Don Davies FRPSL

Speaker Information

Speaker Name: Don Davies
Area:By arrangement
Expenses:Overnight Accommodation, if required
Contact Number:01376 573 681
Federation(s):Association of Essex Philatelic Societies
Display Terms:Postal History


  1. GB Postal History with a Difference - an entertaining look into GB Postal History from various angles illustrated by much unusual/quirky material. Full display
  2. State of Victoria, Australia -Emblems Issue 1857 - 63. International Gold medal Exhibit. Half display.
  3. Chile - The Classic Issues 1853 - 1867. Half Display
  4. GB "1840 and all that!" illustrating the trials and tribulations of both the PO and public following the introduction of the Penny Post
  5. GB Censorship of Comic Seaside Post Cards (Half evening)
  6. GB Experimental Handstamps (Half evening)
  7. GB Line Engraved 1840 - 1853 (Half evening)
  8. GB Machin Forgeries (Half evening)