Peter Chadwick FRPSL

Speaker Information

Speaker Name: Peter Chadwick
Area:North of England. Elsewhere, by arrangement
Expenses:By arrangement
Contact Number:01642 781 274
Federation(s):North East of England Philatelic Association
Display Terms:Postal History


  1. Scotland Before 1840: up to 180 pages of handstruck postmarks before 1773; handstruck charge marks before 1840; handstruck prepayment marks and charge marks 1840-1853. Combination of these subjects to suit.
  2. Mulready Caricatures - A 90 page display more social than serious philatelic content
  3. Germany - A detailed history of the currency reform 1948
  4. East Prussia Postal History - An historical tour including Napoleon's troops from and to Moscow. 90 pages.
  5. East Germany: the hnadstruck overprints of the botched devaluation of June 1948. 90 pages.
  6. East Silesia: the Plebiscite, Before and After. 90 pages.