Geoffrey Richardson

Speaker Information

Speaker Name: Geoffrey Richardson
Area:By arrangement
Expenses:By arrangement
Contact Number:01293 772 847
Federation(s):Yorkshire Philatelic Association
Display Terms:Postal HistoryPostal StationeryThematic


  1. Austria Trieste up to 1918: Covers, stamps, postcards and postmarks & other displays of Austria-Day of Stamp, special display of buildings 1968 - 1978, First stationery card 1863-1883, also other displa. All large displays.
  2. Bosnia & Herzegovina up to 1918: Full display of stamps, postmarks, postcards & forgeries.
  3. Full display of Third Reich Booklets, 1933 - 1944.: New booklets, complete sheets, all panes. 1933 Fredrick, Wagner 1933, Hindenburg 1933 - 1938, all charity sets 1933-1940, Hitler Heads 1941-1944, machine stamps and covers. All complete Third Reich stamps and covers used in Austria.
  4. Sonderstempel cards 1964 - 1945 with special postmarks. Full display of coloured postcards.
  5. Austria Scouting Covers with stamps and Scouting labels and meter marks and slogans.