Grace Davies FRPSL

Speaker Information

Speaker Name: Grace Davies
Area:By arrangement
Expenses:Overnight Accommodation, if required. Anywhere, by arrangement
Contact Number:01273 471 372
Mobile Number:07960 501126
Federation(s):Association of Sussex Philatelic Societies
Display Terms:Open PhilatelyPost CardsThematic


  1. “Peace” – Broad ranging, this display gives an overview of an unusual collection of varied material. It illustrates all aspects of Peace including Alfred Nobel and the Peace Laureates.
  2. “Peace: Part 1” – This display presents the subject in more depth, allowing for a greater richness of material including plenty of stamps. It ends with just a frame of Nobel and the Peace Laureates as a taster for Part 2.
  3. “Peace: Part 2 – Alfred Nobel and the Peace Laureates”. Many are aware of Nobel prize-winners being announced each autumn but how many know about the man behind these prestigious and valuable awards? Or about his famous will and how the laureates are chosen? Starting with a one-frame exhibit, this display illustrates the life and legacy of Alfred Nobel and the establishment of all five Nobel Prizes. It then shows as many of the Peace laureates as possible from the first awards in 1901 to the most recent. This is also available on PowerPoint and being a subject of general interest is ideal for non-philatelic groups.
  4. “Story of the Peace Rose”. Many people know this rose but not so many know how it was created in France and given its name in America, to become a much-loved and widely grown symbol of Peace. It is a lovely story, written about by Antonia Ridge in her book ‘For Love of a Rose’. Suitable for a part display This is also available on PowerPoint and being a subject of general interest is ideal for non-philatelic groups.
  5. “More Pages from Peace” – This offers fewer sections at more depth. Ideal examples are: Argentina 1903 postal stationary cards; Japan 1919 Peace issue; Peace Conferences and Treaties; League of Nations; United Nations; Alfred Nobel and some Peace Laureates; Story of the Peace Rose; Thankful Villages; China 1950s TienAnMen Square stamps. etc. Really, it’s a customised display by arrangement.
  6. “Thankful Villages” – This tiny one frame collection of mainly postcards can be included on request. It is about those villages whose men went to war and all came back. Remarkable, especially the one French example!