Stewart Gardiner FRPSL

Speaker Information

Speaker Name: Stewart Gardiner
Area:By arrangement
Contact Number:0141 334 0514
Mobile Number:07867 013305
Federation(s):Association of Scottish Philatelic Societies
Display Terms:CinderellasPostal HistoryTraditional


  1. The implementation of the UPU Regulations [P]
  2. A Tour Around Africa [P]
  3. Philatelic History: a collection of letters to and from famous philatelists [P]
  4. Italian States [P]
  5. Early Europe [P]
  6. Cinderellas [P]
  7. Sealing and Securing the Letter [Zoom available]
  8. Poster Stamps (Exhibitions, Events and Advertising) [P]
  9. Greece, Turkey & the Levant [P]
  10. A Philatelic Dabblers Favourite Pages - 2 versions available [Zoom Available]
  11. Valentines Through the Ages [P]