Alan Godfrey FRPSL

Speaker Information

Speaker Name: Alan Godfrey
Area:Anywhere by arrangement
Expenses:By arrangement
Contact Number:01789 765 385
Mobile Number:07818 633 001
Federation(s):Midland Philatelic Federation
Display Terms:AntarcticArcticCinderellaExplorationFalkland IsGBOpenPostal HistoryThematicTraditional


  1. Postman's Knock - A Postal History of Warwickshire (also on PowerPoint)
  2. To the Ends of the Earth - Exploration of the Poles
  3. The Falkland Islands through Stamps
  4. The Last Explorer - The Amazing Life of Sir Hubert Wilkins (also on PowerPoint)
  5. Rowland Hill, Genius and Benefactor (PowerPoint display)
  6. Parcels & Newspapers Carried by Bus - the Midland Red Parcels Express Service (also on PowerPoint)