Jamie Smith

Speaker Information

Speaker Name: Jamie Smith
Area:No car. Relies on a lift or being met from the bus or train. Preferable, within 100 miles of Stockport
Expenses:May require accommodation for two if over 60 miles (Not always a hotel)
Email Address:jamiesmith1935@hotmail.co.uk
Federation(s):North Western Philatelic Federation
Display Terms:Postal HistoryPostal Stationery


  1. British Military Mail in the Middle East 1799 - 1956 [Zoom Version]
  2. KUT Postal History [Zoom Version]
  3. QEII Wildings Postal History etc., including commemoratives and posted abroad - National Service [Zoom Version]
  4. Egypt - Stamps & Postal History (one evening) and Aden (one evening) [Zoom Version]
  5. Middle East Postal Stationery including Iraq, Persia, Persian Gulf, Egypt and Syria [Zoom Version]
  6. QEII in Africa - Stamps & Postal History [Zoom Version]
  7. QEII North & South Rhodesia [Zoom Version]
  8. How South Africa won World War II (20 frames - 240 pages) [Zoom Version]
  9. World War II East of Suez [Zoom Version]
  10. All at Sea (16 frames - 172 pages) Aspects of Philately & Military History from the Sea 1799 - 1984 [Zoom Version]