Anthony Wilkinson

Speaker Information

Speaker Name: Anthony Wilkinson
Area:By arrangement
Expenses:By arrangement
Mobile Number:07813 071 066
Federation(s):Midland Philatelic Federation
Display Terms:Postal HistoryTraditional


  1. A Tour of Trelawney & The Cockpit Country (Jamaica): Postal History from pre-stamp to date including items of historical interest and photos of Post Offices etc.
  2. Offshore Islands of Latin America: Postal History (all periods), covers islands in mainland Republics but not Island Republics such as Cuba.
  3. Snowdonia & North Wales Coast (Postal History): area covered includes the coast from Aber to Llandudno Junction and the valley of Conwy and its tributaries.
  4. North Dakota Postal History: of all periods from the Territorial period to date. Emphasis on Southern and Eastern Counties.
  5. My Home Town: Postal History of Sale, Cheshire and its sub-offices, with photos of Post offices etc. Can also include non-philatelic material, if desired.