Hugh Osborne FRPSL

Speaker Information

Speaker Name: Hugh Osborne
Area:Southern England
Expenses:Negotiable, subject to distance
Contact Number:01276 21623
Mobile Number:07884 430397
Display Terms:Postal HistoryTraditional


  1. South Georgia Postal History to 1945 [Zoom Version]
  2. South Georgia - The Whaling Era [Zoom Display]
  3. Falklands Islands Postal history 1937 - 1971 [P]
  4. The Falklands Islands Mails during WWII [Zoom Display]
  5. Falkland Islands, King George VI & QE II, Sheet Numbered Stamps, 1937 - 1971 [P]
  6. US Ussukuma - A Mystery Cover from the Battle of the River Plate [Zoom Display]