Graham Winters FRPSL

Speaker Information

Speaker Name: Graham Winters
Area:By arrangement
Expenses:By arrangement
Federation(s):Yorkshire Philatelic Association
Display Terms:Open Philately


  1. A Good Walk Spoiled (Golf) - Gold Medal Collection - 2 x 120 pages PPT available
  2. Aspects of Ceylon and Ceylon King George V Postal Stationery
  3. 12 One Frame Exhibits (12 different classes)
  4. A Postcard Evening and Comic Cards (2 different displays)
  5. GB King George VI (3 different displays Inc. Aspects of World War II)
  6. Thematic Evenings (various different themes inc. Butterflies/Goats/Golf)
  7. Postal Stationery Evening
  8. An Exhibiting Evening (how to put together an exhibit)
  9. A Judging Evening ( inc. Bring along your exhibits)
  10. Going to Ceylon (PPT available) up to 300 pages [Zoom Version]