Janet & Nick Nelson

Speaker Information

Speaker Name: Janet & Nick Nelson
Area:By arrangement
Expenses:By arrangement
Mobile Number:07887 997 932
Email Address:fascinatinglady@hotmail.com
Federation(s):Federation of South Wales Philatelic Societies
Display Terms:Postal HistoryPostal StationeryTraditional


  1. Brazil - from Classic Bull's Eyes of 1843 to date, including some Airmail & Postal History
  2. 19th Century Brazil & Postal Stationery (half evevning)
  3. "Contrasting Spanish Colonies" Puerto Rico & Ifni (half evening of each - a bit quirky presentation)
  4. "A Philatelic Miscellany" - Something from the above plus Thematics, inc. "1000 Years of annoying the French" and "The Hydrologic Cycle"
  5. Brazil and Other [Zoom Display]
  6. South American Topics [Zoom Display]