Bill Trower

Speaker Information

Speaker Name: Bill Trower
Area:South East & Home Counties
Expenses:By arrangement
Contact Number:01702 231 388
Display Terms:AerophilatelyEphemeraPost CardsThematic


  1. Flightpath Pacific (Flying Boat Airmails)
  2. Flightpath South Pacific
  3. Flightpath Atlantic
  4. Flightpath Congo
  5. Battle for the Pacific (US Navy Mail)
  6. Philatelic Phun & Phrolics
  7. Project Mayo (Newspapers & Ephemera on the Mayo Composite Unit Flying Boat)
  8. Post Cards from Alaska 1906 -1910 (National Gold Medal 16 pages)
  9. Back to Basics (Imparting practices, ideas and wrinkles, picked up during 60 years of collecting)