Adrian Pearson

Speaker Information

Speaker Name:Mr Adrian Pearson
Contact Number:01772 715823


  1. It's in the Post. A Zoom presentation on the postal history of the Crimean War, 1853 to 1856. This focuses on the setting up and operation of the British Forces postal services but also looks at the letters from our Allies (France and Sardinia) and enemy (Russia). It also looks at what was on the envelopes (adhesives, obliterators and postmarks) and some unusual items from the War. This is best as two talks, each being one hour long but can be delivered as a condensed single one hour talk. Questions and feedback welcome.
  2. 19th c illustrated postcards. This one hour Zoom talk deals with illlustrated postcards in the broadest sense and looks at cards issued from the late 1860's until 31st December 1900. Cards from many countries are illustrated.
  3. In the Beginning - Early letters and the mail in Britain up to 1750. This one hour Zoom talk provides an overview and illustrates the development of the post in Britain from the Elizabethan era up to 1750, looking at examples of manuscript and stamped marks as well as the contents of the letters themselves.