George Henshilwood

Speaker Information

Speaker Name: George Henshilwood
Area:By arrangement
Expenses:By arrangement
Contact Number:0141 946 1733
Mobile Number:07764 467974
Federation(s):Association of Scottish Philatelic Societies
Display Terms:Post CardsPostal HistoryThematicTraditional


  1. Sweden - Stamps from F.1. (1865 - 1980s), Commemoratives shown thematically. Mostly stamps with a few covers
  2. Greenland - Stamps from Pakke-Porto (1905 - 1980s). Commemoratives shown thematically Mostly stamps with a few covers
  3. Danish West Indies - Collection of all stamps (1855 - 1917), including GB Used Abroad in DWI. Mostly stamps & Post Cards, a few covers.
  4. Switzerland - Stamps from 1900, with special emphasis on William Tell [Zoom Version]
  5. GB - Queen Victoria Jubilee issue and commemoratives from the three Kings, with particular emphasis on the PUC issue. Mainly stamps but with a few covers included
  6. GB - Hand-Illustrated, mainly Victorian Envelopes
  7. Canada - Edward VII, George V and George VI. Mainly stamps, a few covers
  8. New Zealand - Edward VII, George V and George VI. Mainly stamps, a few covers. Incudes Life Insurance & Health "thematics"
  9. USA - Stamps from early issues to 1980s, ordered in different ways, some thematic. A thematic display of all 50 States
  10. Stamps (and a few covers) from the Cook Islands [Zoom Version]
  11. 7500 Years of History in 55 Years of Stamps [Zoom Display]