About FEPA

FEPA – Federation of European Philatelic Associations – is a Continental Federation of 42 national European federations.

Its aims are:

  1. To represent and promote European philately in its broadest sense within the aims and objectives of FIP.
  2. To fulfill the role and functions of FEPA which will include:
    1. To facilitated contact between member Associations/Federations
    2. To represent a European viewpoint to other philatelic organisations
    3. To promote interest in philately generally throughout member countries of FEPA
    4. To collaborate in stimulating interest among young collectors
    5. To further the specialised study of philatelic material
    6. To advise on and/or organise philatelic events within Europe
    7. To encourage the publication and distribution of philatelic literature
    8. To encourage the participation of exhibitors and interchange of jurors at National Exhibitions in member countries of FEPA

The FEPA website is very informative: