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National and International Exhibitions 2016-2020

  • Spring Stampex, 15th to 18th February 2017

    Theme: The former Ottoman Empire Including North Africa, Egypt and Balkan States, plus Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Trans-Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Gulf States. With Iran.

  • Tampere, Finland, Finlandia 2017 24th to 28th May 2017

    Commissioner: Bill Hedley: Full International Exhibition with FEPA Patronage and FIP Recognition: Closing date 31st May 2016 ewlhedley@yahoo.co.uk

  • Autumn Stampex 2017: 12th  to 16th September 2017

    Full National Exhibitions with all classes: Key Participant Sarawak Specialist Society

    Website: www.britborneostamps.org.uk

  • London 2020 FIP and FEPA Exhibition 2nd to 9th May 2020


Upcoming Exhibitions
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