Kim Stuckey

Speaker Information

Speaker Name: Kim Stuckey
Area:By arrangement
Expenses:By arrangement
Contact Number:01249 740566
Federation(s):Wiltshire & District Philatelic Federation
Display Terms:Postal HistoryTraditional


  1. Falkland Islands: A general display of the stamps and postal history of the Falkland Islands. Each display can be tailored to the Society with earlier or later material, as requested
  2. Falklands War 1982: A display in five parts, Origins of the Conflict, The Argentinian Post Office (April - June 1982), Islanders during the confllict, Britsih Forces mail, the Aftermath
  3. GB QEII Postal History 1953 - 1971, showing Wilding issues, Regional Wildings, Castles, Commemorative issues, special rates, local issues and unusual items