Janet Nelson FRPSL & Nick Nelson RRPSL

Speaker Information

Speaker Name: Janet & Nick Nelson
Area:UK and Europe
Expenses:By arrangement. Dinner appreciated
Mobile Number:07887 997 932 or 07785 310 210
Email Address:fascinatinglady@hotmail.com or njn@micross.co.uk
Federation(s):Midland Philatelic Federation
Display Terms:AerophilatelyPostal HistoryPostal StationerySouth AmericaThematicTraditional


  1. Brazil - from Classic Bull's Eyes of 1843 to date, including some Airmail & Postal History. Also available as a Zoom Presentation.
  2. Brazil: The Brazilian Air Mail Service, both domestic and international, 1920's to date.
  3. Brazilian Postal Stationery from the Imperial period through to modern aerogrammes.
  4. PUERTO RICO and IFNI, two contrasting Spanish Colonies.
  5. A Thematic Evening: The variety of topics available include the well-known "1000 Years of Annoying the French" and the uniquely-formatted "Hydrologic Cycle".
  6. Colombia' Local Private and Express Services: A comprehensive overview of the classic issues of the States and Departments, followed by an introduction to more modern private and express mail.
  7. What is Philately? Ideal for non-philatelic grups such as Probus, Rotary, U3A etc. A richly-illustrated presentation with lots of anecdotes.