Forthcoming Exhibitions



Forthcoming national exhibitions for which applications are invited.


A National Exhibition of 146 frames is planned for March 2024 to be held at The Royal Philatelic Society London. This is particularly aimed at those seeking to qualify for forthcoming international competitions.

Entry is now open by clicking here. The rules will be posted shortly. The deadline for entry is 12 February 2024.

Enquiries to:



The 2024 Northern National Exhibition will be held at York on 19-20 July 2024.

Entry is through the ABPS website and by following the Exhibitions menu to Register yourself or enter an exhibit here. Entry is only possible by registering online.

Enquiries to:


Forthcoming international exhibitions for which applications are invited.

The following exhibitions are currently accepting entries from the United Kingdom. If you would like to enter any please contact the UK commissioner shown at the bottom of each entry.

THAILAND 2023 Specialized World Stamp Exhibition, Bangkok (27 November – 2 December)

Under FIP Patronage

UK Commissioner: Simon Moorcroft

Closed for entries

Perth, Western Australia, 2-5 November 2023

Includes the Postal Stationery Challenge.

UK Commissioner: James Podger

Entries are now closed

Efiro 2024, Bucharest (16-19 April)

Efiro is a European exhibition taking place under FEPA Patronage and with FIP Recognition.

Details on classes, dates and the IREX at or from the FEPA website The closing date for entries is 16 October 2023. 

UK Commissioner: John Stimson at

Closed for entries

Mare Balticum, Tartu, Estonia, 26-28 July 2024


UK Commissioner: Jon Aitchison

Full details at:

Entry deadline: 29 February 2024

PhilaKorea 2024, Seoul (15-19 August)

Major FIP Specialised Exhibition expected to cover most classes. Further details will be published when they become available.

Hafnia 2024, Copenhagen (17-20 October)

FEPA Patronage exhibition for which Steve Harrison is the UK Commissioner and he can be contacted at . The exhibition celebrates 400 years of the Danish Post.

Full details are at including IREX, most classes accepted and the closing date for entries is 1 January 2024.

Entry deadline: 1 January 2024

Europhilex 2025, Birmingham (7-11 May)

Don’t forget the next UK International with FEPA patronage and with FIP recognition of all classes. 2,000 frames will be on show. With the excellent air and rail links and vast car parking it’s sure to be an attractive destination. So get your exhibit qualified!

Further details, the IREX and entry forms are available now on the Exhibition website EuroPhilex25 –

UK Commissioner: Daphne McMillan

RPSL Commissioner: James Podger

Entry deadline: 8 May 2024

BOSTON 2026 World Expo, Massachusetts  (23-30 May)

No further information available at present.


Please note that UK handling charges have now been standardized for all international exhibitions at £30 per frame for shows in Europe or £35 for events anywhere else in the world, whether single or multiple frame exhibits, and £30 per literature entry. This is to cover the cost of getting exhibits to and from exhibitions, FIP capitation fees and other costs relating to processing the exhibits. Overall this runs at a loss. Exhibits that are carried to and returned from an exhibition by the exhibitor are charged at half price. There is no UK handling charge for Youth exhibits. If you are interested in becoming a United Kingdom international exhibition commissioner please contact Jon Aitchison: