headmaster of Ipswich School. Discovered Great Britain 2/- blue, plate 3. Compiled ‘A Reference List of British Army Postmarks Used in the Great War 1914 to 1919‘ [1920]. Wrote ‘The British PAID Stamps‘ in The Stamp Collector, 1906-09.

RECKITT, Sir Harold James Bart. MP 1868-1930. Maintained a general collection, but had a particular interest in War stamps, of which his holding was one of the finest extant and contained all the rarities. Awarded medals in London 1923, and Oslo 1924. In 1927 he sold his collection, which included an example of the ‘Perot’, first issue of Bermuda, on piece, to David Field Ltd, apart from the British West Indies section which he bequeathed to RPSL.

REICHENHEIM, Franz 1860-1929. b. in Berlin. Took British nationality 1898 and settled in London 1903. Received Special Gold medal, presented by Stanley Gibbons Ltd at London International Exhibition 1897. Council Member RPSL, 1902. Gained international awards for displays of France and also specialised in Germany and Colonies. Member of International Philatelic Union. President Herts P.S. 1905. Chairman PCGB London 1912. Donated 500 volumes to RPSL Library in 1916.

RENOUF, Winter Charles CIE 1868-1954. Educated Victoria College, Jersey. Author of ‘Early Indian Cancellations and Postmarks 1852-84‘ [1919] and Supplement [1923]. These were incorporated in the Robson Lowe Encyclopaedia Vol III [1951]. Also wrote on British Indian stamps used abroad, 1920. Edited Philatelic Journal of India. Hon Vice-President P.S. of India. RDP 1921. His collection of India auctioned by Robson Lowe, 1960.

RIDGWAY, Brig Gen Richard Thomas Incledon CB 1868-1939. President Aero P.S. Author of ‘Air Post Stamps‘ [1922].

RIDPATH, Thomas d.1900 Age 49. Apprenticed to stamp trade with Young and Stockall in Liverpool, and afterwards the leading dealer there at 12 Church Street. In 1878 he purchased from Neil McKinnon the unique British Guiana 1 cent of 1856 for £120, and sold it to P von Ferrary for £150. At the London International Exhibition 1897 he gave a magic lantern display of stamps in colour in which forgeries and their originals were compared.

RIESCO, Raymond Francis Alfred 1878-1964. Specialist in Cape of Good Hope and Chile, for which he won awards internationally, 1923-29, and Tilleard Medal for Cape, 1931. Also collected Austria, Mexico, and St Vincent. Disposed of Cape collection in 1938. Vice-President RPSL to which he donated a collection of German States. Judge at international exhibitions. Corresponding member of L’Académie de Philatélie. RDP 1951.

ROBERTS, Vernon 1859-1933. Collector of Cape of Good Hope, Mauritius, St Helena, St Lucia, Gambia, Gold Coast, Hong Kong, Cyprus, and Queensland. Gold medal, Manchester 1899, and Chief Award for early Cape in International Philatelic Union Competitive Exhibition 1901. President Manchester P.S. and Vice-President International Philatelic Union.

ROBERTSON, Alan William MBE 1909-1978. Philatelic buyer at Selfridges pre-1939. Authority on British maritime mail. President Postal History Society and Society of Postal Historians. His works included: ‘The Ship Letter Stamps of London‘ [1951], ‘The Ship Letter Stamps of Liverpool‘ [1953], ‘The Ship Letter Stamps of Hampshire‘ [1955], ‘The Ship Letter Ports of the Thames Estuary‘, ‘The Maritime Postal History of London 1766-1960‘, ‘Great Britain Post Roads, Post Towns, and Postal Rates 1635-1839′ [1961], and ‘A History of the Ship Letters of the British Isles‘ [1955-64]. Parts of his collection were exhibited, hors concours, at the London International Exhibitions 1950, 1960 and 1970. RDP 1961.

ROGERS-TILLSTONE, Benjamin John Legge Capt RN 1900-1970. Barrister. Exhibited his Great Britain internationally, 1955-65. President RPSL 1964-67 and largely responsible for Society’s Centenary History 1969. Contributed ‘Philatelic Appreciation‘ to PCGB Yearbook 1954. Co-author with LR Ray, of ‘Background to Philately‘ [1953]. Chairman of Executive Committee PCGB 1956 and 1959. Congress Medal, 1967. Judge at London International Exhibition 1960. RDP 1970, and Chairman of Board of Election, 1957-60. President Brighton & Hove P.S. of which he wrote a short history in 1956.

ROSS, James J. A Scottish dealer in New York. In 1883, when Costa Rica issued stamps in a new currency, he purchased from the Government the surplus remainder of the stamps that had been issued in the period 1862-82. These amounted to about 3,000,000, in four denominations. In 1881-82 the stamps had been variously surcharged in the new currency, and these were in greater demand by collectors than the normals. Ross, on discovering that his purchase included only a small quantity of the surcharges, was permitted to ask the Government printer to supply more, but the latter used a type-face quite different from the original. Ross also had all four values overprinted ‘OFICIAL’, in spite of the fact that they had never existed in that form. In England, as he was able to show that he had bought his stamps from the Government, dealers were temporarily deceived into thinking that his productions were genuine.

ROW, Richard William Harold FLS FZS d.1919 age 34. Resided in Exeter. His international standard collection of Siam of 1883-1918 was presented to the British Museum in 1919. Mainly unused, it includes postal stationery, many blocks, and strength in the various surcharges. Also stamps used in Kedah and Kelantan. Author of ‘The Adhesive Postage Stamps of Siam‘ [1914] (Stamp Lover Handbook). The collection is now in the British Library.

ROWELL, Reginald Bertie 1875-1966. Educated Reading School. Architect. Author of ‘Notes on Controls – Part I, Victorian period, 1884-1900‘ [1915], and ‘Notes on Controls – Part II, Edwardian and Georgian periods‘ [1916] (revised 1919).

RUNDELL, William Reeves 1848-1936 b. in Deptford. Emigrant to Australia 1856. In charge of G.P.O. records, Melbourne, 1887-1908. A founder member of the P.S. of Victoria, and four times President. Life member of Sydney Philatelic Club. His work ‘The Postage Stamps of Victoria‘ was published in the Victorian Philatelic Record, 1927-30, and continued in the Australian Stamp Journal, 1934-36. RDP 1924.

RUSSELL, Benjamin Walter Neville d.1952 age 73. Collector of Liberia, Bolivia, and Uruguay. Chairman PCGB Leicester 1931. President Leicester P.S.

RYAN, Gary (RDP FRPSL) was one of the key individuals behind the establishment of the Hungarian Philatelic Society of Great Britain. During his philatelic life he wrote numerous articles and books including: ‘The Hungarian Classics (1973) and ‘1867 – The First Issue of Hungary‘ (1984) in The London Philatelist, ‘The Cancellations of Hungarian Post Offices on the First Five Issues of Austrian Stamps, 1850-67, during the Austrian Administration‘ (1980), ‘The Cancellations of Hungarian Post Offices on the First Issue of Hungary 1867-1871‘ (1988), and ‘The Rarest Mixed Frankings of Hungary: Handbook and Catalogue’ (1992). He was President of the Grand Prix club from 1982-1986. Notably a founder member of the Revenue Society of Great Britain alongside Robson Lowe and Ronald Butler. Towards the end of his life he left monies to the Hungarian Philatelic Society of Great Britain for the support and promotion of Hungarian Philately in the UK. The Ryan Collection which is a collection of Municipal Revenue Stamps of Budapest forms part of the British Library Philatelic Collection.


SARPY, Julian Hippolite. Proprietor of a wholesale and retail stamp business in Peckham. In 1888, he and Alfred Benjamin opened a shop in Cullum Street, London where they marketed fakes and forgeries, mostly provided by the engraver GK Jeffryes. The three became known as ‘The London Gang’, and were reported to the police by the Philatelic Protection Association. They appeared at the Thames Police Court in 1892 on charges of forging stamps and of conspiracy. Sarpy, then aged 32, was sentenced to 4 months hard labour. Benjamin and Sarpy were still trading in Cullum Street in the 1920s.

SCOTT, John Walter 1845-1919. Began to deal in stamps in London at the age of 14. Emigrated to USA in 1863. Founded JW Scott & Co in New York 1867 and built up one of the largest stamp and coin businesses in the world. President American P.S. Founder and first editor of American Journal of Philately. Introduced stamp auctions in USA from 1870. Held the first stamp auction in London 1872, at the rooms of Sotheby, Wilkinson & Hodge. Secretary of Association for Stamp Exhibitions founded at New York in 1913 to conduct international events. WT Wilson of Birmingham held the Scott agency for Great Britain.

SCOTT, Walter JP 1852-1933. Solicitor. General collector. In January 1870 he purchased over the counter in a Cardiff post office imperforate sheets of the 1d red stamp in use at that time. In an exchange packet he acquired for a few pence a copy of the New South Wales 2d ‘diadem’, error watermark ‘8’. President South Wales and Monmouthshire P.S.

SEFI, Alexander Joseph 1889-1934. Educated Merchant Taylors’. Spent three years conducting geological and scientific expedition in Asia Minor, Syria and Arabia. Afterwards worked in association with David Field, and in 1922 joined PL Pemberton, to trade as Sefi, Pemberton & Co. Edited Philatelic Journal of Great Britain from 1926. Also edited Philatelic World and West-End Philatelist. Researched silk thread issues of Switzerland 1854-62. Wrote ‘The Postage Stamps of Grenada‘ [1912], ‘King Edward VII Land‘ [1912], ‘The Postage Stamps of Malta‘ [1913], and ‘An Introduction to Advanced Philately‘ [1926] (2nd edition 1932). Awarded Congress Cup at PCGB Birmingham 1929 for his paper ‘Forgeries and Fakes‘. Won Bates Prize at PCGB London 1923. Joint editor of PCGB Handbooks. Donated Sefi-Pemberton Cup for annual competition by boys of Junior Philatelic Society. Received international awards for displays. RDP 1933. Was engaged with CH Mortimer (d.1932) in preparing book on Jammu-Kashmir (published 1937). Played Bridge for England.

SEYMOUR, James Benjamin d.1950 age 81. Council Member RPSL 1931. Had international awards for Great Britain, including Tilleard Medal for line-engraved, 1928. He and Dr H Munk were given the Sieger Medal for their collaboration on Great Britain in the Kohl Handbook, considered as the best philatelic work in the German language in 1931. Corresponding member of L’Académie de Philatélie, 1946. President International Philatelic Union. Author of ‘The Stamps of Great Britain‘ Part I (to 1853) [1934], Part II (to 1865) [1937]. Second edition of Part I in 1950. RDP 1931. His collection auctioned by Robson Lowe, 1951. President of Magic Circle.

SHERATON, Richard Frederick Wilfrid 1896-1982. Chartered accountant. Specialised in Gambia, Cayman Islands, and Falkland Islands, to international standard. Member of Permanent Executive Committee of PCGB and Chairman, 1952-55. Hon Treasurer Melville Memorial Fund. Chairman of Board of Election of RDPs 1951-56. President Brighton & Hove P.S.

SHERBORN, Charles Davies 1861-1942. Geologist and bibliographer. His collection of Great Britain, 1841 1d pink postal stationery envelopes, was presented to the British Museum in 1913 and is now in the British Library.

SIDEBOTTOM, John Kercheval OBE 1880-1954. Student of postal history of Great Britain, particularly carriage of mail abroad. Author of ‘The Post by Road‘, ‘History of Mileage Marks‘, ‘Additional Halfpenny Tax‘, ‘The Overland Mail‘ [1948] (based largely on his collection of Thomas Waghorn covers), ‘The Government Dockwra‘ [1951]. President International Philatelic Union. RDP 1949.

SIGGERS, Charles William d.1937 age 71. Collected Great Britain, New Zealand, and Canada. Gold medal in Antwerp 1930 for Great Britain. Member of Permanent E cutive Committee of PCGB. President Thanet P.S.

SKIPTON, Stacey Charles d.1906 age 43. Medical practitioner. First editor of Philatelic Journal of Great Britain from 1891 and partner with William Brown of Salisbury, its publisher. Collected stamps of Great Britain and all-world postcards, particularly Mexico.

SMITH, Alfred William b.1837 in Bath. Dealer in partnership there with his brother, Henry Stafford Smith (q.v.), until 1866. Published ‘A Descriptive Price Catalogue of British Colonial and Foreign Postage Stamps‘ (late Stafford Smith and Smith) [1866]. By 1878 there had been twenty-five editions, and in 1880 he issued, in a new format, Alfred Smith & Co’s ‘Standard Catalogue of the Postage Stamps of All Nations‘. His ‘Monthly Circular‘ ran from 1875.

SMITH, Bertram Tapscott Knight d.1938 age 66. Son of Alfred William Smith. Edited the latter’s Monthly Circular 1899-1918, and Journal of Philatelic Literature Society (a founder). Wrote, with PJ Anderson, ‘Early English Philatelic Literature 1862-65‘ [1912]. Author of ‘The Postage Stamp and Its History‘ in Quarterly Review [1913] and ‘How to Collect Postage Stamps‘ [1907].

SMITH, Frederick Burgess d.1954 age 70. Originally in timber trade. Dealer, with FC Penney, as FB Smith Ltd. They were known as ‘Penny-Farthing’, Penney being large, and Smith diminutive. Member of BPA Expert Committee. Became director of Stanley Gibbons Ltd on death of G Hamilton-Smith in 1926, as representing the majority shareholding that had passed to the Hamilton-Smith estate.

SMITH, Gordon 1856-1905 Educated King’s College School, London. Barrister. Had fine collection of unused South Australia, which later passed to LLR Hausburg. Council Member RPSL 1897. Joined Stanley Gibbons Ltd 1893 and became a director 1898. Wrote handbook on South Australia with FJHS Napier [1894].

SMITH, Henry Stafford 1843-1903 b. in Bath. Stamp dealer there 1862, and published The Stamp Collectors’ Magazine in the following year, edited by Dr CW Viner. He was in partnership with his brother, Alfred William Smith, until 1866. Alfred then remained in Bath and Henry moved to North St, Brighton where he established a new business and a new journal The Philatelist (1866-76), with Dr Viner as editor. He also published the Illustrated Postage Stamp Album and Catalogue of British, Colonial, and Foreign Postage Stamps from 1867, and the Permanent Postage Stamp Album [1871].

SMYTHIES, Evelyn Arthur CIE 1885-1975. Educated Cheltenham College. In Indian Forest Service. Author with DR Martin of ‘The ½ anna Lithographed Stamps of India 1854-55‘ [1927], and ‘The 4 annas Lithographed Stamps of India 1854-55‘ [1930]; and with LE Dawson, ‘The Postage Stamps of Jammu and Kashmir Simplified‘ [1937] and ‘The Stamps of Nepal‘ [1952]. Compiled Specialised Catalogue of Early Indian Lithographs. Wrote ‘Notes on the Government of India Stamp Collection at New Delhi‘ [1933], ‘Canadian Duplex Cancellations of the Victorian Era 1860-1902‘, and, with Col GL Roberts, ‘The Japanese Occupation Stamps of Burma 1942-45‘ [1947]. Co-author of ‘BNA Fakes and Forgeries‘, ‘Canadian Roller Cancellations 1894-1930‘, ‘Canadian Registered Letter Stamps and Cancellations 1875-1902‘, and ‘Canadian Fancy Cancellations of the 19th Century‘. Crawford Medal with DR Martin, 1932.

SNOWDEN, Charles John Leonard d.1964 age 87. Specialised in Britannia issues of Barbados and Trinidad, Montenegro (embodying Ferrary collection), and Queensland (embodying Chapman, Bernhard, and Mursell collections). Won international awards for Turks Islands, Barbados, Queensland, and Montenegro, and Tilleard Medal, 1940, for the Lithographed Issues of Trinidad.

SOUTH, George MBE 1916-1988. Solicitor. Collected and displayed Brunei, Finland, Malaya, and Colombian Airmails. Hon Secretary RPSL 1961-74, President 1978-80. Member of Expert Committee. Instrumental in the amalgamation of BPA and PCGB, to form British Philatelic Federation. London Medal of RPSL 1980. Lichtenstein Award 1986. Judge at international exhibitions and Chairman of London Exhibition, Earl’s Court, 1980. Chairman of Board of Election for Roll of Distinguished Philatelists from 1977. RDP 1974.

SPOWART, Henry Arthur d.1956 age 73. Collected Argentina and Gold Coast. Wrote ‘The Postage Stamps of the Gold Coast‘ [1929], and contributed details on postmarks to WJ Cochrane’s handbook on the Rivadavia issues. Received at PCGB Newcastle 1920, Silver Cup for best exhibit of rarities, errors, and curiosities, and Special Gold medal for the best arranged collection. President North of England P.S.

STAFF, Frank William 1908-1994. A survivor of the evacuation from Dunkirk, 1940. Student of Canadian postal history, and all aspects of Great Britain postal history, in particular TPOs, Campaign covers, Ship letters, Transatlantic mail, and the story of the envelope and ornamental notepaper. Author of ‘The Transatlantic Mail‘ [1956], ‘The Penny Post 1680-1918‘ [1964], ‘The Picture Postcard & Its Origins‘ [1966], ‘The Valentine & Its Origins‘ [1969], and ‘Picture Postcards & Travel‘ [1979]. Had superb collection of 1840 Treasury Essays, but his fine collection of Penny Blacks was unfortunately stolen from him. Corresponding member of L’Académie de Philatélie Française. Material from his Penny Post and Transatlantic Mail collections is displayed at the National Postal Museum.

STAINFORTH, Rev Francis John 1797-1866. Capt Bengal Cavalry. Ordained 1830. Possessed a fine general collection on which Mount Brown based his catalogue in 1862. Regarded as the first organiser of a local stamp club. Early collectors, including Dr CW Viner, Sir Daniel Cooper, FA Philbrick, Mount Brown, and Henry Haslett, a dealer, met on Saturday afternoons at Stainforth’s rectory in Mark Lane, London, for sale, exchange, and philatelic discussion. The idea led on to the founding of The Philatelic Society, London in 1869, subsequently RPSL.

STEPHENS, Michael Edmund 1868-1936. Educated Rugby. Head of Henry C Stephens & Co Ltd, manufacturers of writing inks. Had fine collection of classic issues, auctioned by HR Harmer in six two-day sales 1937-38. It included Canada 12d black superb used, Nova Scotia 1/- cold violet pair, with 6d yellow-green, on cover (ex Hind), Saxony 3pf red, corner pair on piece, France 1849 15c unused block of four, Geneva 1843 5c + 5c on cover.

STEVENSON, David Alan FICE b.1891. Author of ‘The Triangular Stamps of the Cape of Good Hope‘ [1950] for which he received Crawford Medal, 1951.

STEWART-WILSON, Sir Charles KCIE 1864-1950. Director General of Indian Post Office, 1906-12. Original member of P.S. of India, and President for many years. Edited Philatelic Journal of India, 1898-1905. Council Member RPSL, 1915-39. Wrote ‘British Indian Adhesive Stamps Surcharged for Native States‘ [1897-98] (revised edition with BG Jones, 1904). Joint author with CSF Crofton and LLR Hausburg of RPSL handbook on ‘The Postage and Telegraph Stamps of British India‘ [1907]. RDP 1921.

STOBBS, Stephenson 1903-1989. Bank official. Specialised in Australian Commonwealth, Denmark and Yugoslavia. Researched Australian Forces Mail in both World Wars, and published ‘Check-list of Postmarks of Australian Forces in World War II‘ [1955] and ‘Relief Postmarks of Australian Commonwealth‘ [1955]. President Birmingham P.S. Chairman PCGB Birmingham 1947.

STOCKEN, Nevile Lacy d.1943 age 72. Associated with Puttick & Simpson until 1920. Later on staff of Robson Lowe and regular contributor to The Philatelist. Author of ‘Stamps of Great Price – The Bluebook of Philately‘ [1932]. Edited Victoria, British Guiana, India, St Lucia, Tonga, Bechuanaland, and Transvaal, in the Regent Stamp Catalogue, published by Robson Lowe. Bought in 1912, from Col DH Colnaghi, who had discovered it, the original copper plate from which the 1d and 2d ‘Post Office’ Mauritius were printed. This was later owned by Sydney Loder, and then Maurice Burrus.

STOURTON, John Marmaduke Joseph 1847-1899. Educated Westminster. Author of ‘Postage Stamp Forgeries, or the Collector’s Vade Mecum, containing accurate descriptions of nearly 700 forgeries………‘ London [1865]. A frequent correspondent in the Stamp Collector’s Magazine. Miss AL Fenton was much put out when it was suggested that a second edition of his book might be published.

STRANGE, Arnold Montague 1905-1989. Collected USA Bureau printings, postal history of Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire, United Nations, and “Photographs of stamps he was never likely to own”. Researched Newfoundland issues of 1911-28. Edited West-End Philatelist, 1946-55, and London Philatelist, 1955-74. Wrote with Winthrop S Boggs ‘The Foundations of Philately‘ [1956]. Published ‘A List of Books of the Postal History, Postmarks, and Adhesive Postage and Revenue Stamps of Great Britain‘ [1964]. Edited with John Easton the ‘Perkins Bacon Records‘ [1953]. Emigrated to Australia and died there.

STUDD, Brig Malden Augustus DSO MC 1887-1973. Principally collected Canada, Belgian Epaulette and Medallion issues, and world maritime cancellations. Awarded gold medals for Canada and Belgium. Vice-President RPSL 1948-51. Founder Member and Fellow of Society of Postal Historians. Membre d’honneur of La Société Philatélique Belge. Author of ‘Paquebot and Ship Letter Cancellations of the World 1894-1951‘ [1953]. Contributor to the Guatemala Handbook, 1969. RDP 1951.

SWINHOE-PHELAN, Lt Col Wilfred b. Delhi 1877. Collected Rhodesia, Gibraltar, Malta. President Cinque Ports P.S. Chairman PCGB Folkestone 1937.


TAPLING, Thomas Keay MP 1855-91. Educated Harrow. Head of Thomas Tapling & Co, carpet and Manchester warehousemen, Gresham St. London. Vice-President Philatelic Society, London (RPSL). Contributor to Philatelic Record. Plated the first 4d stamp of Tasmania. Contributed, with FA Philbrick, on New South Wales, in the Society’s volume on the British Colonies of Oceania, 1887. His world collection of stamps and postal stationery, substantially augmented by his purchase of the WE Image collection in 1882, was valued at £50,000 when bequeathed to the British Museum. ED Bacon spent eight years arranging it for display in the King’s Library. The Tapling Medal, in silver, instituted in his memory by RPSL, was first awarded in 1920. The collection is now in the British Library.

TAYLOR, George Overy 1845-1904. Regular contributor to Stamp Collector’s Magazine, and succeeded Dr CW Viner as editor in 1867. Edited Alfred William Smith’s Monthly Circular 1875-78, and compiled with Smith the last editions of Dr JE Gray’s catalogue, 1870-75. Was in business in Boulogne and died there.

TAYLOR, Samuel Allan 1838-1913. b. in Scotland. Emigrant to New York, 1850. Began dealing in stamps in Montreal about 1863. Published Stamp Collector’s Record [1864], the first philatelic periodical in Canada and the USA, which continued, erratically, until 1876. After moving to Boston he produced forged stamps on a large scale, particularly United States locals, Dominica, Guatemala, Paraguay, and the invented Prince Edward Island ’10 cents’. He was the principal member in what became know to philatelists as ‘The Boston Gang’. His activities apparently ceased in 1893 following charges brought against him and a period in jail.

TELFER, John Stanley Glasspoole d.1938 age 65. Owner for some years of Stamp Collector’s Fortnightly. Life member of Junior Philatelic Society. Hon Secretary Stamp Trade Protection Association. Senior partner in Plumridge & Co Philatelic Auctioneers. On the same day in 1933, sold 1d and 2d ‘Post Office’ Mauritius from the HP Manus collection. Played large part in reconstitution of PCGB after 1914-18 war. He originated the Congress Cup, which became known as the Telfer Cup, in 1920, and gave it the unique philatelic cachet of a genuine triangular Cape stamp let into its polished curve. One of those responsible for establishing RDP, was custodian of the Roll and Hon Secretary to the Board of Election. His brother, JH Telfer (d.1916), was also a partner in Plumridge & Co.

THORNHILL, William Blundell d.1909 in Ireland. Wrote ‘Shanghai‘, Stanley Gibbons Philatelic Handbook No.3 [1895] (recently reprinted by the original publishers). Also a student of Ceylon and Australian stamps. His collection of Shanghai acquired by HJ Duveen, and the Ceylon by Anthony de Worms.

TILLEARD, John Alexander d.1913 age 63. Educated Marlborough. Solicitor. Hon Secretary RPSL, 1894-1913. Expert on stamps of Prince Edward Island. Author of ‘Notes on the De la Rue Series of the Adhesive Postage Stamps and Telegraph Stamps of India‘ [1896] (a supplement to the work on India and Ceylon published by RPSL in 1892). Drafted the necessary documents on the Society achieving Royal status in 1906. Appointed Philatelist to King George V, 1910. MVO 1911. Tilleard Medal instituted in his memory by RPSL and first awarded in 1920.

TODD, Thomas d.1984 age 79. Owner of Vallancey Press. Edited World Stamp Digest from 1938, afterwards incorporated in Stamp Magazine. Wrote ‘Behind The Stamp Album‘ [1939], ‘A History of British Postage Stamps‘ [1941], ‘The Embossed Octagonal Postage Stamps of Great Britain‘ (Stamp Collecting Handbook No.40), ‘William Dockwra and the Rest of the Undertakers – The story of the London Penny Post 1680-1682‘ [1952], and, with LN Williams as consulting editor, ‘An Album of Rare Stamps‘ [1982].

TOWNSEND, William Augustus 1904-1993. Collected Montenegro, British West Indies, and British Guiana. Gold medals at several international exhibitions for British Guiana, and Tilleard Medal, 1967. Wrote, with FG Howe, ‘The Postage Stamps and Postal History of British Guiana‘ [1970]. President RPSL 1969. President Derby P.S. Chief Steward at London International Exhibition 1960.

TREHERNE, Harold. Employed as moneylender’s clerk in Brighton. A London firm of photo-lithographers supplied him with clichés and printing plates, which enabled him to produce forged stamps, overprints, and surcharges. The stamps were principally South and Western Australia, Victoria, India, St Christopher, and Transvaal. False overprints or surcharges were made on Brunei, Ceylon, Cyprus, Great Britain, India, Orange Free State, and Negri Sembilan. He had an associate in Bombay who sent him large quantities of Indian stamps, which Treherne duly doctored and returned for sale there. These activities were exposed by Charles Nissen, and Treherne was arrested, being then in possession of 447 dies or plates. He pleaded guilty and in 1908 at the age of 21 was sentenced to 4 months hard labour.

TRIVETT, Louis Oram 1864-1933. Company director, and alderman of Nottingham. Received awards for his Great Britain, Jamaica, Gibraltar, and Morocco Agencies. Donor of PCGB Trivett Cup. Chairman PCGB Nottingham 1927. President Nottingham P.S. Contributor to British Philatelist. Wrote ‘The Inception of Penny Postage, and Evolution of the Postage Stamp‘. His Great Britain collection, auctioned in 1924, included a fine used copy of the 10d plate 1, watermark error, on entire and an imperf block of 40 of the 1860 1½d rosy mauve containing the OP-PC error.

TURNER, Sydney Robert 1880-1972. Architect. Had fine collections of British Newspaper Tax Stamps, Railway Letter stamps, and the steamship stamps of La Guaira. An authority on fiscals and locals. Wrote with AJ Ecclestone, ‘The Railway Letter Stamps of Great Britain 1891-1941‘. His Railway Letter covers from 1891 to the mid 1940s, various Revenue stamps, and his collection of forgeries, were bequeathed to the British Library. First President of Cinderella Stamp Club. He was responsible for cover-designs and chapter headings of many philatelic handbooks including Bright’s Philatelic Library, The Melville Stamp Books, and the Stamp Collectors’ Annual. At the age of 80 he produced a cover-design for the Great Britain Philatelist. A keen collector of philatelic literature. RDP 1957.

TYAS, Charles Joseph 1851-1921. Solicitor. Assembled a world collection, mainly of issues up to 1900, and awarded medal at London International Exhibition 1906. It included two superb copies of the Penny Black on covers addressed to his father, John Tyas, a block of eight of the worn plate, and a strip of twelve, on piece, of the 1840 2d. The entire collection, in 20 volumes of the ‘Advanced Collector’s Album‘, was purchased by the Birmingham dealer, WT Wilson, who issued an illustrated catalogue/price list. An unused copy of the Spain 1851, 2r red was offered at £100.


URWICK, Reginald Henry MD 1876-1964. Educated Winchester. Researched extensively the embossed issues of Portugal, and Portuguese stamps ‘used abroad’. Received Gold medal and Special trophy at Lisbon International Exhibition 1960. Also studied British West Indies, including pre-adhesive covers, and surcharges of St Christopher and Tobago. President B.W.I. Study Circle. RDP 1962.


VALLANCEY, Francis Hugh 1879-1950. Schoolmaster. Served in Boer War. Philatelic publisher. Proprietor and editor of Stamp Collecting and Stamp Trade Advertiser. With FA Wickhart founded, in 1912, London Philatelic Club. Great Britain specialist, particularly postmarks. Co-author, with SAR Oliver, of ‘The Postage Stamps of Great Britain 1840-1922‘ [1923]. Author of ‘British Postmarks with Special Reference to the 1844 and Subsequent Numbered Obliterations‘ [1935], ‘Check List of British Photogravure Stamps of King George V, including stamps overprinted for Morocco‘ [1939], ‘The Postage Stamps of King Edward VIII‘, and ‘British Stamps Perforated with Firms’ Initials’. Compiled ‘A Guide to Philatelic Literature‘ [1927-29]. His entire stock of philatelic literature and premises in London destroyed by enemy action in 1941. His Great Britain auctioned by Robson Lowe, 1942. Business purchased by Ramsay Stewart, of Edinburgh, 1948. His residual philatelic literature library donated to Royal Commonwealth Society.

VERNON, Cecil Heygate FRCSE d.1968 age 75. Collected Great Britain, Iraq, and Belgian Congo. President Bournemouth P.S. Chairman PCGB Bournemouth 1948. His Great Britain, with 3000 Penny Blacks, auctioned by Robson Lowe in 1947.

VINER, Charles William MA PhD 1812-1906. Assisted Mount Brown in compiling his catalogue, 1862. Edited Stamp Collector’s Magazine for four years from 1863. Translated, and published [1864] JB Moens’ ‘Postage Stamps Illustrated – A General Nomenclature of Every Postage Stamp and Facsimiles of All Types issued up to the present time in the Different Countries of the World 1840-1864‘. In 1865 became compiler of Edward Oppen’s Postage Stamp Album and Catalogue and was responsible for twenty-four editions up to 1891. Edited The Philatelist, 1866-76. A founder member of The Philatelic Society, London (RPSL) and Hon Secretary 1873-74.

WADHAM, Frank Jesser 1880-1949. Merchant. Wrote ‘Penny Blacks Plated‘ [1920] (Stamp Collecting Handbook No.15); second edition, 1948.


WALKER, John d.1926 age 73. Linen draper. President Scottish P.S. for many years until 1908. Only interested in stamps issued before 1900 from Great Britain, Austria, Canada, France, German States, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Holland, and USA. Collaborated with Rev JA Dunbar-Dunbar in articles on Bavaria, and Dutch perforations. Arranged Scottish National Stamp Collection. RDP 1921.

WALTERS, Frederick Delano d.1934 age 70. Author of ‘Gillet Lithographs of Chile‘ [1923], and ‘Chile – First Type 5 cent Stamps – Plate Varieties‘ [1926]. President Bournemouth P.S. Donated ‘Fred D Walters Cup’ for annual competition by girls of the Junior Philatelic Society (boys competed for the Sefi-Pemberton Cup).

WARD, Gordon Reginald MD 1885-1962. Won international awards for line-engraved Great Britain, Spain, Egypt, and Australia, and Congress Cup at PCGB Cambridge 1925 for his paper ‘Thief-proof Stamps, and Legitimate Philately‘. His article on the 1927-36 issue of Egypt was reprinted from the London Philatelist. Wrote ‘War Time Posts of Malta‘ [1950], ‘The Springbok Half-Penny of South Africa‘ [1956], ‘South Africa – The Ship Penny‘, ‘KG V 1½d, Die 2, of Australia‘ [1950], ‘KG V 5d of Australia‘ [1953], ‘Franco Heads Issue of Spain‘ [1952]. RDP 1953.

WARD, Ronald 1913-1991. Company Secretary. Received international awards for Gibraltar, Netherlands, Netherlands East Indies postal history, and Waterfalls (thematic). Had other thematic collections on Christmas, The Telephone, Helicopter Mail, Coaches, Abraham Lincoln, and Religion. Also interested in Sheffield and Yorkshire postal history, postal history of Tasmania and British Guiana, and world commemorative cancellations. Contributed ‘Finland – A Country of a Thousand Lakes‘ to Stamp Collectors’ Annual 1950. Twice President Sheffield P.S. Distinguished Yorkshire Philatelist, 1976.

WARD, William d.1940 age 53. Educated Manchester Grammar School. Associated with Earl of Crewe in investigation of Colonial Stamp scandals (Cayman Islands and Gambia) 1908. Edited Collectors’ Weekly and Stamp Collector (Birmingham). Stamp editor of Collectors’ Journal. Founder of Provincial Philatelist. Author of ‘Postage Stamps of Great Britain‘ [1917], ‘British Stamp Booklets and Rolls‘, ‘Errors and Varieties of British Stamps‘, ‘Provisional Postage Stamps of Ireland‘ [1925], ‘Stamps of France‘ [1926], ‘How to Tell Postage Stamps used in Scotland‘ [1926], ‘The Postage Stamps of King Edward VIII‘ [1937].

WARHURST, Benjamin Webster 1845-1911. Private Secretary to Lord Charles Beresford. Joint editor of Stamps. Edited Philatelic Journal of Great Britainand The Stamp Collector, and wrote as ‘Hawk-Eye’ in the Stamp Collectors’ Fortnightly. Compiled ‘A Colour Dictionary giving 200 names of colours, specially prepared for Stamp Collectors‘ [1899] (2nd edition 1908). Wrote ‘Some Notes on South African Postcards, and a Reference List of the Issues and Type Varieties of the Cards of the Orange River Colony‘ [1906]. Founded Chelsea ‘Entires’ Exchange Club.

WARREN, Arthur John 1847-1930. In business in Java. Expert on Holland and Colonies, for which he gained awards internationally, 1912-24. Reconstructed plates of Holland first issue. Wrote ‘Perforations Galore or the last word (to date) on the perforations of the Holland and Colonies Stamps‘ [1910]. RDP 1921.

WATERHOUSE, Sir Nicholas Edwin 1877-1964. Chartered accountant. Hon Auditor to RPSL, and Hon Life Fellow. Formed two collections of USA. The first was sold at auction in 1924 after being shown at the London International Exhibition 1923. The second, given an Award of Honour in New York, was sold a few years before his death. Received Tilleard Medal, 1938 for his 19th century USA. He later collected German States. Wrote ‘A Comprehensive Catalogue of the Postage Stamps of the United States of America‘ [1916] and ‘A List of the Stamps of the United States of America issued for general postage from 1847 to 1908‘ [1921]. RDP 1940.

WAY, Walter Dennis 1897-1969. Manchester manager for SH Wright Advertising Agency. Collected China, Tibet, Mongolia, and Formosa. Hon Secretary Manchester Central P.S. Edited Stamp Collectors’ Fortnightly 1941-50. Contributed weekly ‘London Letter‘ to ‘Western Stamp Collector‘ (USA) and regular features ‘The Auctions Tell You‘ and ‘Quaint Tales of the Postal Past‘, to ‘Stamp Collecting‘. Author of ‘All About Stamps‘ and ‘Zoology in Philately‘. Local Organising Secretary of PCGB Southport 1949 and Chairman of PCGB Buxton 1968.

WEBB, Col Francis Wynne OBE 1907-1968. b. in Bermuda. Enlarged his philately on having to discontinue army career. Council Member RPSL, 1963. Hong Kong specialist. Authority on plating 1891 Jubilee issue. Author of ‘A Study of the Postal and Philatelic History of Hong Kong and the Treaty Ports of China and Japan‘ [1961], (revised edition 1991) and ‘Hong Kong Airmails‘ [1968]. Assisted Hong Kong Government in 1962 in organising Postal Centenary Exhibition. President Hong Kong Study Circle. Chairman of Permanent Executive Committee PCGB, 1968.

WESTCOTT, Harry William d.1923 age 50. Of Sidcup. Authority on Gibraltar and Morocco Agencies, on which he wrote in the Stamp Collectors’ Fortnightly. President City of London P.S. RDP 1921.

WESTOBY, William Amos Scarborough 1815-1899. Barrister and author of legal works. Wrote as ‘A Parisian Collector‘ in The Philatelist, and Stamp Collector’s Magazine. Edited Philatelic Record, 1885-95, and Alfred Smith’s Monthly Circular, 1878-99. Co-author with FA Philbrick, of ‘The Postage and Telegraph Stamps of Great Britain‘ [1881]. Author of ‘Postage Stamps of the United Kingdom issued during Fifty Years‘ [1891], and ‘The Adhesive Postage Stamps of Europe‘ Vol.1 [1898], Vol.2 [1900]. In 1867, he discovered the first known copy of the Spanish 2r 1851 error of colour.

WETHERELL, Ernest William 1869-1933. Geologist. Specialist in Holland and Cuba. Edited Philatelic Adviser, 1907, Philatelic Journal of India, 1909, and Philatelic Journal of Great Britain, 1917-20. President Liverpool P.S. 1925.

WHITWORTH, Thomas MP 1844-1912. Merchant in Manchester. President Liverpool P.S. Hon Secretary of Postmark Society. Compiled ‘A List of Obliterating Numbers used by the Post Offices in the U.K. and certain Places Abroad‘ [1905].

WICKHART, Frederick Alfred b.1865. Newspaper proprietor and printer. Published with WG Walton, ‘The British Stamp Directory – a Comprehensive List of British Philatelists‘ [1881] (5th edition 1902). Editor of Stamps, 1898-1900. Proprietor with MZ Kuttner of Stamp Auction Reporter, 1898. Founded Stamp Exchange Protection Society, 1895 and managed it until 1906 (President 1912). Established in 1912, with FH Vallancey, London Philatelic Club.

WILLIAMS, Maurice 1905-1976
WILLIAMS, Leon Norman 1914-1999. Law reporter.
Brothers who worked together as philatelic journalists. Edited Stamp Lover and British Philatelist, after death of Fred J Melville, and edited Cinderella Philatelist from 1961 to 1999. Pioneers of Cinderella philately, being authorities on locals, hotel posts, propaganda forgeries, and bogus issues. Wrote ‘Cinderella Corner‘ in Stamp Magazine. They were authors of more than thirty books including ‘Fundamentals of Philately‘, ‘The Propaganda Forgeries‘ [1938], ‘Philately – An Outline of the Elements‘ [1939], ‘Famous Stamps‘ [1940], ‘More Famous Stamps‘ [1942], ‘A Melville Bibliography‘ [1941], ‘Stamps for All‘ [1943], ‘Forged Stamps of Two World Wars‘, ‘Stamps Day by Day‘ [1950], ‘Local Postage Stamps‘ (with Erik Hurt) [1950], ‘The Postage Stamp, Its History and Recognition‘ [1956], ‘An Airmail Collectors’ Notebook‘ [1960], ‘Hotel Posts of Hungary and Romania‘ [1962], ‘Techniques of Philately‘ [1969], ‘Cinderella Stamps‘ [1970]. Their philatelic library comprised over 3000 volumes, and when sold was purchased by Stanley Berman. LNW was President of Cinderella Stamp Club. He compiled ‘The Encyclopaedia of Rare and Famous Stamps‘ Vol.1 1993, Vol.2 1997.

WILSON, Harold George d.1941 age 75. Had famous worldwide collection and won international awards for Modena and Heligoland. Harmer Rooke auctioned in London, 1941-42, the Finland, Romania, Spain, Oceania, Afghanistan, and Transvaal; in New York, 1942, France; in New York, 1943, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Uruguay. Stanley Gibbons Ltd acquired the Danzig, Modena, Heligoland, Russia, and Jugoslavia.

WILSON, Sir John Mitchell Harvey Bart KCVO 1898-1975. President RPSL, 1934-40 and 1949-50. Maintained general collection of 19th century stamps. Tapling Medal, 1950 for British Guiana, the 1853-60 issues. Crawford Medal, 1953 for his book ‘The Royal Philatelic Collection‘. Chairman RPSL Expert Committee, of which he was a member for 48 years. Organised exhibition to commemorate Silver Jubilee 1935 at RPSL. Chairman of Organising Committee for Grosvenor House Exhibition 1950. Keeper of Royal Philatelic Collection, 1938-69. Alfred Lichtenstein Memorial Award. Waller Award of the Netherlands. Corresponding member of L’Académie de Philatélie. Member of Postmaster General’s Advisory Committee for Stamp Designs. Member of International Juries from 1953.

WILSON, William Thomas 1847-1932. b. in Ireland. As a dealer went to USA in 1893 and bought the De Coppet collection of Mexico. Published ‘The Postmarks of Mexico 1856-72‘ [1927]. Acted in Birmingham as sole agent, outside India, for P.S. of India, and as its joint publisher with Higginbotham & Co of Madras. Was also agent for The Scott Stamp and Coin Co. Close friend of EL Pemberton. For a short time in partnership with TW Cheveley, the philatelic auctioneer. From 1902 he was in partnership with his son, FE Wilson, an authority on Belgian stamps.

WILSON-TODD, James Henry 1891-1919. His collection covered the 1914-18 war, chiefly Occupation and War Tax issues, and mainly unused singles. It was presented to the British Museum by Lady Catherine Wilson-Todd, and is now in the British Library.

WOOD, Dr. Francis Ernest 1877-1964. Was Senior Medical Officer, Perak. Specialised in Malay States, and wrote ‘Postage Stamps of the Native Protected States of Malaya‘ [1943] and ‘Straits Settlements Postage Stamps‘ [1948]. Crawford Medal for the latter, 1949. Tapling Medal, 1940 for ‘Straits Settlements and Native Protected States, with Special Reference to Stamps of Doubtful Catalogue Status‘. His collection of Sungei Ujong bequeathed to RPSL.

WOOD, Col Henry d.1940 age 67. Edited London Philatelist, 1937-40. With Percy de Worms, undertook the sorting of the Perkins Bacon Records held by RPSL. Wrote ‘British Post Offices in the Crimea‘ and ‘The War Stamps of Turkey‘ [1919].

WOODWARD, Alphonse Marie Tracey 1876-1938. b. in Reunion. Published a Study of Japanese Stamps in Transactions of the Asiatic Society of Japan, 1906. Author of ‘The Postage Stamps of Japan and Dependencies‘ 2 vols [1928]. Crawford Medal, 1929. Lindenberg Medal. Died on board ship when on his way home from Shanghai. His Japan collection sold by HR Harmer in 1939.

WOODWARD, Edward Robert 1863-1931. Barrister. Specialist in Great Britain, Denmark, Australia, and Cape of Good Hope. Wrote articles on modern Great Britain and the Cape rectangulars. President City of London P.S. Member of Permanent Executive Committee of PCGB.

WORTLEY, Robert Kendall 1891-1968. Civil Engineer. Postal historian of Great Britain adhesives, pre-adhesives, and Mulready covers. Gained international awards, 1947-53. President and a founder member of the Postal History Society. President Southend P.S. Member of Permanent Executive Committee of PCGB. One of the authors who contributed to the ‘Penny Postage Centenary‘ volume. RDP 1966.

WORTMAN, Dr Alfred Henry 1898-1983. His collection comprised Russian postal history to 1922, Russian Post Offices Abroad, and British postal history. Researched the Town Posts of St Petersburg and Moscow, Russian cancellations, and plated the 7k of 1879, discovering the ‘Cracked Plate’ variety, No.3. Awarded the Sefton Fiddian Cup by Postal History Society 1949 for his ‘Russian Post Offices in the Far East‘. Co-editor from 1936 of the British Journal of Russian Philately. Founder President British Society of Russian Philately. President Southgate P.S.

WRIGHT, Hastings Elwin 1861-1897. Civil Engineer. Collected mint Great Britain. Co-author with AB Creeke of ‘A History of the Adhesive Stamps of the British Isles Available for Postal and Telegraph Purposes‘ [1899]. They had started work on the book in 1894. It was compiled from official sources and completed by Creeke after Wright’s death.



YARDLEY, Robert Blake, 1858-1943. Of the family of soap and perfume manufacturers. Barrister. President RPSL, 1931-34. Gold medal at London International Exhibition 1906 for Transvaal collection which he had assembled for his contribution to Part III of the RPSL Handbook on British Africa, 1906. Wrote monograph on ‘The Dies of the Postage Stamps of Portugal of the Reigns of Dona Maria II and Dom Pedro V‘ [1907] and ‘The Samoa Express Postage Stamps‘ [1916]. The following articles by him were reprinted from the London Philatelist: ‘Virgin Islands Issues of 1866-90‘ [1921], ‘Malta – The Halfpenny Postage Stamps of the reign of Queen Victoria‘ [1922], ‘Provisional Stamps of Campeche‘ [1923], ‘Notes of the Adhesive Postage and Postage Due Stamps of Turkey of the Duloz Type‘ [1934], (Supplement 1936). Contributor to RPSL Handbook on Queensland, 1930. Tapling Medal for Virgin Islands, 1922. RDP 1921. His worldwide collection was auctioned by HR Harmer on sixteen days in 1944-45. Philatelic library, with many annotations, given to RPSL.