Grace Davies FRPSL

Speaker Information

Speaker Name: Grace Davies
Area:By arrangement
Expenses:Overnight Accommodation, if required. Anywhere, by arrangement
Contact Number:01273 471 372
Mobile Number:07960 501126
Federation(s):Association of Sussex Philatelic Societies
Display Terms:Open PhilatelyPost CardsThematic


  1. "Peace" - all aspects and broad ranging - an unusual collection of varied material illustrating all aspects of peace
  2. Alfred Nobel, the Peace Prize and Peace Laureates - on display frames or Powerpoint (also of interest to non-philatelists), or combined
  3. Story of the Peace Rose. Many people know of the Rose but not many know how it was created in France and given it's name in the US, to become a much-loved symbol of peace
  4. Thankful Villages - this tiny one frame collection of mostly Post Cards can be included on request