Philip Wharmby

Speaker Information

Speaker Name: Philip Wharmby
Area:Within 50 miles of Manchester
Expenses:By arrangement
Contact Number:0161 766 8377
Federation(s):North Western Philatelic Federation
Display Terms:CinderellasThematic


  1. World Heritage Sites on Stamps: A philatelic journey through travels, over 80 countries that have the sites, Albania to Zaire
  2. Cinderellas: Different, if you see a real stamp it is an accident! Local, railway stamps, telegraphs, revenues, bogus countries and issues. Doubtful countries and real issues...and many more. Rather different to your usual show.
  3. Winston Churchill on stamps: stamps, covers and some photos, cards and philatelic souvenirs.
  4. Aircraft on Stamps: Aircraft and other means of flight to the late 1970's. Stamps, flown covers etc. Illustrated with cards and own photos.
  5. Space on Stamps & Covers (Not the philatelic final frontier): Stamps and covers from Sputnik I to the Space Shuttle, USA and Russia