M L Bister

Speaker Information

Speaker Name: M L Bister
Area:South East
Expenses:By arrangement
Contact Number:01767 631 404
Email Address:m.bister@btinternet.com
Federation(s):Mid Anglia Philatelic Federation of Philatelic Societies
Display Terms:Postal HistoryTraditional


  1. France 1929 - 1979 [P]
  2. French West Africa 1914 - 1938 [P]
  3. French Somali Coast including Obock & Djbouti [P]
  4. France: the engraved issues of the 1960s [P]
  5. France: 'Poste Restante' and 'Cartes de visite' [P]
  6. The Life and Times of the 1f50 Pétain issue in WWII [Zoom version] (40)
  7. France: the 50c Joan of Arc issue of 1929 [Zoom version] (40)