John Cowlin

Speaker Information

Speaker Name:Mr John Cowlin
Area:Somerset & Dorset Philatelic Federation
Expenses:By arrangement
Contact Number:01984 623 668
Federation(s):Somerset & Dorset Philatelic Federation
Display Terms:Post Cards


  1. Propaganda & Satirical Postcards of the Boer War 1899-1902 (2 rounds of c. 80 sheets each)
  2. Boxer Rebellion, French Political Crisis, Russian-Japanese War, 1st and 2nd Morocco Crisis 1900-1914 (1 round)
  3. World War I (2 rounds)
  4. World War II (2 rounds)
  5. Postal History, War & Siege Mail from 1775 to 1902 (2 rounds)
  6. Emergency Currencies of French Revolution Wars, Napoleonic Wars, Italian War of Independence, Hungarian Revolution, War between the States, Sieg of Khartoum 1798-1900 (2 rounds)
  7. Postal History of French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars (2 rounds)
  8. Emergency Currency 1900-1945, including Boer War. Sieges of Mafeking and Kimberley etc, Prisoner or War Money WWI and WWII including Concentration Camps, Occupation of the Channel Islands and Isle of Man Internment Camps (2 rounds)